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VANAGON archives – May 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Sticking"

  2. '88 Westy Transmission Repair $2500?

  3. ...oil pressure...oil sensor

  4. 1st report -- Road trip from VA to and through British Columbia

  5. 2005 Westfalia Airstream on ebay $64K

  6. 80 aircooled thermostat needed ASAP

  7. 85 gl timing?

  8. 86 Weekender Westy still for sale in NJ $3500

  9. 88 Captain's chairs... Don't recline much, do they?

  10. A/C Basic Path of Flow?

  11. Aftermarket Window Controller = Bad Fit...anybody else?

  12. Alistair Bell...are you out there? Anybody got his homepage?

  13. All people needing automatic transmission parts for VW's

  14. Awnings

  15. BLowing white smoke

  16. Backup lights out

  17. Biodiesel notes for those wanting the news

  18. Burning Man

  19. BusFusion News

  20. Buses by the Mill

  21. Calling JH Rodgers (the Moldmaker) out there???

  22. Can Terry K be with us? / Why Not.

  23. Car Stereo Fit (dimensions)

  24. Cause of smoke upon startup after van sits several days?

  25. Cobra 75 wxt CB...anybody recommend good antenna/placement?

  26. Comments on Dash and Gauge Modifications

  27. Comments on Olympian Wave 3 heater

  28. Coolant Pressure Gauges...Calling on anyone who has installed one.

  29. Coolant flow question

  30. Cooling System stop-leak compounds

  31. Dash removal in a 2.1...who's got the good procedure?

  32. Did I buy the Right Vehicle? Am I hearing all the bad.

  33. Did I buy the Right Vehicle? Am i hearing all the bad.

  34. Duracool eh?

  35. ECU Question.... Same ECU in a 1987 as in a 1990 Vanagon?

  36. ECU or O2 sensor ?

  37. EKTA 6 on Win2000

  38. Easing the required torque - Westy seats

  39. End play specific to flywheel?

  40. Engine rattle, Rod City?

  41. Finding TDC revisited

  42. Fire extinguisher

  43. Fire extinguisher , Now CO and Propane Alarms

  44. Frank C. power steering hose kit

  45. Friday Funny - IMO Very Funny

  46. Friday Funny - IMO Very Funny - this is the one VW suited over

  47. Fridge....should it stay on...

  48. Fridge....should it stay on...YES!

  49. Fuel turn! And a replacement question.

  50. Funny VW Bumper Stickers...anybody know website?

  51. Fw: affordable small-size pentium 3 for $99

  52. Fwd: anybody want a 90 syncro camper with a 3.2 liter porsche 911 engine? ;)

  53. Grumbling?

  54. Head gasket, etc, in Seattle

  55. Head gasket...oil pressure...oil

  56. Hello Frank....

  57. How to travel

  58. Joy Hecht's problem's solved?

  59. Kelly Carport

  60. LP, propane regulator adjustment

  61. Last Westy in the Woods

  62. Last Westy in the Woods (LVC)

  63. Lower Ball Joints...what is involved in "pressing them in"...?

  64. Luggage Rack Stashing

  65. Luggage Rack Stashing (in Canada)

  66. More info on the '87 and '88 Westies I have for sale

  67. Moving with a Vanagon, cross-country

  68. Moving with a Vanagon, cross-country - Sell your stuff!

  69. Muffler options

  70. NVC: Eurovan sliding window replacement

  71. Need a starter?

  72. New Sliding Door Lock

  73. New VW Sales Gimmick

  74. NorCal transmission available?

  75. O2 Sensor 85 motor to 87 motor compatibility Question.

  76. O2 light glowing...

  77. OOPS Overheating - Radiator temperature?

  78. OT: 100,000,000

  79. Oil Pressure Light went On...Abort Trip?

  80. Overheating - Radiator temperature?

  81. Paint Treatment

  82. Parts Car

  83. Parts Vanagon

  84. Pressure Bleeding the Clutch slave/master

  85. Question regarding coolant flow and front heater

  86. Replacement defrost control cable?

  87. Replacing Ball Joints...anything else while in there?

  88. Shifter shaft seal replacement

  89. Smoking @ Gas Stations (was Re: Fridge....) NVC

  90. Soggy Westy pics...

  91. Speaking of stereos....

  92. Stripped CV Joint Bolt

  93. Subject: '88 Westy Transmission Repair $2500?

  94. Symptoms of an overfilled manual tran??

  95. Temp gauge label explanation?

  96. Test

  97. Thanks for your comments everyone ... Re: Did I buy the Right Vehicle? Am I hearing all the bad.

  98. That little s-shaped hose

  99. The propane filling question tested...

  100. Tip on locating 1.9 auto torque flex plate bolts

  101. Toyota Hiace images

  102. Traveling lighter... a goal... Kayak carriers, Lake Superior?

  103. Traveling lighter... a goal... Kayak carriers?

  104. Two Westies are more than I really need---time to sell one :-(

  105. Unused Fridge and weight (long)

  106. VDO gage

  107. Van just shut off

  108. Vice grip?

  109. WTB - upper coolant crossover pipe - 1.9L WBX

  110. What octane fuel?

  111. Where is Darrell Bohler these days....?

  112. X-Country -1 Week - DONE!

  113. Zemco ZT-4 Computer...anybody hooked one up to a 2.1L?

  114. [LVC] Never mind the Hula Dancer for your dashboard...

  115. [PMX:###] Re: Did I buy the Right Vehicle? Am I hearing all the bad.

  116. [] anybody want a 90 syncro camper with a 3.2 liter porsche 911 engine? ;)

  117. all my R12 is gone..? (bummer)

  118. anybody got 1991 chassis 001308??

  119. anybody want a 90 syncro camper with a 3.2 liter porsche 911 engine? ;)

  120. anybody want an 85 project bus for $995??? southeast USA

  121. auto stop valve repair

  122. bikes on the van (was re: unused fridge)

  123. bus depot disocunt code was/WTBoutside door handle

  124. can I put 6 1/2" speakers in a Westy?

  125. carrying parts & toys

  126. cost of propane fill??

  127. definition of reconditioned Zoltan?

  128. folding kayaks

  129. folding kayaks (was Traveling lighter)

  130. fuel gauge

  131. fuel leaks

  132. guages/modified instrument cluster

  133. gurgel, nvc

  134. inline exhaust manifolds

  135. installing a new Hitachi starter

  136. name that model year

  137. new tires anyone

  138. new tires anyone - YUCK

  139. non vanagon / Jetta temp gauge ?

  140. owning a west

  141. part number help

  142. photos!... 6.5" speaker install; LED cabin lights

  143. radio antenna

  144. replacing engine mounts

  145. speaking of fridges... a mod

  146. stereo dimensions

  147. stupid blinker question but I need help

  148. the 2005 westy website , was: 2005 Westfalia Airstream on ebay $64K

  149. traveling lighter, kayaks, and paddling Lake Superior

  150. vent for refrigerator heat ?

  151. wakarusa

  152. was Unused Fridge and weight, now Travelling Light

  153. we need a photo page

  154. window regulator question

  155. wtb front table bracket and top

  156.       Re: Comments on Das h and Gauge Modifications
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