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VANAGON archives – May 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '80-'86 westy water tank drain cap is same thing as rear washer bottle cap..

  2. '85 Doka on ebay in florida..US title.. only $1700 with 16 hrs left...

  3. (NVC) Snow in the flatlands

  4. 102mph

  5. 102mph - Turbo vs. 6-cylinder

  6. 1982 throttle body gasket PN?

  7. 1985 VW Vanagon - clutch jump

  8. 1985 Vanagon - Brown to other possible colors

  9. 1985 Vanagon - body squeaky noises

  10. 1985 Vanagon - front swivel seat set-up

  11. 1985 Vanagon - non-camper van weight ?

  12. 1985 Westy for sale on Chicago craigslist

  13. 81 Westy in LA,CA $4600: craigslist

  14. 84 vanagon

  15. 87 no start

  16. 92mph [WAS : 102mph]

  17. <No subject>

  18. Another Vanagon world

  19. Anyone interested in my Vanangon?

  20. Anyone interested in my Vanangon? Automatic R&R

  21. Audi alloys on a vanagon

  22. Auto conversion to Manual?

  23. Bentley on eBay

  24. Best place to hand a work shirt in front of Vanagon

  25. Beware online auto wreckers NVC

  26. Blue wire from alternator, what happens when grounded

  27. Bostig's first e85 powered Zetec was: E85 in vanagons

  28. Brakes

  29. van content.

  30. Bus Benefit is this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI

  31. BusFusion News

  32. Buses by the Beach

  33. Buses by the Beach - Benefit 2007!!!!!

  34. Buses by the Beach 2007

  35. Buses by the Beach Auction and Raffle Update

  36. CV Joint Vibration

  37. Canadian Caravan / Thread Hijacking was: Re: (NVC) Snow in the flatlands

  38. Colorado--June 15th weekend - Rocky Mountain Westy Summer Treffen

  39. Crank Pulley: 3 groves vs 1 grove

  40. E85 in vanagons

  41. Electrical Help nEEDED - 90' Carat

  42. Engine rebuild/swap in an AT

  43. Esurance doesn't like Mulitvans either...

  44. FLAPS? could be in your experience

  45. FLAPS? not in my experience (No Van Content)

  46. FREE Audi Bentley factory repair manuals..thats right FREE

  47. FS: '93 LT 28 Diesel Westfalia on samba in Oregon

  48. FS:: 1985 Westfalia Weekender

  49. FYI - Where to find KROWN in the US was::Re: Lubrication of sliding door - How to?

  50. Free tires and rims (Seattle)

  51. Fresh Water Tank Drain Cap

  52. Fresh Water Tank Drain Cap - Non VW replacement source?

  53. Friday thread ($33 million benefit)

  54. Friday, LLVC: I hope it wasn't a syncro.

  55. Front drivers heater - cut off valve installation guide

  56. Fwd: Bus Benefit is this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI

  57. German eBay Doka - Nice...

  58. Getting my 1985 Vanagon's front radiator fan to come on sooner

  59. GoWesty aux battery kit?? Bentley manual VS. blue factory repair manual??

  60. How far can you go on a tank of gas?

  61. How far on a tank of gas

  62. Huffer motors..Turbo and SC...

  63. I did it.. i just bought my first (NVC)

  64. INFO needed: Anybody have one of those SA 85 liter tanks? These are the longer version of our 2wd tanks.

  65. Immobilise the van?

  66. Installing a hardwood floor

  67. Installing new tent

  68. Instrument lamp replacement

  69. Is my regulator kacked

  70. Is the list up and running?

  71. Lubrication of sliding door - How to?

  72. MPG from an I-4 engine: two tank test.

  73. Master Cylinder Cap Anyone?

  74. More Westys, was:Re: Please but this '91 Syncro Westy, $3000 LA,CA

  75. More free stuff: Bentley manuals and such, help make room in my shop!

  76. Moving a suspension-less vehicle(lvc)

  77. Name that Part

  78. Need a used temp sender plug

  79. Newbie battery questions

  80. No Start

  81. OE Radiator question

  82. Odd-ometer repair

  83. Oil Filters

  84. Oil pressure probs.

  85. Paging Dave Vieira

  86. Pdx Jackstand Help?

  87. Please but this '91 Syncro Westy, $3000 LA,CA

  88. Poptop interior lining

  89. Racks for Tandem Bikes?

  90. Radiator mounting gaskets

  91. Reading vs. printing the Bus Depot Tire info. - anyone else have this PC issue?

  92. Rear table leg holding bracket

  93. Review of 15 year Canadian Importation Rule

  94. Riddle me this... Honda Brake question NVC!

  95. Shocking Photo

  96. Sleeping in NY Thruway service areas

  97. Sliding door light switch

  98. Speedo to tach (?)

  99. Stay on target (RAVC)

  100. Subigon oil sump

  101. Subject: Re: Fresh Water Tank Drain Cap - Non VW replacement source?

  102. Suggestions?

  103. Suggestions? (friday)

  104. Syncro de Mayo EAST is next weekend!

  105. Teenage Driver assigned to Vanagon

  106. Thanks to all for towing question comments

  107. The hottest engine swap going?

  108. Tires!

  109. Towing a vehicle on a tow-dolly

  110. Typical hwy Fuel range on Air cooled Vanagons

  111. UPS Canadian brokerage fees-------- again

  112. Um, what's a "core charge"?

  113. Unusual Accessory

  114. WANTED: left grey adjustable armrest from bluestar/whitestar/89 wolfsburg

  115. WTB - Lower brackets for Paulchen Bike Rack

  116. WTB - connecting pipe (exhaust) 1.9L

  117. Water tank refill key?

  118. Wave if you drive by!

  119. Welded a receiver hitch to my drawbar

  120. Westy for sale CR

  121. Wiring diagrams?

  122. Yakima 1A

  123. Yakima roof rack fit

  124. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  125. [vanagon] FS: '93 LT 28 Diesel Westfalia on samba in Oregon

  126. and its only gonna get worse as we get into summer... gulp, gulp...kaaaching!!

  127. and you thought you couldnt give your middle seat away?

  128. dimensions of front table

  129. fiamma awning 10 ft or 11-8 ft

  130. front window sprayers

  131. had JordanVW's email changed?

  132. highjacked thread

  133. i did it.. i just bought my first (NVC) car... straying from the

  134. i did it.. i just bought my first (NVC) car... straying from the marque...

  135. looking for power window motor

  136. mercedes wheels

  137. oil pressure -- next round

  138. outback porta shower THANKS

  139. outback porta shower, help!

  140. plugged catalytic converter on 1.9 wbx

  141. politics of e85 RE: E85 in vanagons

  142. re. I did it.. i just bought my first (NVC) car... straying from the

  143. repairing sliding window latch

  144. shorty bus for sale on Ebay... and stretch bus found....

  145. spray bed liner on propane tank?

  146. spray bed liner on truck bed?? was Re: spray bed liner on propane tank?

  147. subaru coolant conditioner

  148. syncro vs 2wd spring height

  149. temp II sensor turned red, plus other stuff...

  150. temp sender plug?

  151. the diameter of front heater lines?

  152. the group 42 Battery works better in a Westy than a group 41

  153. thermostat removal

  154. trailer hitch - where??

  155. update on a/c fuse blowing

  156. vanagon Digest - 18 May 2007 (#2007-517)

  157. vanagon Digest Huffer motor post
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