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VANAGON archives – August 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Towing" a two wheeler

  2. "passing" as Republicans :o)

  3. "passing" as Republicans :o) (foil question)

  4. 12 volt outlet polarity?

  5. 84 Westy mass air/ICU problems?

  6. 87 westy handling improvement: thank you and more questions!

  7. <No subject>

  8. A/C - Freon to R134 conversion

  9. AC Bracket

  10. Advice on potential trade of Eurovan for Vanagon

  11. Attention listers in SF Bay Area...

  12. B/D list discount on line?

  13. Black Bears vs Westy Canvas?

  14. Brake Pad (Caliper)Lube?

  15. COLD START PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! anyone!!!!!

  16. Call for VW Shop reviews

  17. Calling Listmember Warren Chapman... question about Behr AC

  18. ECU Help in Mesa AZ

  19. FI and Temp II electrical connectors

  20. FS 90 GL Project & extra parts-some syncro specific

  21. FS: Vanagon Workshop manual....and quitting the list for a while...

  22. Featured VW RoadTrip

  23. Final BOTC Update

  24. For Sale 1985 West location

  25. For Sale 1985 Westy

  26. For Sale 1991 Syncro Camper GL

  27. For people looking for Aussie connections

  28. Forget the Frig in Summer

  29. Fridge hacks

  30. Fuel injector Hose and Service if needed

  31. Fuel pump stops.

  32. Fwd: Re: Small trailer

  33. Fwd: [T2] vanagon computor needed

  34. Gathering of the Vibes

  35. Gathering of the Vibes (Mariaville, NY)

  36. Gathering of the Vibes - Illinois?

  37. George

  38. George Helps Jethro

  39. George/Coupe - Stop Being Childish

  40. George/Coupe - Stop Being Childish / You're Right

  41. Glimpse of westy

  42. Glimpse of westy - Maroon Carat ???

  43. Glimpse of westy - Westy Sightings

  44. GoWesty - ladder to the 2nd floor

  45. Going to Buses by the Buoy

  46. HELP! Van trouble on the road near Philly

  47. Halifax to Vancouver: back in Halifax

  48. Hamack for sleeping baby or child

  49. Heater valve update

  50. Hint for successful archive searches

  51. How to keep Your Whatever alive?

  52. Intermittent power loss

  53. Intermittent power loss UPDATE

  54. John Wallace ... News Flash

  55. John Wallace E-Mail Addresses

  56. Kids sleeping in top bunk.

  57. LVC Vw bus boxers now available at Target Stores

  58. LVC also going in for surgery tomorrow..Maybe TMI for some

  59. Ladder for Westy Upstairs Apartment

  60. Lake Supeior Provincial Park LT sighting

  61. Lake Superior trip

  62. List Status - collection paypal

  63. Mechanical Geniuses please note! (NVC)

  64. More Reliable: Air or H2O

  65. More Reliable: Air or H2O-Diesel

  66. Motorcycle Caddy1

  67. NVC-Prices Fuel A Rebellion

  68. Oil contamination... with coolant

  69. Order a Skylight (Montreal area), joint order?

  70. Out of Office AutoReply: Re: Vanagon In Autoweek Magazine - August 1, 2005

  71. PIF Fund Thanks

  72. Pathetic airflow from dash vents

  73. Pin Switch for Sliding Door

  74. Place for parts in Seattle

  75. Power to the air conditioning switch

  76. Propane Fillup?

  77. Rattley front end

  78. Rear Red Brake Lights stuck on

  79. Rear turn ligth stuck on/Baja trip awaiting

  80. Rebuilding Auto transmission

  81. Replacing Fuel Injector hose-

  82. Route Querie: Port Huron MI - Mt Vernon OH.

  83. Rubber Tramps

  84. SA big brake kit..who has best price? also going in for surgery tomorrow..

  85. SOLD! 90 GL Project & extra parts-some syncro specific

  86. Screen on a non-westy

  87. Screen on door of Westy

  88. Security issues

  89. Shimming Main Flywheel?

  90. Shine aluminum!

  91. Shore Power Portable A/C

  92. Small trailer

  93. Sold *** 1991 Syncro Camper GL *** Sold

  94. Sourcing this Hitachi starter motor for vanagon

  95. Speaking of fuel lines.....

  96. Subject: LVC also going in for surgery tomorrow..Maybe TMI for some

  97. Subject: painting the poptop with reflective paint

  98. Subject: pin switch for sliding door

  99. Surgery in a Vanagon LVC

  100. Syncro automatic for sale



  103. Thanks Folks, we are home from our cross Canada trip

  104. Thanks Volks Cafe! Great service and fast delivery. (No JW content)

  105. Tire pressure question 2

  106. Tired of that steady drip..drip..drip of (the rear airconditioning unit)?? - 87 Westy

  107. Tongue Weight, Hauling Stuff, Bicycle Racks, et al.

  108. Tongue Weight, Hauling Stuff, Bicycle Racks, et al./ Hey, Jethro, Let's Make Us One of Them Thar Motorsickle Carriers!

  109. Trip report, westy sitings, misc.

  110. Turn signal problem

  111. Upstairs Apartment Ladder

  112. V'gon been sittin...Want to start her up again...recommendations

  113. VW Boxers & John Wallace

  114. VW Repair Shop in Port Angeles WA

  115. Van Cargo

  116. Vanagon In Autoweek Magazine - August 1, 2005

  117. Vanagon In Autoweek Magazine - August 1, 2005 (damn hippies!)

  118. Vanagon Security

  119. Vanagon tongue wait

  120. Vanagon tongue wait capacity?

  121. WTB Syncro Speedo cable CDN

  122. WTB Vanagon weekender or diesel

  123. WTB: A/C outlet cover and more

  124. Water Pump Failure -- some clues from my experience

  125. Welding the front seam at bumper

  126. Westy A/C Drip CURED!!

  127. Westy Sightings

  128. Westy insulated blanket for pop top canvas for winter camping

  129. Wiring diagram for AC 84/85

  130. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Call for VW Shop reviews

  131. [vanagon] Cabin noise reduction?

  132. a little OT: what is the favorite cell phone plan for travellers in north california

  133. are the green sticker Digifant ECU the high performance ECU'S????

  134. bleeding cooling system

  135. bleeding the cooling system....

  136. choking at full throttle + "backfire??" in the throttle body

  137. chrome window mldg.

  138. chrome window moulding

  139. clutch shudder?

  140. eBay ship to US only - why

  141. freaky friday

  142. free engine 1.9 Baltimore

  143. getting Desperate for some 83-85 coolling hoses :)

  144. hot foot syndrome

  145. impact of claims on insurance prices (was RE: serious vanagon security issues

  146. new pop top canvas installed

  147. off on summer trip

  148. one arrow vs 2 arrows

  149. painting the poptop with reflective paint

  150. pin switch for sliding door

  151. re. Mechanical Geniuses please note! (NVC)

  152. rear seatbelts

  153. rec needed: metal fabrication shop in east bay area

  154. removing fuel pump from bracket

  155. serious vanagon security issues

  156. seriousvanagon secrity issues

  157. skylight screen

  158. sliding door screen installation

  159. stove burner

  160. the Westy Subwoofer: another audio question

  161. the scoop on vanagon audio?

  162. trashed 81 manual transmission.

  163. what is bostig??, 1.9L still an issue

  164. wil's mechanic

  165. window wind and rain deflector

  166. windshield wipers

  167. windshield wipers for '87 westy
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