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VANAGON archives – July 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "California tops" ?

  2. '83 Air Cooled 'ASI Conversion' rear end clunk

  3. 1976/2.0L, FI VW Riviera Conversion Camper

  4. 2 for 1

  5. 2.1 WBX stumbles after hot restart; vapor lock?

  6. 2.1 oil pump gasket question

  7. 30-50 challenge

  8. 30-50 challenge updates results posted

  9. 30>50 timed runs

  10. 4 speed transmition stuck in fourth

  11. 4 speed transmition stuck in fourth- UPDATE

  12. 87 Westy Engine/Trans removal Day 1 - or Boy, do I miss my 67 Westy!!!

  13. 87 Westy Sliding Door Adjustment

  14. 88 4sp starter trouble

  15. 88 4sp starter trouble- Fixed, thanks!

  16. 90 Westy Weekender - parts needed

  17. AC Blower problem

  18. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Water 4 Gas. com

  19. Alternative fuels

  20. Annual Licence Plate Fee - 84 Westy

  21. Anyone live near Starke, Florida ?

  22. Average gas prices by state

  23. Awning- which one?

  24. BOTC T-Shirt Reminder


  26. Bentley error

  27. Body shops in Portland, Oregon

  28. Brake MC problem solved

  29. Buses in Bacalar

  30. CV flange installation tips ?

  31. California Camper Picasa link

  32. California Camper Tops Vs. VW Camper tops

  33. California Camper Tops Vs. VW Camper tops Vs. Country Homes tops

  34. California Country Homes confusion.

  35. Can Anyone Identify This "Thing"?

  36. Can I use The Right Stuff on crankcase halves?

  37. Car Fax needed

  38. Cheap Big Fire Extinguishers

  39. Clutch pedal difficult to push

  40. Coming fr/ San Diego area to SF Bay Area ??

  41. Costco LED lights on sale 2 for $10, my review

  42. Country Home Camper Tops Vs. VW Camper tops

  43. Dash removal -- video

  44. Dash removal for AC access

  45. Dash removal video

  46. Day 2 - Engine/Trans out. Making peace w/spring clamps and Walmart saves the day.

  47. Different Kind Of Valve Adjustment Question?

  48. Dometic won't light troubleshooting

  49. Ebay vin# switcharoo?

  50. Electrical Cheat Sheet For Vanagon Dummies?

  51. Engine lid insulation material?

  52. Example of Glossy Painted Vanagon Fiberglass Bumpers

  53. Exhausting work.... Advice solicited.

  54. FREE westy water tank drain caps.. the same as the rear washer bottle cap

  55. FS cheap: "Columbus Zelte" westy side-tent

  56. Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap - Cooler engine compartment

  57. Fw: need info: rear brakes, diff dope.please,quickanswer

  58. Grommet for Roof?

  59. Help with a Carfax report?

  60. High Country Bus Festival July 24-27

  61. High and Low High Beams

  62. Insulation above transmission

  63. It works AND it's a scam Re: Water 4 Gas. com Does it work? Has Anyone Tried it? Know of It?

  64. Just Kampers Tent - replacement poles needed

  65. Laziness

  66. Limco (BASF) paint - hardener - reducer mix ratio?

  67. Long trip-Moving

  68. Looking for Vanagon Rental

  69. Lost fresh water tank drain plug during trip. Temporary solution?

  70. Master Cylinder - Help!

  71. NVC solar resource question

  72. New List Member Looking For Wiring Harness

  73. No instrument lights or gas guage?

  74. Oil and Energy Issues

  75. One of us in Winthrop Washington

  76. Only opens when all locked ...

  77. PPI needed for LT35 / correction Van Nuys not Simi Valley, CA

  78. Paging: Vitrifrigo Fridge Users

  79. Paint Codes

  80. Paint Codes for Bumper

  81. Pictures (Cell Phone) OT.

  82. Pictures (cell phone) OT

  83. Pop top pieces needed

  84. Propane tank replacement


  86. Radiator Fan Resistor Question

  87. Rear Bumper Needed in Vermont

  88. Removing Lifters

  89. Removing Lifters.... magnetic puller

  90. Replaced auto tranny doesn't work. Advice needed!

  91. Replacement propane tank?

  92. Rubber hose on fuel filler neck

  93. Ryan Alfonso

  94. Sailboard Roof Rack FS

  95. Shore power indicator light ?

  96. Sighting in VA - a nice Wolfsburg Edition from Texas

  97. Sliding window "fuzz strip"

  98. Soft brake pedal, booster?

  99. Spare tire size?

  100. Spark Plug Recommendation

  101. Springfield, MA??

  102. Stubborn Exhaust leak

  103. Subject: Replacement propane tank?

  104. Temp. gauge reads too high ...

  105. Temp. reading too high on gauge ...

  106. The DEEP, DARK secret of fiberglass exhaust wrap discovered

  107. Thermostat testing

  108. Too Much (Vanagon) Information; was: Re: California Camper Tops Vs. VW Camper tops

  109. Took the Vitrifrigo plunge: new fridge on the way

  110. Vanagon Engine/Transmission Removal Websites?

  111. Vanagon Sighting in Bethlehem, PA

  112. Vanagons and RVs

  113. Vanagons compared to RVs

  114. WTB: 2.1L intake boot

  115. WTB: Syncro intake boot

  116. Water 4 Gas. com

  117. Water 4 Gas. com Does it work?

  118. Water 4 Gas. com Does it work? Has Anyone Tried it? Know of It?

  119. Westy Golf - NVC

  120. Westy screens

  121. What torque for 2.1 rod nuts?

  122. Wheel Disc Paint Code - What?

  123. Window-Driver side door

  124. broken 120 circuit breaker pin . . .

  125. common electrical problems in vanagons

  126. coolant pipe replacement

  127. diff.dope & rear drum shoes ETC.

  128. electrical question - ignition switch

  129. eriba puck

  130. fridge light question and fridge on propane

  131. high idle when hot

  132. lost?

  133. i have to unsubscrive for a while

  134. interesting cost savings ...

  135. need info: rear brakes, diff dope.please,quickanswer

  136. power mirror, replacing large nut

  137. proper voltages

  138. public request: John Rogers, please return my fender flare

  139. rear exhaust header question

  140. recommendations on 2-gauge pod?

  141. scrap vanagon prices..$15 per 100 lbs

  142. spring clamp pliers

  143. stealth camping article

  144. subie swap: Have good 1.9l water cooled FS Los Angeles

  145. the picasa link to pics of our california model

  146. vanagon Digest - 20 Jul 2008 (#2008-754)

  147. westy propane pressure regulator
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