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VANAGON archives – August 2012, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1982 diesel Westy with AAZ 1.9TD for sale in New Hampshire

  2. 83+ radiator shroud/mounting brackets

  3. ?? Fridge burner box

  4. A new restoration project, perhaps??

  5. A/C drip

  6. All the wires are brown!

  7. BNNTA - fw. from Bill Bowman

  8. Best Solvent For Oil Removal From Body Channel?

  9. Brake Pads Squeak

  10. Brake Pedal Pulse Questions

  11. Camping updates

  12. Cup Holder, in captains area

  13. Cup Holder, in captains area.

  14. Dometic burner box

  15. Driver's side front wheel grease cap

  16. Duct-less Westy A/C Query

  17. Electrolux Fridge or Compressor Fridge?

  18. Factory Refurbished Heidelberg Radio

  19. Fridge Burner box

  20. Fridge Burner box - Propane coole

  21. Fryeday Unobtanium: T2.5 vs T5 Campers

  22. Fuel Hose Clamps

  23. Fuel Pump to Canister Filter Fuel Hose Size?

  24. Fuel pump question

  25. Fwd: Gear box oil - Redline MT90 or Swepco ?

  26. Fwd: [VANAGON] Gear box oil - Redline MT90 or Swepco ?

  27. Gauge Mounting Options

  28. Gear box oil - Redline MT90 or Swepco ?

  29. Heater question

  30. I need a Carfax report

  31. Ignition Cables, unplugging from distributor

  32. Interstates are boring

  33. Last New Vanagons Left In North America, 1991 Waning Letter / Map

  34. Looking for good 83 Instrument Cluster

  35. NVC, all about cycling

  36. Need Instrument Cluster 85 Vanagon

  37. Need Recommendation: Audio System for 85 Vanagon

  38. New-Spark-Plugcebo Effect

  39. Oil pressure light and buzzer

  40. Parts order from Germany

  41. Poor Hot Start Discovery - midway through solution

  42. Power Steering Universal Joints in limited stock

  43. Problem with rear axle bolts breaking

  44. Pulled my fridge today and...

  45. Putting on tires: three hands

  46. Question about Thule Load bars for 7passenger vanagons

  47. Rebuilding suspension - suggestions

  48. Repair Shops in Georgia/SC - Transmission: No shifting into 3rd or 4th

  49. Riddle me this, Batman - Gas in my oil??? 77 Westy 2.0L

  50. Shameless Plug for Westies at Watkins 11

  51. Subaru Boxer Diesel Available

  52. Tire Wear.. Now: Worn Upper Control Arm Bushings - Alignment Changes

  53. Tire wear pattern -- it puzzles the expert

  54. Trip Report & follow-up on Bad Gas Mileage

  55. Trip Report & followup on Bad Gas Mileage

  56. Underground-Austin

  57. VAG Internal Instructions Underbody Wax and Preservation

  58. Vanagon name and favorite thing...

  59. Volkswagen camping festivities at the 27th BNNTA

  60. WTB: Injector Driver Module

  61. Was: Tire Wear.. Now: Worn Upper Control Arm Bushings - Alignment

  62. What did you do for your Vanagon this week?

  63. What does my van need this week?

  64. battery kill switch

  65. burner replacement

  66. emails

  67. finding gears

  68. my lug bolt alignment tool RE: Putting on tires: three hands

  69. need round brown speaker

  70. shrunken kitchen floor

  71. sliding door quieting

  72. tips on installing the poptop seal
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