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VANAGON archives – September 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1900cc heads

  2. 1966 Westfalia Campmobile sold for $99,000

  3. 1966 Westy Campmobile for $99K

  4. 1980 Campmobile supplement manual for sale

  5. 87 Westy Coolant Temp Puzzle

  6. A/C Swich for '86 Vanagon

  7. AC Power?

  8. AC Troubleshooting - No Blower

  9. Accessing Rear Brake Lines above Syncro Transmission

  10. Adjusting 2nd Gear band in Auto Trans

  11. Advice on possible engine replacement

  12. Anyone have a TDI Vanagon in SLC, UT?

  13. Anyone using Bridgestone Revo's in 16"

  14. Area 51 trip

  15. Auto to manual conversion

  16. Barb's Blog

  17. Buses By The Bouy YAY!

  18. Buses By The Buoy YAY!

  19. Camper A/C Switch (Outrageously Expensive)

  20. Can anyone advise on adding Adventurewagen roof to Vanagon?

  21. Carrying a large outboard in a Vanagon (plus some NVC outboard motor 2 stroke vs 4 questions)

  22. Clutch Shudder problem Solved

  23. Cooling system questions for 1.9L

  24. Dash Light Weirdness

  25. Dead Cats aka Cat fuel

  26. Don't forget "Fire on the Mountain" this weekend

  27. Dual Fuel

  28. Edit your posts please

  29. Engine rebuilds

  30. Eurovan doublecab pickup?

  31. Exciting things happening at Van-Again!

  32. Exhaust leaks

  33. FI short hose info and injector info

  34. FS 85 Westfalia Camper Books

  35. FS CDN NS EuroVan Westy 1994

  36. FS vanagon owners manuals '82, '85, '89, '93

  37. FS: Eberspächer BA-6 Auxillary Ga s fueled interior heater

  38. FS: Eberspächer BA-6 Auxillary Ga s fueled interior heater

  39. FS: Eberspächer BA-6 Auxillary Gas fueled interior heater

  40. FS: Parting out an '88 Wolfsburg Carat

  41. FS: new 508 AC compressor in the box

  42. FS: rare westy single middle seat on swival lockbox

  43. FS: vanagon westy rear table and arm, and also front table mount and knob

  44. FYI: Vanagon friendly Hankook Tire dealer in So Cal

  45. Fridge questions...

  46. Frozen

  47. Greenest 1983 Westy I've ever seen and it's for sale in San Francisco

  48. Grill for vent at door

  49. Grill for vent at front door on B pillar

  50. Grills and Center Caps

  51. Groom Lake Yachting?

  52. Herbie got a new kid brother

  53. How hot is your coolant?

  54. How to identify manufacturing date of 2.1 ECU

  55. How to save your Camper A/C Switch and get better AC performance at the same time!

  56. How to soak a radiator and in what?

  57. How to tell a radiator is bad

  58. I did my shocks 2 years ago...

  59. I'm Lazy. (Fast idle when cold, sometimes)

  60. Is there a phone number for Dometic refrigerator technical help?

  61. Japanese style vans! for info

  62. Least-interesting Friday ever

  63. Least-interesting Friday ever, etc.

  64. Moby L spotted! Holy synchro and a half....

  65. NOx high

  66. NVC: what's a good non-running '74 bus worth?

  67. NVC: what's a good non-running bus worth?

  68. Need bead-blasting, powder-coating and re-chroming refs in Oregon

  69. Need referral to replacing short FI hose (between injectors and fuel rail)

  70. New Bus Camping Event

  71. New Vanagon owner with newbie questions - technical, r. whl brng, tranny, engine conversions

  72. New Vanagon owner with newbie questions- tranny, engine conversions

  73. Oil pressure in 1.9

  74. Parts (and stuff) for Sale

  75. Poptop roof struts, stress lines in fiberglass roof


  77. Radiator install time

  78. Radio Noise Problem on AM

  79. Radio Problem

  80. Samba... what were they thinking????

  81. Shipping to UK: NVC

  82. Sightings on US 395, California

  83. Smoke & Clack - Update...Won't Start...Again 2.1L

  84. Source for Stainless Steel Brake Lines

  85. Spare parts

  86. Stalling my 81

  87. TDI Transplant

  88. Take a look at the new T-5 Camper.

  89. The Wasserputer

  90. The fuel of choice of the world?

  91. The new boss is taking charge...

  92. Throttle Valve Switch

  93. Tiico SA hitch

  94. Tips and Tricks - Oil Filler NecK Extension Extension.

  95. Tiptronic

  96. Trickling Deep Cycle and normal starting batteries

  97. Vanagon Starter - windings available?

  98. Vanagon T-shirt

  99. WBX oil pressure with/without cooler

  100. WTB: Strut Arm (aka Radius Arm) Passenger side

  101. Wanted: 2.1 engine gasket set or two head gasket sets

  102. Who bought syncro westy in PA?

  103. Who bought syncro westy in PA? SAD

  104. Will fiberglass insulation burn?

  105. alternative carburetion of FI 2.0 Liter vanagon engine???

  106. anyone got a pair of mk2 Recaro seats?

  107. battery charger for less than 20 dollars and 20 minutes

  108. bilstein v koni

  109. cool hightop options available....

  110. dead cats as fuel source

  111. dead cats as fuel source or dead dogs

  112. for the last time:: battery charger for less than 20 dollars and 20 minutes

  113. gas and the little green guys - was Re: Area 51 trip

  114. gas mileage

  115. gas prices was:Re: Maybe now is the time to fill the tank

  116. huh???? '06 T5 eurovan diesel for sale on samba?????

  117. installing ac condensor

  118. interesting lifter thinking?? 1.9L still a problem child (update)

  119. michelin agilis tire pressure

  120. more Phracktured Phairy Tails on Fryedaye's Phollees

  121. new fuel (LVC)

  122. new fuel (LVC), Dead Cats

  123. overheating issues

  124. rare Westfalia Joker Highroof for sale on Samba...

  125. rattle INSIDE engine

  126. rear /middle 3 point mount vanagon shoulderbelts

  127. rear wheel bearings--> sizes

  128. removing the harness from Hall sender?

  129. repairing 1982 diesel coolant expansion tank

  130. sagging springs

  131. seat belts for rear seats

  132. sept 9-11th Montreal ralley of the International WESTFALIA Camping Car

  133. standard question: coolant exchange how to write-up around?

  134. steel wheel modification

  135. sub conversion

  136. the Fridaye tradition

  137. throttle valve switch

  138. unca Joel speaks !!!

  139. update on overheating issues (by request)

  140. vanagon Digest - 10 Sep 2005 (#2005-743)

  141. vanagon starter question

  142. vibration

  143. westy hi top
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