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VANAGON archives – June 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Correct oil filter # ??

  2. (and other nuggets...) kill switch $1.49 theft prevention

  3. 1962 23 Window Microbus - $47,500 obo

  4. 2 wheel drive rear wheel stud length

  5. 2.0 Golf conversion questions (oil weight etc)

  6. 82 westy for sale.

  7. 86 GL Steering Knuckle Mystery

  8. <No subject>

  9. A/C Compressor - generic?

  10. Adjusting valves on a 1.9 wbx

  11. Air Conditioner Leak

  12. Am's my last post here...

  13. Are the "chips" for real??

  14. Attachments...

  15. Attachments... txt files passing throught Gerry, will zip in future

  16. BUFO Toad season

  17. Ben's Decision

  18. Bentley manuals- version page counts

  19. Big Brakes (install)

  20. Biologic car alarms

  21. Bob Stevens is on the road

  22. Body lift kits;

  23. BusFusion 2004 - Report

  24. Changing the Westfalia Submersible

  25. Clutch Need Adjust?

  26. Cold Idle Diagnosis (1.9L)

  27. DEAR GINA (was Re: DEAR GOD Re: timing belt)

  28. DEAR GOD Re: timing belt

  29. Diesel Dipstick!

  30. Driving Lights Circuit

  31. Eberspacher Heater / Air-Cooled Heater Hose Help Needed!

  32. FAVOR Camping Event - A/C really worked and made it nice!

  33. FPR Going South?

  34. FS '85 Vanagon Psgr Van

  35. FS '85 Wolfsburg Edition camper - maybe

  36. FS Air Cooled Vanagon Engine

  37. FS Vanagon Air Cooled Engine

  38. FS- Westy capable Child Seat, FS-Barbie Vanagon-Eurovan

  39. FS: Stainless Steel Staples for Canvas Replacement

  40. FS: grey vanagon seats including rear folding bed and cushion

  41. FS: set of grey vanagon seats with bed (must go by July 17)

  42. FS: tan or grey vanagon capt. chairs/front seats w/ armrests

  43. FW: Tailpipe repair

  44. Fuel system woes are over!

  45. Head rests

  46. Hella Yellow Star H4 light bulb report - ecode

  47. Horn problem

  48. How much heat?

  49. Hydro lifters (# of turn)

  50. Idle Stablizer '85

  51. Ignition Switch Mystery Continues...anybody out there????

  52. Ignition Switch Mystery....Help Please!

  53. Immediate Help Needed With Air-Cooled Heater Hose!

  54. Is it me, or is list traffic down?

  55. JiffyLube, bad idea!

  56. JiffyLube, extras

  57. L-Jetronic (digijet) information

  58. LCD clock light bulb

  59. Later version Printed Circuit Board Wanted

  60. Lilley engine - specs

  61. Making water level LED indicators work

  62. Michigan Vanagon Sighting

  63. NVC - Google Mail

  64. No water--faulty submersible pump?

  65. Non Vanagon Muffler

  66. O2 sensor. How does it effect performance?

  67. OT - Elvis Radio - All Elvis, all the time

  68. Oil Filter Worries (and other nuggets...)

  69. Oil Filters, huh??

  70. Oil Filters, huh?? (nuggets of wisdom)

  71. Oops....last post goofed...

  72. Parts FS (kind of long )

  73. Pop top canvas replacement

  74. Pop top canvas replecement

  75. Porsche B 32 Vanagon

  76. Power boost with the 251-907-393D Idle Stabilizer Control Unit

  77. Qoute of the week..

  78. Ran out of gas & now won't run

  79. Rings? New engine?

  80. RoadHaus - Featured VW Travelogue Website

  81. RoadHaus - heading out into the wilds :)

  82. SV: re. BN2 heater info

  83. Sensitivity of Vanagon owners

  84. Set of 4 stock alloys for sale $500.

  85. Signing off

  86. Source for Slip yoke Drive shaft?

  87. Speedometer and guage questions

  88. Stolen dipsticks

  89. Sway bar link breakage - are you at risk?

  90. Tail Pipe Repair

  91. Tailpipe repair

  92. Tailpipe worries

  93. The vanagaon temp gauge is crap

  94. Tire sale at Costco

  95. Tires...

  96. Too Cool new Toy! NVC

  97. Towing a Vanagon with a Vanagon

  98. Towing a Vanagon with a Vanagon?

  99. Towing a Vanagon with a Vanagon? [ or AAA ]

  100. Towing a vanagon with a vanagon

  101. Trip: Michigan to Nova Scotia

  102. Valve seals

  103. Vanagon sighting in North MI

  104. stickers

  105. Vanagons in Italy?

  106. WANTED: 5 spoke 15" VW alloy wheels

  107. WTB Luggage Rack Tie Down Hooks, Etc.

  108. WTB: AC compressor

  109. WTB: Instrument pod printed circuit for '87 and up Vanagon

  110. WTB: Need Upper Control Arm

  111. Westy Burner stars.. All Westy Owners READ!

  112. Westy Free

  113. Westy Hit

  114. Westy Hit: Insurance and repair advice please

  115. Westy Hit: Part 2

  116. Westy closet & hanging cabinet for sale

  117. Westy/Screen in pop top

  118. What is a Hard Start Relay Kit? Who sells them?

  119. Which Radiator The SA or German

  120. Which tires at Costco sale?

  121. Window Seal Alternative?

  122. Wiper turning on by themselves - Any ideas how to fix?

  123. Wisdom on EGR box

  124. [NVC] Am's my last post here...

  125. [vanagon] a VW but not a vanagon question

  126. anyone going to montana via colorado?

  127. bosch coil info

  128. bucking on problem after another

  129. canine car alarm cleaner-upper

  130. cheap westy whole skylite assy complete $85!!

  131. compression test

  132. coolant refill overflow tank

  133. coolant tank started leaking

  134. dear god?

  135. door handle for sliding side door

  136. engine conversion question...

  137. engine conversion question...(and look what i find on ebay!)

  138. head Gasket again!!

  139. head crack@exhaust bolt- advice?

  140. how to find new part# for old part number ????

  141. how to get on digest mode

  142. last weekend shots (SVC)

  143. leaky coolant tank update

  144. metal bypass coolant pipe

  145. missing horn

  146. oil filter question

  147. optima red or yellow

  148. part search

  149. product report

  150. vendor comment

  151. rare single westy middle swival seat on lockbox

  152. rear shock bolt torque?

  153. salvage yard experiences?

  154. skylight fix redux

  155. sliding door handles

  156. tell me what to buy...

  157. test

  158. throttle responce question

  159. throttle response question

  160. timing belt

  161. timing belt / need for Bentley if you don't turn wrenches

  162. torsion rod bushings vs. upper control arm bushings

  163. turning email on & off

  164. turning email on and off/digest mode too

  165. unclas Spare Tire Carrier

  166. vanagon Digest - 24 Jun 2004 (#2004-590)

  167. vanagon Digest - 26 Jun 2004 to 27 Jun 2004 - Special issue (#2004-597)

  168. vanagon gas caps for sale..locking or non-locking

  169. westy bids on ebay are silly!

  170. window mounted swamp coolers

  171. window rubber chrome

  172. Who sells exhaust m anifold studs?

  173. Diesel Dipstick!
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