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VANAGON archives – April 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1600 miles without a problem

  2. 2.1 L Syncro Engine For Sale

  3. 82 Westfalia TD project FS Columbus, OH

  4. 84 westy - black side levors - rain problem?

  5. 89 Vanagon Stall

  6. 89 vanagon stalling-- fuel related

  7. 8th grade education? was RE: DC party lights

  8. <No subject>

  9. AMC heads, i will keep you up to date...


  11. ARchives? Westy Waxing: Recommendations?

  12. Accelerator pedal rivets

  13. Adjusted Valves.... Off to a rough start

  14. Alloy spare into an 83?

  15. Another Carfax needed

  16. Another Vanagon Burns Up

  17. Another Vanagon Burns Up - how to make the system better?

  18. Another vanagon burns up (long)

  19. Anyone got Carfax?

  20. Automatic Transmission Coolant Hose

  21. Awning Deal

  22. Brighter Tail Lights

  23. Buffalo to EveryBus vis US219

  24. Buffalo to EveryBus vis US219 / East Coast Highway preferences

  25. BusFusion News

  26. COFFee Re: cleaning coffee out of seats....ideas??

  27. Camping!

  28. Canadian visitors in AZ

  29. Carefree of Colorado bag awning FS:

  30. Carfax Available?

  31. Cc please Re: Testing for power draw on battery?

  32. Crush Washers

  33. DC party lights

  34. E code headlights


  36. Earliest 1980 P27 westy For sale?

  37. Early pre-'80 vanagons

  38. Early vanagon

  39. Engine swap questions (1.9 van w/2.1 to 2.1 van)

  40. FS Some Rare VW Parts

  41. FS: Carat Interior

  42. FS: bronze sliding door, fits 85 up..same color as 85-86 westy

  43. FS: grey adjustable armrests for capt. chairs

  44. FS: really nice '85 up slider door in dove blue metallic..fits all 85 up vans

  45. FW: The strange transmission noise

  46. Finding and repairing small radiator leak?

  47. First try at a trannie only pull - questions

  48. Friday/OT notice to US listmembers



  51. Heads off, piston ring broken

  52. Help removing clutch lever

  53. How do you purge and capture all the antifreeze?

  54. Hydraulic Valve adjustment - when is "contact"?

  55. Intermittent Syndrome

  56. Item for sale - Vanagon

  57. Larry's cool running Syncro

  58. List Members in the Atlanta Area...

  59. Long Distance Drive After Motor Break-In?

  60. Looking for a good Viscous Coupler

  61. Looking for engine tin

  62. Low Engine Temps

  63. Made it to Boise [little vanagon content]

  64. Master cylinder leak and coolant leak at pressure tank


  66. New mapping program from Google with satellite images

  67. Oil Light Question

  68. POR-15 and seams

  69. Possible Trans Problem

  70. R 134 charging

  71. Randomly Parking Wipers

  72. ReLow Engine Temps Low Engine Temps

  73. Rear Wiper Motor/Pump - no juice

  74. Removing adhesif from interior panels previously covered with vinyl

  75. Removing seat armrests

  76. Removing seat arms

  77. Roof Racks, Space Boxes and Westys

  78. Saved by a Guardian Angel...Again

  79. Side windows (year change and different splits)

  80. Sliding Door Screen Removal

  81. Source for Slider Window Screen

  82. Source for westy Slider Window Screens

  83. Sources for 1.9TD injection pumps

  84. Sparkle, sparkle, little fridge

  85. Stripped Alternator Mounting Bolt (was

  86. Stripped Alternator Mounting Bolt (was "Belt too Loose")

  87. Syncro de Mayo Este 2005

  88. Tach Compatability?

  89. Temp gauge and red light HELP

  90. Testing for power draw on battery?

  91. The case of the cracking Alternator Bracket

  92. The strange transmission noise

  93. Thechnical clutch question....(the answer may help many to save som

  94. Thechnical clutch question....(the answer may help many to save some$$$)

  95. Transmission corroding through

  96. Transmission experts?

  97. Trip Report: Hunting Island, SC (long, propane, Garmin IQ3600 GPS)

  98. UPS is VERY expensive

  99. UPS is VERY expensive..

  100. UPS is VERY expensive...

  101. VIP Invite to Syncro de Mayo for Terry K

  102. VW SHOW&GO THIS SUN..RACEWAY PARK..ENGLISHTOWN NJ first show of the year!

  103. Vanagon sightings on Central CA coast

  104. Vanagon sightings on Central CA coast on a Frydaye ;)

  105. WANTED: BLACK captains chairs and BLACK doorpanels from 85-86 vanagon GL

  106. WTB armrests

  107. Wanted: One Pushrod Tube

  108. Weekender Interior Wanted

  109. Weekender Interior Wanted in GA

  110. Westy Waxing: Recommendations?

  111. What does my battery light mean

  112. What does my battery light mean?

  113. Where do I get a hose clamp removal tool?

  114. Why do I have four bent Intake valves?

  115. X-Country Trip - Now 1 Week w/ Friend

  116. [] Happy Hour only One Month Away

  117. [] Saved by a Guardian Angel...Again

  118. [vanagon] WANTED: BLACK captains chairs and BLACK doorpanels from 85-86 vanagon GL

  119. and coolant leak at pressure tank

  120. anyone going to Everybus from Florida?

  121. bad grounds/running rich?

  122. changing driver's seat belt '84 Westy

  123. cleaning coffee out of seats....ideas??

  124. digest mode index

  125. dipstick - can't read

  126. fire protection

  127. first clue your mechanic doesn't have a clue

  128. from C/L sf

  129. fuel injection hose for gas vents???

  130. got them clean!! Re: cleaning coffee out of seats....ideas??

  131. help needed defining shift linkage adjustment procedure

  132. hesitation on highway

  133. how do you clean engine cover?

  134. is my tranny near death?

  135. jb welding speedometer mounts

  136. lambro doors on my vanagon?

  137. longer front lug bolts with 19mm head? where to get???

  138. need front window glass

  139. need head for 1.6 td

  140. oil filler tube

  141. paging: Mike NORDEN

  142. paging: Mike Snow

  143. patching coolant temp sensor wires

  144. re diesel injection pumps

  145. rust control and old exhaust parts

  146. steering rack

  147. tach connection

  148. trailer and lights

  149. vanagon Digest - 4 Apr 2005 to 5 Apr 2005 - Special issue (#2005-285)

  150. vanagon burns - insane person testing - do not attempt to duplicate

  151. west of Looking-glass.

  152. westy transporter difference?

  153. white smoke used motor

  154. why...vibration @ idle only when skidplate is installed -- turbodiesel engine

  155. working copper tube
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