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VANAGON archives – November 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Vacuum plumbing question

  2. '90 Carat - Radio turns off and back on when starting the van

  3. (LVC) Happy Birthday USMC and Veterans Day pre-study

  4. 1.6L , 1.9L, 2.1L Pressure plate Q??

  5. 1985 GL Automatic transmission issues

  6. 1985 Vanagon Automatic Transmission Needed!!!

  7. 2.2 Rebuild Questions

  8. ADMINISTRIVIA - NVC-Was: Driving on Air

  9. Air Scoops - How do you Make them?

  10. All Veterans - I salute you this day .......... and everyday!

  11. Alternative to Cover Camper Fridge Vent

  12. Any Websites? - Auto Tranny Repair/Rebuild

  13. Auto Tranny Repair/Rebuild - also Eurovans

  14. BLACKBREARD - the debacle

  15. BLACKBREARD - the debacle ESCALATES

  16. Backing with tinted windows

  17. Backup light switch malfunction - blinking backup lights when shifting

  18. Blackbeard update-Next Steps?

  19. Blackbeard-Turn for the BETTER!

  20. Blind Spot Mirrors.....Where do you put yours?

  21. Blower Motor Vibration Blues

  22. Call for VW People Photos

  23. Can't back up

  24. Carfax please?

  25. Cheap 82 Westy in for sale Tacoma WA

  26. Colin Kellogg

  27. Colin Kellogg Story

  28. Condenser Compatibility?

  29. Deer and Bull Bar Availability in the USA

  30. Do GL-5 rated oils damage transmission brass syncronizers?

  31. Driving on Air

  32. Electric power vanagon

  33. Erratic Running after coming down hills

  34. External Oil cooler

  35. FREE Dometic fridges

  36. FS Zodi Hot water heater

  37. FSMr Buddy Heater Model

  38. Fitting 88 slider to 84 van... differences between years?

  39. Fitting 88 slider to 84 van... differences in years?

  40. Fw: colin kellog's VW book

  41. Fwd: BLACKBREARD - the debacle

  42. Fwd: Re: Semi- Vanagon topic: Getting hands clean after you've gotten them greasy

  43. Going Down to VW HQ to Throw a Rock Through The Office Window

  44. Good Insurance companies Re: BLACKBREARD - the debacle ESCALATES

  45. Grafting LHD slider into RHD van to make dual-slider

  46. Grease your front wheel bearings!!

  47. How long to reach full operating temp?

  48. Idea to help archive searches?

  49. Inappropriate posting coming (NVC)

  50. Interesting Mini Me Vanagon Video On YouTube

  51. Looking for rear springs

  52. Looking for recommendations in Charleston/Edisto Beach SC after Xmas

  53. Low Impact RVing

  54. Mobil-1 shortage

  55. Muffler options aside from stock <-- that was supposed to read muffler :)

  56. NVC-Was: Driving on Air

  57. Nearly Dry Differential

  58. Need paint color! Thanks

  59. Oil cooler, D-pillar, Syncro - question

  60. One more time on the Eurovan wheels?

  61. Overhaulin' on HDT

  62. Propane/LNG Power

  63. Propex heaters : group purchase offer

  64. Rain and bad idle / no start

  65. Refrigerator Ignition System(s)

  66. Riverside, CA Shop recommendations?

  67. Semi- Vanagon topic: Getting hands clean after you've gotten them greasy

  68. Stainless Steel Coolant T -

  69. Steering/front end "Clack!" (shorter version!)

  70. Steering/front end "Clack!" sound - then no sound!

  71. Survey - True Value Vehicle Insurance Premiums

  72. Syncro Camo; Vanagon templates for vehicle graphics


  74. Thanks on the amps/voltage explain..

  75. Throttle body shaft seals

  76. Tinted Windows - Backing up in the Dark?

  77. Tire sales-people (rant + info .... long)

  78. Upper Ball Joint Lasts ? miles?

  79. Vanagon List Charter

  80. Vanagon templates for vehicle graphics

  81. Vanagon welding and Argon prices

  82. WTB: Curtain track above side door

  83. WTB: Ignition switch and camper sunroof (transparent)

  84. Want to trade a Zbed from a bay for a trailer hitch setup for my 91

  85. Wanted: H&R Sport springs (black)

  86. Wanted: Westy Wheel

  87. Wanted: Westy Wheel (actually a carat alloy)

  88. Warning - Avoid Fiberglass Wrapping Air Cooled Headers

  89. What coolant is currently being used? Recommendations?

  90. What type of oil for my 2.1 Boston Bob? Was Re: Mobil-1 shortage

  91. Wrong color I painted

  92. Yokohama Y370 Tire FYI

  93. [Fwd: [T2] Vanagons in local yard, Florida]

  94. [T2] Colin Kellogg

  95. [T2] Going Down to VW HQ to Throw a Rock Through The Office Window

  96. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Propex heaters : group purchase offer

  97. [WetWesties] BLACKBREARD - the debacle ESCALATES

  98. [WetWesties] Re: Only the name changes - the debacles always ESCALATE

  99. alternator--voltage vs amps

  100. alternator--voltage vs. amps

  101. cheap PA

  102. colin kellog's VW book

  103. coolant system tester adapter...

  104. exhaust gaskets needed

  105. fridge....saga continues

  106. front heater valve

  107. help. no start after head gaskets replaced

  108. insurance

  109. manual trans whine and leak

  110. may lead to offense Getting hands clean after you've gotten them greasy

  111. oil leak: advice?

  112. old hoses and Bar's leak

  113. purpose of fuel hose sleeves

  114. re. Vanagon welding and Argon prices

  115. rear seatbelts too short

  116. strange idling behavior ? (long post with plenty of diagnostic hints)

  117. troubleshooting a starting problem

  118. vanagon Digest - 10 Nov 2008 - Special issue (#2008-1183)

  119. vanagon Digest - 12 Nov 2008 (#2008-1194)

  120. vanagon Digest - 8 Nov 2008 (#2008-1177)
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