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VANAGON archives – May 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Syncro Westfalia "conversion" FS in CA $16,500.

  2. '88 Vanagon FS in Maine $500

  3. '88 Vanagon FS in Maine $500 its a Wolfsburg Edition (Carat)

  4. 12V fan for fridge

  5. 12v Fan for fridge interior

  6. 12v Fan for fridge interior-Fridge mate Fan

  7. 1985 Vanagon - engine case stud ? - Must have good answer - Calling Boston Bob

  8. 2wd 2.1 wbx exhaust system available

  9. 87 Westy camper fuse question

  10. 87 westy camper fuse question

  11. :more info: How much should i sell for? (and does anyone want to buy?)

  12. <No subject>

  13. AC to R134--more struggle, more cost, more questions

  14. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Safety Tips for Everyone ( in yer Vanagons:o)

  15. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Safety Tips for Women

  16. Advice about how to deal with auto shipper damage

  17. Alignment concern?!?

  18. Anyone have an extra sunvisor clip?

  19. Anyone want a sticker?

  20. Anyone want a sticker

  21. Aux battery, install location

  22. Axle Bearing Kits

  23. BZ Shelves By June 1???

  24. Best place to put batteries and how to remove rear heater core.

  25. Bilstien install question

  26. Bottom slider of the heater vent panel?

  27. Brake pedal fades to floor at stops

  28. Broken engine in Las Cruces, NM HELP NEEDED!

  29. Buses by the Beach - Tomorrow!!!!

  30. California DMV NVC

  31. Camper parts

  32. Camper parts in Portland OR

  33. Can Anyone Spare a Dometic LP gas orifice?

  34. Car Fax anyone?

  35. Caravan Into Mexico In August Anyone?

  36. Circuit diagram needed for a Vanagon dual voltage Fridge

  37. Circuit diagram needed for a dual voltage Fridge

  38. Circuit needed for a dual voltage Fridge

  39. DIY alignment? (Also, alignment numbers)

  40. DIY alignments

  41. Deciphering Bus Depot Part #s

  42. Difficult starting, smell gas, fires when pedal down (more air flow)

  43. Difficulty Downshifting from 3rd to 2nd

  44. Engine fire... again!

  45. Engine fire... again! You can't please them all.

  46. Engine tin for air cooled Vanagon...

  47. Ethanol Production in South Africa

  48. FOR SALE: 82 Diesel Westfalia and 85 Vanagon

  49. FS 88 Wesfalia

  50. FW: Trvlr2001 sent you a video!

  51. For Bob Stevens

  52. Front heat always!

  53. Fuel Line Replacement

  54. Fuel Rails on Stock WBX

  55. Fuel Tank Crossover Vapor Assembly

  56. Fuel line replacement

  57. Fwd: Brake master cyclinder replacement procedures (LONG)

  58. Good to see the list is back-

  59. Granny Grose's Buses

  60. Group 48 Battery at Costco for $49

  61. Help one Vanagon owner, please

  62. Highest HP in a Vanagon w AT

  63. Home Ethanol Production

  64. How much should i sell for? (and does anyone want to buy?)

  65. I am totally Jones'ing!

  66. I've just been given a couple of AGM gc-2 batteries.

  67. Icons, emblems, symbols - personalized for your Vanagon

  68. Installing a jumpseat in a Westy full camper

  69. Is there any of finding out if it possible to be subcribed twice at the same address? I am getting duplicates emails on every subject?

  70. Looking for good used wiring harness for 90-91 Vanagon

  71. Looks like a combo waiting to happen.

  72. MT Transmission Gasket Set Install Question

  73. NVC Good Subaru forum?

  74. NVC-Stretch VW

  75. Need piece for 2.1 air cleaner box

  76. Neil's Jones..

  77. New to van ownership? the fuel lines..

  78. Noisy fuel pump causes

  79. Noisy fuel pump?

  80. Nokian Hakkapeliitta CS Tires for tires for sale

  81. Old Hippy; a Newer Version (95 ;o)

  82. Old gas

  83. Older gas tank problems- was Noisy fuel pump causes

  84. Optima batteries

  85. PCV valve mod/re-route (Jetta Conversion) PICS

  86. Pancake Breakfast Sunday at Buses by the Beach

  87. Propane AC

  88. Pwr Steering Rack Maint.

  89. Pwr Steering Rack Maint. )

  90. Pwr Steering Rack Maint. - about alignment shops

  91. REMOVE

  92. Rear External Fridge Fan

  93. Recommended Exhaust System for '88 Vangon

  94. Replacing the master cylider

  95. Replacing the master cylider - In Bentley?

  96. Replacing the master cylinder

  97. Safety Tips (now for pumping gas!)

  98. Safety Tips for Women

  99. Safety Tips for Women -PS correction

  100. Seeking used side tent

  101. Shifter buzzing; hard to get into gear

  102. Solar Power: A couple of ideas

  103. Soundproofing recommendations?

  104. Steel Braided Fuel Lines & Fuel Line Covers

  105. Syncro de Mayo 08 video of Syncro's

  106. Synth Fuel

  107. Synth Fuel-Some good reading.

  108. Tires for 91 GL

  109. Tires for 91GL

  110. Transportaion of Westy

  111. Tricky starting.

  112. Types of fuel line

  113. Urban Camping in Boulder, CO?

  114. V belts, tightening, indirect results

  115. Vanagon NOS gascap on ebay

  116. Vanagon Sighting

  117. stickers--big demand!

  118. VanagonmModel year designations

  119. Vanagons being called "Hippie Wagons"..

  120. WTB, passenger side sliding window for westy

  121. WTB: Engine tin for air cooled Vanagon...

  122. Was Alignment concern?!? now WTF?

  123. Well, selling the 71 bus

  124. Westy Computer Icons

  125. Westy Computer Icons (Info for PC users)

  126. Whohooo! It runs! Thanks

  127. Will post 86 fuse panels fit pre 86 vans?

  128. [Fwd: Re: Vanagons being called "Hippie Wagons"..]

  129. any one know if i can get eye lashes for am 85 vanagon

  130. any one know if i can get eye lashes for am 85 vanagon (F)

  131. battery sizes for Vanagons

  132. battery sizes for Vanagons on wiki

  133. console filler strip installation

  134. coolant in rear heater core

  135. electrical weirdness after 2nd battery install......

  136. false ads on Craigslist?

  137. freak near-accident

  138. just test this dufus bellsouth ... ignore please!

  139. question for those using window AC units

  140. rear heater part 2

  141. so glad to have vw friends....i have a few ?s for the pros........yes you

  142. starter problem

  143. steering woes

  144. test

  145. this is how bad it gets folks , on $ 9K 86 Westy for sale

  146. transplant a 2.1 into an 84? worth it?

  147. vanagon Digest - 13 May 2008 to 14 May 2008 - Special issue (#2008-520)

  148. vanagon Digest - 9 May 2008 - Special issue (#2008-501)
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