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VANAGON archives – October 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 singlecab on samba

  2. 1.9L Engine Crankcase $30

  3. 30 hours later.....

  4. 5th Annual Van-O-Rama Pictures posted

  5. 81 full Westy in LA for $500/craigslist

  6. A161B, Trim Pad Remover (GM, Ford, and Chrysler)

  7. AC Duct Repair Kit - How Many?

  8. AFM issues

  9. AM Radio *final update*

  10. AM radio antenna *update*

  11. Acetone

  12. Acetone-same mpg now as then? Why?

  13. Any interest in a 1987 Weekender? * Photos *

  14. Any vanagon owners going to Vegoose Festival?

  15. Anyone use one of these heaters?

  16. Anyone with Carfax available?

  17. Attn: Boston Bob

  18. Australian & South African VW Silver Sticker Info

  19. B/M Content; NVC;

  20. Battery acid in roll over

  21. Battery acid in rollover

  22. Battery acid in rollover/ was:Re: Bus Depot auxiliary battery hook up

  23. Bentley Repair Manual for 1980 - 1991 Vanagon

  24. Broken down Vanagon on I-70 in MO

  25. Bus Depot Ezy Awning Input

  26. Bus Depot auxiliary battery hook up kit #1738-cant figure it out

  27. Bus Depot auxillary battery hook up kit #1738-cant figure it out

  28. Carpet FS

  29. Changing Auto Trans Fluid

  30. Chrysler slant 6

  31. Coolant installation and bleeding idea

  32. CrankShaft from 1.9L Engine $30

  33. Damping ring and washer for front shocks: Where Can I Get Them?

  34. Diesel engine wont start

  35. Digifant timing issues- no ide

  36. Digifant timing issues- no idle -SOLUTION-

  37. Dometic Westy Fridge Excellent Cond.

  38. E-brake relocation

  39. FS: '83.5 five speed Turbo-Diesel vanagon on samba

  40. FS: 1.8l gas engine w/complete diesel kit for Vanagon install (Oregon) $850

  41. FS: 84-86 westy tan herringbone capt. chair, also grey or tan middle seats

  42. FS: Carat/ Wolfsburg interior w/ flip out table..fits all pass vans

  43. FS: Eberspächer BA-6 Auxillary Gas He ater

  44. FS: cheap Diesel Westy w/ DA-6 on samba

  45. FS: middle bench seat 3 point mount shoulderbelt

  46. FS: vanagon westy rear table and arm, and also front table mount and knob

  47. FW: Anyone use one of these heaters?

  48. FW: anyone got any spare capacitors to fix syndrome?

  49. Finding a Local Machinist was Online Machine shop resource?

  50. Fridge update

  51. Frydaye Air Sensors and Other Works of Friction

  52. Fuel Additive

  53. GPS maps of Mexico

  54. Getting pseudo-wallaced by the list server

  55. Great job on Westies at Watkins

  56. Hacksaw to remove upper nut for front shock?

  57. Heaters: Propane vs. Gasoline vs. Diesel

  58. High idle - fixed!

  59. Im probably a day late but what the hey its Friday.. anyone seen this swap?

  60. Intermitent starting

  61. Ireland Help Please

  62. John Brown's Busses?- Harpers Ferry

  63. Just kinda curious

  64. Last Call For Parts Before it Goes To The Junk Yard

  65. Lower Springs

  66. More on Acetone


  68. Nagging Gremlins: Temp gauge, Window washer, stumble , arm rest, Sliding door

  69. Nagging Gremlins: Temp gauge, Window washer, stumble, arm rest, Sliding door

  70. O2 Sensors

  71. O2 Sensors - Bad Air

  72. O2 unplugged solves Vanagon Syndrome

  73. Oil pump priming?

  74. On weight

  75. Online Machine shop resource?

  76. Only on fridays in Alabama

  77. Passat Wheels on Vanagon

  78. Passat Wheels on Vanagon (BenT's wheel page)

  79. Passenger Car Tire Example

  80. Passenger Car Tire Example 1

  81. Platinum Cat Install suggestions

  82. Porsche up to 18.5 percent

  83. Rebuilding westy cabinets in fine wood

  84. Robert Keezer's Status?? Re: This might be goodbye for a while(NVC)

  85. Running Hot?

  86. Sad News (NVC) (Passed on especially for Westie cooks)

  87. Safari Roof Rack FS - Grey Door Panels Sold -

  88. Shock Shaft Socket

  89. Starting motor connector? Was loose tranny bolts.

  90. Subject: German Syncro 16" driver is greeting...

  91. Tan/brown rear folding seat $30

  92. Thanks for a great Westies at Watkins event

  93. The great tire debate... an idea

  94. Tire Report - Summary Conclusion

  95. Tire Technolgy vs Actual weight of loaded Van

  96. Tire Technology vs Actual weight of loaded Van

  97. Two million problems with this list and I'll add a third

  98. Two problems with this list

  99. Two problems with this list and I'll add a third

  100. Update: Replaced heads, now water in oil

  101. Used Westy Propane Tank

  102. Vanagon .. is it a Car or Light Truck

  103. Vanagon Sales Brochures

  104. Vanagon Tire Guidelines Report

  105. Vanagon Tire Guidelines Report - Are LT Tires really safer?

  106. Vanagon Tire Guidelines Report - Great Feedback / Thks

  107. Vanagon owner w/ non-VW dealer compliant

  108. Vanagon use question

  109. WTB: Vanagon Power Window Motor

  110. Wanted: Driver side power mirror glass only

  111. Westy Syncro driver's seat

  112. What sander would you buy?

  113. [] Syncro Front End Parts & Other Stuff FS

  114. [vwcc] Vanagon Tire Guidelines Report

  115. acetone

  116. acetone // Art Bell

  117. acetone again

  118. acetone again, anyone using?

  119. anyone got any spare capacitors to fix syndrome?

  120. automatic shifter cover

  121. carfax

  122. christmas camping near Lake Quinault Lodge@great the northwest

  123. contemporary VW antennas on Vanagons???

  124. cruise control w/ relay?

  125. fire

  126. fleece thermal barrier

  127. hubcap fit on 14" w/ bfg at's

  128. is it a van or a pet and do I really need round tires?

  129. limited slip differential for 2WD Vans

  130. loud clicking

  131. nagging gremlins - sliding door

  132. o2 and battery light dont stay on when first started anymore

  133. on the road

  134. perhaps a 7 dollar fix

  135. re. Subject: German Syncro 16" driver is greeting...

  136. rear hatch panel clip removal on 90 Carat

  137. reason #4 for joining the Vanagon List

  138. rebuilt auto transmission

  139. replacing water tank pump

  140. rotational mass and stock brakes

  141. speedo cable

  142. thermostat mods

  143. tires tires and more tires...

  144. vanagon Digest - 2 Oct 2005 - Special issue (#2005-816)

  145. yesterday a good van day
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