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VANAGON archives – June 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Ain't no death like a woodsy (Westy?) death"

  2. '85 vanagon owners manual available

  3. '88 Westy: Towing Capacity?

  4. (fryday stuff)Top 20 Why Reasons Round headlight vans are better

  5. 1985 Vanagon - Pop Top "secured open position"?

  6. 1986 - bug screens for Vanagons

  7. 7" Round H2 vs. H4 how bright can you go?

  8. 91 Headlight switch...

  9. <No subject>

  10. AC report, trip report


  12. Adding a 2nd Battery; which relay terminal.. Now : ( long)

  13. Alloy wheels FS, 15" and 16"

  14. Another Synthetic Oil Question

  15. Anyone have a current subscription to CARFAX?

  16. Auto Transmission Drain Pan fitting a 1990/2.1 Vanagon

  17. Best $20 spent

  18. Bio Diesel

  19. Boy or girl

  20. Boy or girl or my van true face?

  21. Boy or girl?

  22. Bug screens

  23. Burning Man

  24. Bus Depot Awning

  25. Buses of The Corn 2005- August 5-7th in Brooklin, Ontario

  26. Busfusion caravans?

  27. Calling Mark Keller...

  28. Carfax needed...

  29. Compression? (PSI)

  30. Coolant Leak

  31. Cooling System stop-leak compounds

  32. Correct hub caps

  33. Correct hub caps. 82-84 vanagon hubcaps

  34. Correct hub moonies

  35. Correct location for thermostat housing O-ring

  36. DVD Archivie

  37. Digitool

  38. Do rear shoulder belt kits fit vans with AC?

  39. ECU or O2 sensor ?

  40. ETKA 6.2 over 5.3?

  41. Electrical tester?

  42. FOUND = a set of Case bolts. Thanks All

  43. FREE trailer hitch: Syncro

  44. FREE trailer hitch: Syncro(LVC)

  45. FS: 3 Ontario Westies

  46. FS: alpine white hatch and slider door

  47. FS: interior vanagon door/slider/hatch panels ..heres the INVENTORY

  48. FS: power mirrors (pair) and speedo cluster w/ tach/digi clock - fit all vans

  49. FS: slider doorpanels..grey, tan or blue also front doorpanels

  50. FYI...Drug Recall

  51. Frank's mail's bouncing.

  52. Fridge light home made indicator

  53. Fun with Sliding Windows

  54. Fw: FYI...Drug Recall

  55. Fwd: Re: How can this be?

  56. Fwd: Re: Synthetic oil or DINO, thanks

  57. Fyrdaye's Frantic Facts: Believe it or Don't - '88 Westy: Towing Capacity?

  58. GPS equipment

  59. GPS equipment?

  60. GPS equipment? now "Definition of a Gentleman"

  61. Got CARFAX?

  62. Halifax to Vancouver & back

  63. Halifax to Vancouver - 1st leg report

  64. Hard steering

  65. Head gasket...oil pressure...oil

  66. High roof for sale near Montreal

  67. How can this be?

  68. Hydraulic Lifter Week

  69. Hydraulic Lifter Week*

  70. Ideas on hooking cruise control to throttle?

  71. Is this hydralic lifter week?

  72. Is this the Idle stabilizer?

  73. Kinda like Frydaye

  74. Knocking?

  75. LVC Petromax: Great oil lantern for camping.

  76. LVC: Portable propane Hot water heater

  77. Lens for Vanagon 83

  78. Let me introduce myself- finally!

  79. Life expectancy of valve cover gaskets?

  80. Lighthearted Vanagon content - Boy or Girl?

  81. Limbo on Long Island

  82. Looking for camper Pop Top Parts Car - Body only needed

  83. Manual Vanagon Transmissions - used vs. rebuilt

  84. Maple Grove Super VW Jam show this Sunday, Reading Pa...

  85. Michelin Agilis Tire Hum/vibes??

  86. Musicians wanted at BusFusion

  87. NVC - Camping Tent Problem

  88. Need Behr AC manual for '84 westy

  89. Need a carfax ran?

  90. Need a measurement

  91. New lifter valve adjustment schedule?

  92. O2 sensors - OEM or after-market?

  93. O2 sensors - OEM or after-market? / WHICH and WHERE


  95. OT vw sponsors free doggies and kitties

  96. Oil Pressure Light went On...Abort Trip?//Trip Report

  97. Oil light/Buzzer warning system - revisited and longish

  98. Paging - Pyromid Grill users

  99. Part numbers?

  100. Part numbers?(Muffler cradles & straps)

  101. Performance chips?

  102. Propane Leak

  103. Proud of this one...

  104. R12

  105. RI/MA area drive-in night??

  106. Radiator Fan Motor Low-Speed Inop

  107. Rare Vanagon highroof camper for sale, Dehler Profi

  108. Rebuild research - Ballard, Wolfsburg Warehouse

