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VANAGON archives – January 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1 wire vs. 3 wire oxygen sensors

  2. 1.8t engine conversion into 84 2wd

  3. 1.9 flywheel needed

  4. 15" Rims

  5. 1988-1991 Westy passenger window wanted.

  6. 2wd transmission linkage question

  7. 84 Westy needs new engine

  8. 86 GL Vanagon $1000 obo in NJ

  9. A semi-non-Vanagon speaker related question

  10. AA Transaxle on Vacation

  11. Anchorage Trip

  12. Anybody interested in having Burning Van

  13. Anybody interested in having Burning Van in SF first week of Feb?

  14. Battery Box Corrosion

  15. Black window seals for cheap!

  16. Brembo Disc Brakes

  17. Bus Depot Report

  18. Buses By the Beach - Bus BRR two weeks away! Angola, IN Feb 11 & 12

  19. Busses X th' Bridge; To the person who Hit & Ran my buddies Westy....

  20. California travels

  21. Can someone run a carfax report for me?

  22. Can you name this tune? Vanagon Video

  23. Curtain snap needed

  24. Dave Garths Hot Water Heater

  25. Digital clock won't come out of set mode

  26. Does an alternator from a pre-86 vanagon work in post 86 vanagon?

  27. Ebay:90 Syncro Crew Cab

  28. Ebay:Giagantic 76 "vanagon" camper

  29. Electrical Gremlins

  30. Electrical Switch Question

  31. Engine Conversion for sale soon

  32. Engine Conversion?

  33. Engine Conversion? ~ Tiico


  35. FS: '91 Non-GL Auto, Silver (Rough shape)

  36. FS: 1987 Syncro GL 100k mi $4500 in Boulder, CO

  37. FS: 83 Door Panels & Engine Cover

  38. FS: Syncro Rotors

  39. FS: VR6 engine w/o ECU & harness for conversion. Also safari roof rack & 16" Ronal R9 copies

  40. FS: five 14" Vanagon alloy wheels and BFG tires

  41. FS: pair Grey Captains chairs

  42. FW: running problems, 2.1

  43. Fwd: van on a ferry

  44. Gas Tank Kits back in stock!

  45. Gas Tank Restore

  46. Gauges - H2O Tank

  47. HELP 85gl 1.9l h-pipe leak

  48. Head rest pads

  49. Hella H4 xenon blue 100/80w bulbs

  50. Help, I've lost my email

  51. How to check if the Alternator is damaged or broken

  52. Improving Vanagon Archive Search. [Was Re: Westy: Getting to the cookstove burner valve?]

  53. Informal Poll - What would you pay for a conversion

  54. LT-28 (was Re: Ebay:Giagantic 76 "vanagon" camper

  55. Lower Mainland (B.C.) Bait Cars

  56. Many more Vanagons at BBB

  57. Metal Cap for Driver's side wheel (with hole for speedo)

  58. Metal Castings

  59. NVC - Great Sprite Tech Report

  60. NVC: set down the needle in the groove.

  61. New owner with question

  62. O2 Sensor - 3-wire vs 1-wire

  63. Parted out a '86 westy..FS: Westy front windshield curtain...and all curtains

  64. Pixar Cars

  65. Polish or Wax?

  66. Pop-top Canvas

  67. Power steering pump question

  68. Rattle in catalytic converter? 88 Vanagon

  69. Re [VANAGON] HELP 85gl 1.9l h-pipe leak

  70. Removing front heat exchanger

  71. Running Problems 2.1L

  72. Rust protection...

  73. Security warning device

  74. Shocks

  75. Short shift kit for sale

  76. Show and Tell - Water Pump Change Out

  77. Source for black window seals w/o moulding groove

  78. Stove Knobs -- 2 sizes?

  79. Synthetic Poptop Tent Woes

  80. Take me off a list?

  81. Taller or shorter tire?

  82. Temp gauge needed

  83. That's nice, but will it fit in a Vanagon?

  84. Tie Rod Replacement

  85. Tires (Tyres) from COSTCO?

  86. Upholstery suggestions? Poptop?

  87. VINS on Vans.... (was re: heres a stumper...two VIN's on dash?

  88. VW KIT CAR

  89. Vanagon Sighting

  90. Vanagon Syndrome??

  91. WANTED: one or two OEM vanagon "carat" 14" alloys...anyone have a spare?

  92. WTB: Metal Cap for Driver's side wheel (with hole for speedo)

  93. Westy Rear Belts

  94. Westy Stove Grates

  95. Westy shower solution

  96. Westy shower solution??

  97. Westy shower?

  98. Who has poptops on the most continents? was: Who has the most Vanagons?

  99. Who has the most Vanagons?

  100. Yahoo Vanagon Goups Help

  101. Your TCWBC Subscriptsoin is ready

  102. [Syncro] Anybody interested in having Burning Van in SF first week of Feb?

  103. [turbovans] This personals site is actually pretty good!

  104. [vanagon] Seats Seat Heaters

  105. and to add..Re: here is a stumper..two VIN's on the dash?? anyone ever heard?

  106. another fishy ebay auction (1991 GL Camper)???

  107. back-up alert

  108. burred spark plug threads

  109. burred spark plug threads: update

  110. costco 15" tires

  111. differences between starter motors?? (For 1.9l)

  112. fender parts

  113. fender parts and body shops in Dallas/Ft Worth area

  114. front heater

  115. fs: syncro for 1100 on th samba.....

  116. got to get ready for emission testing

  117. got to get ready for emission testing in MD

  118. hella xenon blue 100 / 80

  119. here is a stumper....two VIN's on the dash???

  120. here is a stumper....two VIN's on the dash??? anyone ever heard ...

  121. here is a stumper....two VIN's on the dash??? anyone ever heard of that?

  122. hose clamp pliers; was: Re [VANAGON] HELP 85gl 1.9l h-pipe leak

  123. how was this poptop added?

  124. info on the "ZZZ" in VIN's... everyone read!!!

  125. mold in the pop top

  126. running problems, 2.1

  127. shower

  128. some of the most desirable poptop vehicles for me....

  129. stainless steel braided brake hose kits - do they make a difference?

  130. transmission question

  131. van on a ferry

  132. vanagon Digest - 16 Jan 2006 to 17 Jan 2006 - Special issue (#2006-36)

  133. what to do with starter motor bushing?
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