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VANAGON archives – April 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 1.9 Fuel Filter/Tank/ Fuel Pump Mystery

  2. 1984 Speedos

  3. 1984 Speedos (alternatives)

  4. 1987 Westy Fuel Line hoses inside diameters

  5. 1987 Westy Return Fuel Line hose

  6. 1987 Westy engine starter replacement

  7. 2.4l GoWesty engine

  8. 2000 and up audi, and vanagon owners request

  9. 80c or 87c thermostat?

  10. 91 Camper - Factory Default Aux battery install help

  11. 91 Camper Dash Chirping noise in turn.

  12. <No subject>

  13. ? Re Posting Link to Pics and Attachments to the List

  14. A death in our family

  15. Air Shocks

  16. Alternator small bearing seat

  17. Another 2.1 WBX stumbling thead - with a twist!

  18. Any from Lancaster, PA?

  19. Aux Battery in GL-Sure Power Instructions Needed

  20. Awning questions

  21. Back from Wandering Westies

  22. Backup Lights Always On, Stiff Shifter. "Selector shaft, modifications" P 35.60a

  23. Bouncing Speedometer Needle

  24. Busted water pump and an extra nut

  25. Can I drain coolant from someplace more accessible?

  26. Check those fuel lines!

  27. Clearing out parts today only in San Francisco area

  28. Clutch not working.

  29. Considering keeping old propane regulator

  30. Cool Plastic Trailer with Solar!

  31. DIY $20 Brake Bleeder-Link to .pdf

  32. DK into diesel, WAS:Trans. Upgrade: Secure Front Shift Rod Bushing?

  33. Do U carry spare ECU?

  34. Engine replaced but still the same symptoms???--Someone stick me in the eye with a dirty spark plug

  35. Espar Airtronic?

  36. Expansion tank level; was RE: temp light blinking.

  37. FS(in 21228): NU (new-unboxed) Smallcar Subaru Bellhousing; NUT (new-unboxed-testfit) Smallcar Subaru Adapter Plate; WURP (well-used[with]-royal-purple) manual transmission

  38. Fuel pump buzzing

  39. Fuel tank 'smut'

  40. GoWesty 2.4L Engine

  41. GoWesty 2.4L Engine - break in story

  42. HIJACKED - update

  43. Heater B2L (gasoline) for Westy, Vanagon

  44. Hi-Lift Jack

  45. Install Details Please? "99" Intermittent Wiper Relay

  46. LCD TV Dropdown

  47. Last minute issues, horn and turn signal...

  48. Leaf debris in my fresh air vents

  49. Looking for...

  50. Michelin Agilis Tires - Update

  51. Mike Collum update

  52. My turn to use a lifeline

  53. New O2 Sensor now stuttering

  54. New fuel pump and filter - still noisy!

  55. North Carolina Bound

  56. Not using gas ... Was: Check those fuel lines!

  57. Off-road style jack recommendation

  58. Peel and Seal

  59. Pop-Top Lift Assist

  60. Power window fuse location

  61. Question about late model mirrors

  62. RC Wanee Festival in Live Oak FL next week LVC


  64. Rear Pressure Leak - Tips and Tricks Requested

  65. Rear(very back end of the van - b ig pulley) seal leaking

  66. Removable door window vents from

  67. Rent or buy Vanagon (for summer)

  68. Replacing Propane tank - how to cut and flange tubes?

  69. SPDT or DPDT switch?

  70. Sale on Mobil 1 at Auto Zone

  71. Shady Boy Awning wind squeak dampening?

  72. Stereo Upgrade Project

  73. SubWoofer Installation & Cuttin'up Your Westy

  74. Suspension Question

  75. Swepco for the tranny

  76. Testing your water pump.

  77. Thank you

  78. Thanks list, $0 repair: battery running down, low voltage, bad connection

  79. Tire recommends for 15" rims for 2 wheel drive '91

  80. Tire recommends for 15" rims for 2 wheel drive '91 Westy

  81. Trans shifter linkage rubber boot

  82. Trans. Upgrade: Secure Front Shift Rod Bushing?

  83. Vanagon Audio Measurements pdf

  84. Vanagon Shop in Santa Monica Area?

  85. VoltMinder-Is it a good thing?

  86. WBX Transmission: Failing 3-4 Hub Feels Like?

  87. Was: Stereo Upgrade Project Now: Vapor Barrier

  88. Where's my fuel tank leaking from?!

  89. cheap '91 westy

  90. cheap diesel singlecab on calif

  91. cv joints

  92. fuel leak - or not...

  93. larger fuel tank?

  94. my vanagon and audi request re-stated

  95. solar question

  96. speaker low in front door

  97. speedo fix or re-calibrate - was GoWesty 2.4L Engine

  98. temp light blinking.

  99. weekend trip in syncro

  100. weekend trip pics
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