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VANAGON archives – May 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 15" Mercedes Steel wheels anyone?

  2. 1987 engine harness

  3. 1990 VW Vanagon - $5500 (redwood city)

  4. 2nd try - Bostig 2nd Gen Zetec Kit

  5. 84 gas tank to 87

  6. 86 Syncro For Sale

  7. 91 GL Tires-Again

  8. 91 Vanagon A/C

  9. A/C leaking

  10. A/C leaking; A helpful trick or two

  11. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Gasoline (NVC)

  12. Air cooled mileage

  13. Arrgh.. Headlights out on 86

  14. Arrgh.. Headlights out on 86 FIXED

  15. Autistic man

  16. BLUE TEC

  17. BZ Shelf Update

  18. Battery Woes/Choice

  19. Battery group # size

  20. Bend, OR -- my goodness, lots of Vanagons! + Nokian Tires

  21. Bentley for sale.

  22. Bostig 2nd Gen Zetec Kit

  23. Bread loaf, Denali, c.1963

  24. BusFusion Update --- Pre-registration ends May 31

  25. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit Pics

  26. Camping Next week?

  27. Camping next week..

  28. Cleaning the poptop roof

  29. Dakota road trip searching for Vanagons--report and pix

  30. Diesel schmiesel...i'm thinking of going electric

  31. Draining the gas tank

  32. Ethanol..Corn only?

  33. FS 84 vanagon gl

  34. FS: 1985 Westfalia Camper

  35. FS: entire vanagon parts collection liquidation, too much to list

  36. FS: late model filler necks w/ float ball to prevent fuel backwash at the pump

  37. Flowers for stones

  38. Flowers for stones - LVC

  39. Free Porta-Potti for Pickup in SE Mass

  40. Fuel economy--the real sweet spot!

  41. Fuel tank photos

  42. Full Length rear seat latching

  43. Fw: Autistic man

  44. GPS Can Be Hazardous To Your Vehicle

  45. Gasoline

  46. Gasoline (NVC)

  47. Gasoline -

  48. Gasoline - attne R Keezer

  49. Gauge sender question

  50. Going to Busfusion? Need parts?

  51. How to "de-mouse" heater core before installing?

  52. I4 Engine conversion

  53. I4 Engine conversion - german diesel parts source

  54. Increasing fuel economy/decreasing con$umption

  55. Lessons on gas mileage from VW's Autostadt

  56. Master cylinder question

  57. Mileage increase. (reply to question, from digest mode)

  58. Miles per dollar? Fuel economy.

  59. More Oregon Vanagons today

  60. NVC double bass question

  61. NVC-Re: Ninja Camping (was Wal-Mart parking lots)Now Pre-Enviromental Awareness

  62. NVC: Diesel schmiesel...i'm thinking of going electric

  63. Ninja Camping

  64. Ninja Camping vs Trashing

  65. Please read this:Re: ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Gasoline (NVC)

  66. RPM Delo and other CJ-4 rated oils

  67. Registering in Oregon?

  68. Road trip and mechanics litany of issues

  69. Runs like crap when cold

  70. Rusty Water/Gasoline Update

  71. Rusty water in gas tank

  72. SIGHTING: Green westy saw Brown westy in CT

  73. Screens for sale

  74. Shipping from Idaho to California

  75. Small gear trailer for vanagon- any ideas?

  76. Small trailers

  77. Snake Oil or Legit?

  78. Steering Wheel Adust/Horn sounds

  79. Thermostat all over after coolant flush

  80. To our vets....

  81. Trouble with '85 1.9l wasserboxer in Europe

  82. Utah trip report/photos

  83. Utility trailers

  84. Vanagon Ad

  85. Vanagon gatherings/clubs

  86. Volkswagen, Sanyo to Develop Hybrid Car Batteries

  87. Wanna see rust...

  88. Want to trade or possibly buy my beautiful 91 syncro camper /maybe?

  89. Was: New platform.... Now: test drive my new google group

  90. Water Injection

  91. Water Pump // Alternator Belt problem

  92. Welcome to my *new* Vanagons with VW I4 gas engine Google Group

  93. Westfalia Decal Sticking Problem

  94. What is life expectancy of axles?

  95. What's to cold to camp?

  96. Wind noise?

  97. Window tint on sliders.

  98. [SPAM] Re: Water Injection

  99. [Syncro] MPG and Decoupler (was Belly pans for speed /mpg)

  100. a speaker recommendation

  101. batteries

  102. deisel schmeisel- I go electric (from digest) Not much van content.

  103. friday fun NVC Jetta Limo?

  104. gsasoline

  105. hmm

  106. lifter question

  107. looking for EKTA

  108. rebuilding a/c compressor??

  109. shielded wire for oxygen sensor?

  110. some really simple questions

  111. thermostat housing

  112. vanagon Digest - 26 May 2008 (#2008-568)

  113. vr6 conversion

  114. vw mechanic in SD recommendations?
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