  109. Rebuild research - oil pressure - NW Connecting Rod

  110. Replacement bulbs needed...#'s & sources...anyone?

  111. Replacing Hydraulic Lifters

  112. Replacing Lifters

  113. Right front corner - owie!

  114. Rust under/around side window fix?

  115. SA grille install (from square headlights)

  116. Short 30 second TriStar TDI Video

  117. Short range FM transmitters

  118. Sliding side window catch is loose

  119. Sliding window removal

  120. Slight pressure after oil pump install?

  121. Sputter/Low power at start

  122. Steam Cleaning?

  123. Subject: Re: Hydraulic Lifter Week

  124. Symptoms--84 Westy

  125. Synchro to 2wd

  126. Syncro de Mayo '05 Photos

  127. Syncro to 2wd

  128. Synthetic oil or DINO

  129. Taking apart a distributor -- arrgh!

  130. Tapping Noise from engine with unknown history

  131. That Audiovox Cruise Control

  132. The Official Must-Carry List ; was Zoltan: Re: Halifax to Vancouver & back

  133. The Official Must-Carry List ;hidakey!

  134. Thermostat bracket!

  135. Traveling W/O top bunk

  136. URGENT HELP NEEDED in Las Vegas

  137. Update & gas can storage

  138. Vanagon Archives, the DVD Edition?

  139. Vanagon lifter noises - adj. hydralic lifters?

  140. Vanagon lifter noises - adj. hydraulic lifters?

  141. Vanagon storage yard in FL?

  142. Vanagons in Santa Cruz

  143. WTB - I need a set of Case bolts Type IV Engine

  144. WTB-1.9l 85 thermostat housing complete

  145. WTB: Auto Transmission Drain Pan fitting a 1990/2.1 Vanagon

  146. WTB: Thermostat bracket!

  147. Wanted: single 7" round hella H4 ecode headlight

  148. Westy Fridge while driving and lighting tip(long)

  149. Westy Prices was Proud of this one...

  150. What's in a name

  151. Wiring for 85 fridge / water LED panel needed

  152. Woops - Wolfsburg Motorwerks

  153. You're killing me with this Boy & Girl stuff....

  154. [T2] Short range FM transmitters (& movies for the kids)

  155. [WetWesties] Rare Vanagon highroof camper for sale, Dehler Profi

  156. adding a 2nd Battery; which relay terminal should I connect to?

  157. adding a seam rust to my homepage for others feeling rust pain

  158. anybody want a 83 bus in Sacramento, CA $800?? :)

  159. bolt sizes for exhaust

  160. boy or girl

  161. boy or girl?

  162. boy or girl?]

  163. difficult shifting - RESOLVED

  164. electric mirror trouble...

  165. electric mirror trouble...SOLVED!

  166. fridge light stays on

  167. hard bump=short skip

  168. hard shifting - different problem

  169. just finished installing my shadyboy awning

  170. lifter that doesn't stay pumped up?

  171. looking for a tool to pressure test my coolant system

  172. low power when warm?

  173. more Denver U-pull-it info

  174. more Denver U-pull-it info / Since You Asked

  175. more Denver U-pull-it info / Since You Asked (f)

  176. more choices in custom wheels.

  177. more choices in custom wheels...the term "conical",

  178. muffler straps

  179. new engine, mechanics in Boulder, CO

  180. newbie - where is the gas???

  181. no power

  182. nvc: Burning Man (ticket)

  183. oops, more questions on O2 sensors

  184. outback oven...

  185. pics and pricing info on the ShadyBoy Awning

  186. poptop bed platform flip piece

  187. poptop flip piece

  188. recommendation needed for mechanic near oakland, ca

  189. replacement halogen bulbs for interior light (Westphalia)

  190. speedo cable lube-able?

  191. starter spins, doesn't engage?/Bentley question

  192. steering wheel size

  193. synthetic oil weaken older engine?

  194. to rebuild or not, 89 vanagon

  195. to rebuild or not, next step 89 Vanagon

  196. to rebuild or not, next step 89 vanagon

  197. trailer wiring to alt

  198. update (was RE: oops, more questions on O2 sensors

  199. vanagon Digest - 3 Jun 2005 (#2005-455)

  200. vanagon Digest - 5 Jun 2005 (#2005-459)

  201. vanagon lab report

  202. wanted: westy sink faucet

  203. water level sensor in westy

  204. what is that parasite on the back of my altenator?

  205. where is the gas?

  206. wiring for trailer lights
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