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VANAGON archives – September 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '84: Tach? Seat Belt Buzzer?

  2. 1.9 ltr WBX O2 sensor question?

  3. 1982 Vanagon/Westfalia Mystery Knob

  4. 84 Westy alternator mount studs breaking

  5. 85 Vanagon Torque Converter?

  6. 87 westy fuel overflow

  7. A/C ducting

  8. ARRRGGGHHH Re: Tantalum capacitors to stop blinking temp LED

  9. Almost a vanagon

  10. Auto Trans pan gasket and filter replacement

  11. Availability of replacement dish drainers?

  12. BIG syncro

  13. Back in the game with an '86 GL - Need parts

  14. Buses By The Depot (and BusDepot Warehouse Sale) - Oct. 3

  15. Bypass oil filter

  16. CV Grease

  17. Cash for Clunkers Tally

  18. Cheap westy on craigslist

  19. Clutch Pedal Repair

  20. Clutch pedal won't go to floor

  21. Comments, opinions, etc. appreciated

  22. Defining Camping

  23. Defining Camping; was RE: What's that?

  24. Everybus

  25. FMBC 2009 Pony Pitch

  26. FS: 1989 Tristar

  27. FS: Vanagon Polizei Model

  28. FS: fiberglass bumpers, jump seat, speedo/tach cluster, mirrors....

  29. Facebook

  30. Facebook; was RE: VW Camper Cookbook

  31. Fixed It Was Need a Distributor or Hall sender near San Antonio TX

  32. Friday: Need help with Jetta, final request

  33. Friday: New Matchbox 1970 T2

  34. Front tire wear

  35. Frydaye [NVC] Request Computer help for a cripple - ME!

  36. Fryeday Topic: VW's next CEO needs to be this German?

  37. Fuel injection trouble

  38. Gas Mileage

  39. Gas consumption problem

  40. GoWesty Gas Tank?

  41. Goopy stuff on dish drainer

  42. Interested in a trip to Newfoundland in 2010?

  43. It's time for Westies at Watkins! Last Minute Info..

  44. Kristen Laurite was What's that? - a single woman's view on camping and s...

  45. Kristen Laurite was What's that? - a single woman's view on camping and safety (you asked...)

  46. Long Brake Line Tips + Removal Question

  47. Looking for a good fuel injector rail- East Coast preferred

  48. Looking for a good fuel injector rail- East Coast preffered

  49. Looking for a working Odo for my 84

  50. Lost the post with the cute little vanagon trailers....

  51. Moderator CommentRe: Comments, opinions, etc. appreciated

  52. Moderator CommentRe: Volkswagen - Audi - Porsche' training tapes

  53. No High Beams

  54. No injector spray pattern

  55. O2 Sensor Shield

  56. O2 sensor in gutted cat question

  57. OK, I've had it! What now?

  58. Oil Filter & Oil Pressure - 1982 A-C M/T Vanagon/Westfalia

  59. Our new 1982 A-C M/T Vanagon/Westfalia. Questions and concerns.

  60. Part no for safety belt

  61. Ping Sudhir: wiki down?

  62. Quick overnight, several sightings and an odd little problem

  63. SA Microbus...

  64. Sat Radio

  65. Science of Washboarding

  66. Selling Various Vanagon Parts in Austin, TX

  67. Shift rod freeplay - what is it? Was: Alternatives to standard transmissions: What is possible?

  68. Subject: Re: Front tire wear

  69. Tantalum capacitors to stop blinking temp LED

  70. Thank you for participating in the 8th annual Westies at Watkins campout!

  71. Top Notch Service Once Again

  72. Transmission leak

  73. Trip Report ( Long!) Eagle, AK

  74. Trip Report w/PICS

  75. VW Camper Cookbook

  76. VW logo paint

  77. Vanagon Stove Burner Control Valve Replacement

  78. Volkswagen - Audi - Porsche' training tapes

  79. WTB driver's side seat belt latch

  80. WTB: (1) 185R14 Hakkapeliitta CS

  81. WTB: (1) Hakka CS 185R14

  82. Warren Chapman "memorial" Oct 18th

  83. Westy Sightings Along The Way

  84. Westys @ Watkins

  85. What's that?

  86. What's that? - a single woman's view on camping and safety (you asked...)

  87. What's that? - a single woman's view/Plus a single man's

  88. What's that? Welcome mat

  89. Wheel alignment - myth or reality

  90. Where to look now? FI troubleshooting Was: OK, I've had it! What now?

  91. Who knows this?

  92. Win a camper in the UK

  93. Women and camping

  94. Yikes!

  95. [NVC] Need alignment sight to help with backing trailer

  96. [WetWesties] Gas Mileage

  97. [WetWesties] WTB driver's side seat belt latch

  98. advice on tranny rebuild and water leak on 1990 Vanagon GL

  99. animated bus

  100. anti-seize

  101. aux battery and fridge

  102. excellent afm article on the samba

  103. nattybus 2010

  104. needing Rear Fiberglass bumper mounts

  105. powerful solar panel that fits luggage rack

  106. rear heater switch

  107. strange brake problem

  108. vanagon facebook pages
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