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VANAGON archives – October 2003, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '89-Troubleshooting Alternator/Electrical drain

  2. (NVC) T2 Bay Window I-4 (NVC)

  3. 1.9l muffler FS

  4. 1980 Vanagon camper ASI

  5. 1988 Weekender still cut out but less.

  6. 2 person bench

  7. 82 won't crank was 82 won't start when hot

  8. 82 won't start when hot was re:83' won't start when hot

  9. 87 Westy Stuttering?

  10. AOL strikes again (Ben Tan)

  11. ATTN Massachusetts/Rhode Island Listmembers

  12. Anybody know this Syncro Adventurewagen

  13. Battery Light on in Park and Neutral

  14. Battery dead again

  15. Battery is dead again

  16. Battery size...

  17. Brand new rear speakers FS (factory units)

  18. Can I trickle charge an Optima and a regular battery together using jumper cables?

  19. Can lightning strike the water pump twice?

  20. Cheap parts Vanagon on EBay - Calif.

  21. Cigarette Lighter Mystery

  22. Cigarette Lighter Mystery SOLVED!

  23. Cigarette Lighter Overload

  24. Colant expantion

  25. Crankcase breather tower...

  26. Cruising speed??

  27. Cylinder up

  28. Diesel Rabbit

  29. Discount code for Busdepot

  30. Engine Builder expereince ?

  31. Engines

  32. FREE westy in AZ

  33. FS 81 Joker (high roof) camper in Ramstein, Germany

  34. FS: 85 Wolfsburg Westy - $1900

  35. FS: 91 westy Beautiful condition.

  36. FS: Rebuilt Power Steering Rack

  37. Fan vibration fixed...

  38. Finding Vanagon shop manuals

  39. Fixed! Was Infamous Big Green Resistor!

  40. Followup: Stuck fuel injector cures?

  41. For Sale: round headlight buckets for square to round conversion

  42. Ford's new silicone goo... interesting stuff for our Syncro!

  43. Front brake rotor question

  44. Fw: Sealing goop on cylinder sleeve inboard ends?

  45. Fwd: Buses and Punkin Chunkin in the first State Oct. 31-Nov.2nd


  47. Generic Wiring of Bosch O2 Sensor/ Cat implode

  48. Get your Vanagon Brake pads here

  49. Headlight Alternatives for 89 Carat

  50. Headlight Alternatives for 89 Carat / Unique SA Headlamp

  51. Headlights

  52. Heater for a vanagon

  53. Help me understand mud flaps !

  54. Hummer vs Dodge

  55. I want my syncro!

  56. Ideal Vanagon

  57. Infamous Big Green Resistor! Help!

  58. Installing new defroster/heater fan

  59. Installing new defroster/heater fan INSTRUCTIONS

  60. Installing new defroster/heater fan INSTRUCTIONS - LONG

  61. Intermittent - itermittent wipers with loss of headlights. Huh?

  62. Iowa City Sighting...

  63. Is Seam Rust Futile?

  64. Is it Friday yet? OT

  65. LTX M/S impressions

  66. LTX Tire Pressure ... Now Noise

  67. Leaking (rainwater, not vital fluids)

  68. Local Camper Ad

  69. Looking for 15" wheels experience

  70. Looking for 15" wheels experience, BFG TA KO's

  71. Looking for 15" wheels experience... YAY! Tires!

  72. Looking for a diesel Vanagon owner..

  73. Looking for diff-lock part

  74. Looking for sink / icebox for 1969-1970 Westfalia

  75. Moving sale....several vans got to go! Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC

  76. My Mechanic's Odd Reactio

  77. My Mechanic's Odd Reaction

  78. NVC - Re: The Ideal vanagon

  79. NVC: New Beetle questions

  80. Need part for Carat Molding between Sliding Door and Rear Tire.

  81. New Vanagon parts deal...

  82. New ideas, new products

  83. OT Friday

  84. OXS and battery LEDs

  85. Odd stalling

  86. Oil breather "thing"

  87. Optima Battery Discussion

  88. P/S Pump end play question

  89. Part

  90. Parts for Sale

  91. Power Steering Leak usual suspects?

  92. Prank?

  93. Propane Regulator

  94. Punkin Chunkin ---

  95. Rear A/C cover wanted

  96. Rear brake warning signs?

  97. Replying to list postings

  98. RoadHaus - Tricks to keep alloy caps on

  99. RoadHaus - WY & SD East Bound Travel suggestions

  100. SA alloy center caps

  101. SA center alloy caps

  102. Sealing goop on cylinder sleeve inboard ends?

  103. Selling my Syncro

  104. Strange new noise - EEEeeerrrrrrr

  105. Stuck fuel injector cures?

  106. Syncro convertible

  107. Temperature Gauge, calibration

  108. The Ideal Road-Trip vehicle, was Re: The Ideal vanagon

  109. The Ideal Vanagon

  110. The Ideal vanagon

  111. The Ideal vanagon (syncro systems)

  112. Troubleshooting Westy water level indicator

  113. Uh-oh! Vinyl saets are ripping

  114. Using a ramp

  115. VW section is up, please repport dead / broken links.

  116. Vanagon Storage

  117. Vanagon paint question

  118. Vanagon sightings

  119. Vanagon sightings in the current cinema

  120. Vanagons galore in the Twin Cities

  121. WTB--Steering Rack (manual)

  122. What are the 'official' Syncro alignment specs

  123. Where is my ABS light?

  124. Will someone please go KILL this guy!!!

  125. Will someone please go KISS this guy!!!

  126. Window rubbers to silicon...

  127. Wobble main pully

  128. [NVC] Golf IV Resources

  129. [T2] Rimco - good heads, bad studs

  130. [WetWesties] Heater for a vanagon

  131. [WetWesties] Sealing goop on cylinder sleeve inboard ends?

  132. [WetWesties] alternator output voltage?

  133. alternator output voltage?

  134. battery removal3-1026)

  135. brake light switch

  136. coolant light stays flashing

  137. country homes campers

  138. driving hints and tips/F

  139. engine for sale

  140. eurovan

  141. eurovan spotting

  142. few FYI items

  143. flooding tip

  144. ford window cranks?

  145. fs 68 camper $800 long island ny

  146. general info input

  147. hall effect sender output characteristics?

  148. ideal vanagon

  149. interior removed from Westy (eventually its a battery question)

  150. ka klunk noise

  151. load/acceleration

  152. love handles and mud flaps

  153. need muffler brackets for 2.1 wbx

  154. nylon head nuts?

  155. radiator fan relay

  156. rear speaker wiring

  157. refrigerator help

  158. safety vs. profit. WAS: Re: Ideal Vanagon

  159. sheer bolts/steering column

  160. springs and shocks for my 2WD Westy

  161. springs and shocks for my 2WD Westy)

  162. syncro wierd idle

  163. temp II sensor (syncro)

  164. trucks with "balls" or whatever/F

  165. vanagon Digest - 16 Oct 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1013)

  166. vanagon storage

  167. weird flooding engine (very weird)

  168. weird power at speed under load fluctuation thingy

  169. westy middle seat for sale... was Re: WTB: 2 person bench

  170. winter/snow

  171. wright bros. replica, powered by vw
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