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VANAGON archives – May 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Favorite Vanagon Features"

  2. "Favorite Vanagon Features" (& least-favorite)

  3. &^%(^&%&^%$b wrist pin clips!

  4. '83 vanagon owners manual Available..

  5. (Re)Introduction

  6. 2.2L Eurocars Rev E piston needed

  7. 84 Vanagon Clock Wanted

  8. 84 Vanagon in Europe

  9. 84 westy door handle(s) confusion

  10. 88 Wolfsburg Vanagon FS $4500 in NJ

  11. =?US-ASCII?Q?RE:_No_headlights_-_high_beam_indicator_stays_on_-_relay_upg?= =?US-ASCII?Q?rade_installed?=

  12. =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?No_headlights_=96_high_beam_indicator?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?_stays_on_=96_relay_upgrade_installed?=

  13. =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_No_headlights_=96_high_beam_indicator_stays?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?_on_=96_relay_upgrade_installed?=

  14. A/C system sealers

  15. AC Service Prior to Pressure

  16. AW molds safe and sound

  17. Alternator Light Still On After Replacing Broken Belt - 87 Westy w. AC

  18. Alternator light

  19. Annual Dometic Adventures

  20. Any more ideas about taking out broken stud?

  21. Battery and oil pressure lights acting wierd

  22. Beige TD Westy @ Mystic Beach today?

  23. Brake Fluid

  24. Brake lining fell off brake shoe

  25. Broken headlight adjuster?

  26. Broken stud, anyone has a good one?

  27. on New Server (& Updated)

