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VANAGON archives – December 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "83 AC Vanagon parts van in West Michigan

  2. "Pickup" on eBay

  3. *GROUP PURCHASE* Vanagon video system for $99.99

  4. 130 MPH in a vanagon

  5. 130 mph in a vanagon

  6. 130 mph in a vanagon, what MPG?

  7. 130Mph, or even 90 -- you're nuts

  8. 130mph V'gon

  9. 130mph in a vanagon

  10. 130mph vanagon...eric D's response..

  11. 130mph vanagon...eric's reply on vortex

  12. 1980 AC model speedo

  13. 1982 Diesel Coolant Expansion Bottle

  14. 1984 west water tank/pump wiring diagram

  15. 1986 Vanagon GL: Panel Lighting

  16. 5 speed Tranny on Ebay

  17. 81 California Vanagon -- will it pass Air Care in BC?

  18. @ sticker for Christmas

  19. A Friday Funny

  20. A few Vanagon items over on eBay

  21. AFM connector

  22. Accessories, Parts Prices , and Dissension

  23. Accessories, Parts Prices , and Dissension (here we go again)

  24. Accessories, Parts Prices, and Dissension

  25. Adventurewagen Top Cushions? I need a set to measure or buy.

  26. Alternative roof vents?

  27. Any Interest in $119 video system for Vanagon?

  28. Any Interest in $119 video system for Vanagon? / Group Grop

  29. Any list members got the Fiberglast videos???

  30. Anybody have a vanagon model?

  31. Backup light switch

  32. Ben McCafferty on CV joints

  33. Brazil new buses. was Re: Buying a VW and picking it up at the factory in Germany:

  34. Broken down in Orlando, except I'm in Pasadena

  35. Broken exhaust studs *CORRECTION*

  36. BurningVan on January 29th in SF @ Ocean Beach

  37. Calendar Photo - DISASTER

  38. Chains/Snow Cables - 89 Westy 2WD

  39. Climate Control Help

  40. Cool door panels.

  41. Dashtop revamping

  42. Diesel engine/trans question

  43. Diesel mileage update

  44. Electric Supercharger

  45. Engine Change

  46. Errors in CV Rotation Article at Volkscafe website

  47. Extra connector in the area of the Radio

  48. FS '86 Westy weekender - Wolfsberg Edition -Suby

  49. FS 2.1 L engien complete - good xondition

  50. FS Vanagon carpet mat, Jail bar parts

  51. FS Vanagon mirrors $10 each

  52. FS: '89 Wolfy Interer (or whole van)

  53. FS: 1985 Westy - Missouri


  55. Ford style MASS system

  56. Fox engine in Vanagon

  57. Fuel Tank Reseal Kit Update

  58. Fuel consumption

  59. Getting rid of smoke smell from westy??

  60. Gotta replace ball joints soon...any potential problems?

  61. Head gasket replacement: how much?

  62. Hi Lift Rockers

  63. High ratio rocker arms - Any good?

  64. How was the Christmas Bus Fest Party?

  65. Humidity and storage

  66. I added a Turbo to improve air flow...

  67. Idle stabliser 84 GL

  68. Instrument cluster.

  69. Is it Friday Yet?

  70. Is it Friday Yet? (Thread over please)

  71. Is it Friday Yet? tabe's post, has x rated material

  72. Is it Friday Yet? was Vanagons scaring women away

  73. Is it just me, or? Re: Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  74. It's Friday!

  75. Keys

  76. Knocking noise

  77. Latest free satellite radio offer


  79. Mirror for skylight !

  80. Mirror for skylight !/ Thank To BOB

  81. More auxilliary heater problems...

  82. Need Coolant Hose in Denver today

  83. Need some westy top bed cushions

  84. New Axis of Evil... was... Accessories, Parts Prices , and Dissension

  85. New vw transporters - but not for north america

  86. New westfalia concept bus computer generated

  87. OT: Latest free satellite radio offer

  88. Odometer starts and stops

  89. Portable Big Buddy Heater

  90. Power window question.

  91. RARE ITEMS!!! Genuine N.O.S. VW Upholstery, Panels, Interior Parts

  92. RE;Any Interest in A $119.00 Video System for a Vanagon

  93. RE;Any Interest in A $119.00 Video System for a Vanagon(NVC)

  94. Re; K-Mart Clock

  95. Recharging AC unit

  96. Refinishing Padded Dash

  97. Repair shops in Tampa, FL area

  98. Replace trans oil cooler?

  99. Replace trans oil cooler? 90 Vanagon automatic

  100. Rust Eater Spray

  101. Seamless bodywork and Gmail

  102. Seattle! - NVC

  103. Sirius Satellite Radio deal

  104. Snow Chains/89 2WD Westy

  105. Some vw news

  106. Some vw news NVC

  107. Sometimes we live no prticular way but our own...

  108. Spare Tire Matching

  109. Starting Problems

  110. TiiCo yahoo group

  111. Tom F's pre-Christmas Bus Fest pictures.

  112. Under-Rear Seat Heater (Core)

  113. Update on diesel Vanagon no start

  114. Updated Gas Tank Kits plus new Syncro Gas Tank kit

  115. VIN #




  119. VW Syncro de Mayo Event Calendar - Ready for Purchase or Download

  120. VW van nomenclature

  121. VW van nomenclature in Japan... Japanese campers

  122. VW van nomenclature in Japan... Yoshi?

  123. Vanagon Parts Prices Going Up Everywhere

  124. Vanagon clear turn signals $38.00 pair - smoked taillights $145.00 pair

  125. Vanagon sightings in Brooklyn

  126. Vanagon starter final drive issues?

  127. Video system (Canceled) badmouthing

  128. Video system for Vanagon sale (Canceled)

  129. Westfalia courtesy light question.

  130. Why am I getting two copies of every message suddenly?

  131. Will this fit in my van

  132. Women Drivers Wanted! (fwd from V@Y)

  133. Woosung 205/70R14C 102T M+S tires...

  134. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  135. [Syncro] Calendar Photo - DISASTER

  136. another fuel expansion tank question

  137. cutting to get to heater fan... please help

  138. diagnosing CV Q's

  139. engine noise.......piston slap?

  140. heads

  141. help w/choosing westy car cover

  142. how to pull the furnace out of an ASI Riviera?

  143. manual transmission woes

  144. more on Woosung tires...

  145. oil filler tube

  146. paint codes 89GL

  147. popups

  148. popups -NO VANAGON CONTENT (RANT)

  149. quiet a very noisy gauge cluster cover?

  150. rear radio speaker bracket sought (85 weekender)

  151. screech upon starting

  152. slow to start in the am, great to start in the pm

  153. strange cut off problem with wbx vanagon

  154. summer home

  155. the final word Re: Video system (Canceled) badmouthing

  156. there is so much dissention and animosity on this list

  157. there is so much dissention and animosity on this list now bURNING vAN

  158. tricky lighting problem

  159. tricky lighting problem / Czech ground

  160. vanagon Digest - 3 Dec 2004 (#2004-1159)

  161. vanagons scaring women away!! Happy Thanks giving!

  162. vintage pinstripe source? Re: VW PHOTO CALENDAR VOTING - RESUMES NOW

  163. was Knocking noise, now rotating CV axles & joints

  164. we will never see this here in the USA

  165. we will never see this here in the USA...VWOA=MORONS

  166. westy slider door curtain differences... results!!

  167. westy slider door curtain differences...can anyone help?

  168. what all is involved installing a 5-speed

  169. winter in a VW
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