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VANAGON archives – October 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Clucking" noise from Tranny?

  2. "Thanks" + Throttle cable coupler? (PIC)

  3. '83.5 westy starts, runs well, stalls, won't restart

  4. 86 syncro doesnt start

  5. A/C Freon

  6. AC does loses freon

  7. AC system still charged after six years?

  8. Antenna Installation Mishap

  9. Any VW employees on the list?

  10. BD Code

  11. Battery Dimensions

  12. Behr or DPD glove box AC parts for sale

  13. Behr or DPD glove box AC parts for sale- parts sold

  14. Brake Master Cyl. replacement

  15. Brake Master Cylinder Replacement Summary

  16. Brake problem

  17. Bread Loaf citing

  18. Broken Bolt on Fuel Rail-Help

  19. Buses By the Beach - Bus Cook Book is out!

  20. Buses by the Depot 2008

  21. Carat Vanagon FS in NJ (not mine)

  22. DV Exhaust Bracket/Hanger fabrication question

  23. Digitool test results--no throttle switch LED at idle

  24. Digitool to the rescue

  25. Engine Conversions

  26. FS Late model front spindle

  27. FS: '58 Pickup

  28. For Sale whole or parts 1979 bay

  29. Free 15" Agilis for Eurovan - Portland

  30. Fridge again

  31. Fridge again....

  32. Front Spindle

  33. Fuel Shortage in the Soutland Spreading Fast

  34. Fuel Shortage in the Soutland UPDATE

  35. Fwd: Please advise: great trip but engine melt down

  36. Gas $2.99 San Antonio

  37. Headlight Adjustment

  38. Help-need advice and mechanic in Davis CA

  39. Helpful Vanagon toolbox tip...LVC

  40. Hesitating automatic transmission

  41. Hurricane Ike vs. Vanagon (a long, last post perhaps...)

  42. Hurricane Ike vs. Vanagon and a shell to use/ Syncro being parted out.

  43. I love my Bus

  44. I love my bus

  45. Importing from USA to Canada

  46. Kelleys Island Ohio. Who is Goin??

  47. Let there be LIGHT!!!

  48. Looking 4 Sacramento, CA- VW used parts, dismantlers

  49. Mysterious Coolant Drip 2.1

  50. Names

  51. Names/Joel

  52. Naming vehicles

  53. Oil dipstick pushed out of the tube

  54. Ovens (was Re: VW Bus Cookbook - a must have)


  56. PS Hose kit - a cautionary tale

  57. PS Hose kit - a tale corrected

  58. PayPal... anyone know how to contact a living organism there??

  59. Personalized Plates - Cast Your Vote!

  60. Pics from Buses by the depot.

  61. REPLY TO should go to list, not poster

  62. Radiator bleeder BOLT question

  63. Recent Car Talk Shows

  64. Recent Car Talk Shows - re air bags

  65. Refilling manual transmission fluid

  66. Reliability of AutoZone (Duralast) alternators

  67. Replacement Intake Runner needed 2.1 Digifant

  68. Rheim wheels

  69. Rhein Wheels

  70. SA headlight upgrade

  71. Stalled project. WAS: can you put 17 inch wheels on a 84 vanagon?

  72. Stock Speaker Grill Removal

  73. Syncro sighting

  74. TD Driveline For sale - Vancouver, BC

  75. Technical question re: Injector firing signal

  76. Time for some Bilsteins

  77. Time to fix your exhaust leak?

  78. Turn Your Car Into a Plug-In Hybrid

  79. UPDATE: Buses By The Depot (and Clearance Sale) THIS SAT.

  80. UPDATE: Personalized Plates!

  81. VW Bus Cookbook - a must have

  82. VW's 'new' van

  83. Vanagon, Rear speaker enclosures

  84. Vanagon, Rear speaker enclosures- I have them!

  85. Vehicle Names

  86. Vehicle names

  87. Vehicles name

  88. WTB H&R Sport springs

  89. Was:Replacement Intake Runner needed-Now see pics

  90. What do you call this piece???

  91. Where does the red lead connect from the Digitool?

  92. Who's going to Buses by the Depot in PA?

  93. Z-Bed

  94. Z-Bed - Bay Area

  95. Z-Bed - Bay Area.

  96. Zetec Turbo Conversion

  97. [NVC} Computer Gurus Needed

  98. [Syncro] Personalized Plates - Cast Your Vote!

  99. [Syncro] UPDATE: Personalized Plates!

  100. alloy wheels

  101. can you put 17 inch wheels on a 84 vanagon?

  102. carpet alternatives

  103. draining coolant

  104. free

  105. real explanation regarding why imports to canada are barred

  106. stumbling/no power after cold start

  107. subject Re: Brake problem

  108. subject Re: Bread Loaf citing

  109. subject Re: UPDATE: Personalized Plates!

  110. subject Re: Vanagon, Rear speaker enclosures- I have them!

  111. subject Re: subject Re: UPDATE: Personalized Plates!

  112. testing radiator fan

  113. vanagon Digest - 3 Oct 2008 - Special issue (#2008-1075)

  114. vehicle names -

  115. white clouds out of the exhaust

  116. white clouds out of the exhaust (2)
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