  28. Cell Phone and the Internet

  29. Center Seat Giveaway

  30. Central Coast VW repair shops

  31. Choosing the best Pressure Plate (straight edge)

  32. Cleaning flocked ceiling?

  33. Coolant Level Sensor

  34. Coolant Temp Gauge

  35. Diesel Jetta's four sale

  36. End play specific to flywheel?

  37. Engine Compartment Fire - Brake Lights Not Working

  38. Engine parts needed

  39. FS 87 vanagon bad engine $100 Maryland

  40. FS: 82 Diesel Westy - 65K miles - MINT! (IA) (also have 83 Quantum TD w/ 217K)

  41. FS: Carat Interior

  42. FS: Fiamma Bike Rack

  43. FS: Vanagon Bra fits any year.

  44. FS: inst. cluster w/ tach/digi clock, & factory Cruise Control setup

  45. First Valve adjustment: report and questions.

  46. Fix that broken LCD clock!

  47. Four O.E.M. star aoy wheels/tires for sale...

  48. Free Winter Tires

  49. Friday insights

  50. Fw: Uh oh....No coolant in the tank

  51. Fwd: Calling all VW drivers!!!

  52. Get me off!

  53. Has anyone done the bed conversion to standard Vanagon GL?

  54. Hey there! I resemble that remark( too many emails) lol

  55. How Long Does it Take Your Vanagon to Warm-up

  56. How long does it take your Vanagon to warm up

  57. How long does it take your vanagon to warm up

  58. IT IS OUT! was: Broken stud, anyone has a good one?

  59. Light ladder

  60. Light ladder (upper bunk step)

  61. Master cylinder leak and coolant leak at pressure tank

  62. Mold on Canvas

  63. Mystery battery drain solved!

  64. NVC Seeking Ridhard Frigault

  65. NVC: Solving "Too many emails"

  66. Need help

  67. Need kind volunteer

  68. Need to get to where I can read on the web, not individual e-mails

  69. No headlights & high beam indicator on means you need to clean the grounds!

  70. Noise from left front wheel when making a right turn in my Syncro?

  71. OT - Crazy or ingenious?... or, getting Friday started early.

  72. OT: carfax done -thanks

  73. OT: non-vanagon carfax

  74. OT: non-ve carfax please?

  75. Oh, woe is me (headlight switches)

  76. Oil Filler Tube vs Oil Bottle Neck

  77. Pageing BenT Syncro

  78. Parting an 88GL in Toronto

  79. Passat wheel

  80. Pointless trivia question: Wolfsburg Edition; what's that all about?

  81. Porta potty go boom

  82. Q's about converting an '89 Auto to 4spd?

  83. RE : availability of OEM westy mudflaps?

  84. Racks on Westy: which Yakima bracket to use?

  85. Re ken morgan and euro cars and then euro motors and now???

  86. Rear Wiper lead to no washer spray

  87. Repair shops.

  88. SDM East: May 21-22

  89. SOLUTION: Stuck in Durango, CO, with Possible Altitude Related Problem

  90. SURVEY!! Who needs an '80-'84 westy right rear plastic curtain rod cover

  91. Seeking Advice: TIICO Fuel Rail

  92. Since it's in the shop anyway . . .

  93. Skylight replacing: "fiber gum or suitable caulking"?

  94. Sliding Door Lock

  95. Sliding door lock

  96. Solved &^%(^&%&^%$b wrist pin clips!

  97. Source: ecode h4 headlights

  98. Stuck in Durango, CO, with Possible Altitude Related Problem

  99. Subject: Light ladder

  100. Subject: Noise from left front wheel when making a right turn in my Syncro?

  101. Syncro abuse

  102. Syncro abuse (long)

  103. Syncro question... vibration!

  104. Syncro question... vibration!-Fuel gauge sensor leaking.

  105. The good Vanagon Westy cover?

  106. The good refrigerator page

  107. Tire Pressure Question (87 Wolfsburg)

  108. Trailer hitch for "hitch haul" platform suggestions???

  109. Trailer hitch on 83.5 Westy front?

  110. USA Vanagoneers going to/thru Canada this summer???

  111. Update on brake indicator light

  112. VW Vanagon AC service manual

  113. VW on the green time again...

  114. Vanagon axle nut torque ?

  115. Venting Reefer Heat

  116. WANTED: BLACK doorpanels from 85-86 GL pass van

  117. WTB Digital clock.

  118. WTB: 2 Yokohama 370 Load Range D tires

  119. Wanted: pics/measurements of Westy Front table

  120. Was:pics/measurements of Westy Front table/Now: Westy Furniture

  121. Westy Parts

  122. What did I do to make my brake light come on?

  123. Wierd metal coolant pipe

  124. Yakima Racks

  125. Yakima racks

  126. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] More charging system comments

  127. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] more electricity questions

  128. [subaruvanagon] Re: Road Trip and MPG - Bellingham to Denver in SVX Westy

  129. [] hubcaps, 15" SA steel wheels

  130. [vanagon] vanagon trivia..who can answer this???

  131. adding an oven to a Westy

  132. adding an oven to a westy

  133. auto trans cooler busted(trans full of water)... screwed?

  134. auto. trans. towing - Rambling questions

  135. availability of OEM westy mudflaps?

  136. availabilty of OEM westy mudflaps?

  137. best design feature

  138. brake indicator light- 1985

  139. bus depot disocunt code was/WTBoutside door handle

  140. carfax please

  141. carfax, can someone run this please.

  142. center console - handmade?

  143. cheap eurovan MV's for sale (one red AT, one white 5spd) both under $1500.

  144. cruise control question

  145. dead spot on steering wheel contact (horn only works in turn) - 80 Vanagon

  146. dead spot on steering wheel contact (horn only works in turn)- 80 Vanagon

  147. ecode h4 headlights

  148. frequent stalling at startup.. hot or cold...

  149. from C/L sf BEWARE

  150. holy smokes (melted the instrument circuit)

  151. horn beeps when i turn the steering wheel???

  152. how how should the inside temp be, for the frig fan to kick on

  153. how much psi does the fuel pump produce at the pump

  154. hubcaps, 15" SA steel wheels

  155. insulation for vanagon engine cover?

  156. insulation for vanagon engine cover? Another warning

  157. insulation for vanagon engine cover? BEWARE of FIRE

  158. looking for a few new parts

  159. managing your dogs?

  160. missing your westy's h20 tank drain cap? use the rear washer bottle cap.

  161. oil plug

  162. oil tube extension

  163. part needed

  164. removing front bumper

  165. removing front bumper - thanks y'all! nt

  166. stickshift box

  167. still cleaning my garage...some stuff for sale.

  168. temp 2 sensors?

  169. turn signals suddenly out

  170. vanagon Digest

  171. vanagon trivia..who can answer this???

  172. westfalia to weekender

  173. westy cold = rich

  174. who bought those rear vanagon OEM mudfaps from me?

  175. window material?
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