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VANAGON archives – February 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Vanagon GL ATF Cooler

  2. '90 Vanagon trans trouble

  3. 1.9L exhaust smoke after sitting for 30 days

  4. 1986 Syncro Sun Roof Issue

  5. 88 Vanagon gl "issues"

  6. 88 Wolfy -- what's a good salvage value?

  7. 89 vanagon swivel seats - how do you make them swivel ?

  8. 90 - 91, 7-pass GL's : Pets? or meat?

  9. 91 Vanagon Carat with oil pressure anomoly for sale

  10. 91 Vanagon in Boise, Idaho

  11. A new Westfalia ??

  12. A picture is equal to 1000 Tire posts

  13. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: OFF TOPIC! Re: XM and Sirius announce merger

  14. AT Fluid type ?

  15. And rear headrests too

  16. Any New Battery Technology

  17. Anydoby buy a tranny from Rick Barnett?

  18. Anyone ever use standard awning rails on a vanagon?

  19. Anyone interested in a Seattle area GTG in May or early June?

  20. Aux battery tyro

  21. Bar's Leak (Was: My 2 cents on head leaks and rubber studs)

  22. Bars leaks

  23. Batteries don't die, they get murdered

  24. Bumper Sticker

  25. Buses by the Beach Bus BRR Pictures and DanDan the SyncroMan Movie

  26. Can I bolt it in?

  27. Can I bolt it in? install pedestal seat in Westy

  28. Can I switch Vacuum cans on these distributors?

  29. Carfax anyone?

  30. Color codes?

  31. Cool RV/Bus Blog

  32. Coolant leak in cold storage

  33. Dometic replacement

  34. Drips at gasket, can't tighten more

  35. ECU and Wiring Harness

  36. ECU reset, O2 voltage stability

  37. Enough Already--- Tool calendars?

  38. Everybus coming up again, get yur T-shirts early so you can get them all sweaty beforehand!! ;)

  39. FS: 16" alloys wheels for vanagon...2 sets.. one w/ tires

  40. FS: 91 Bumper set w/spoiler

  41. FS: Bluestar/Whitestar interior, leather steering wheel, factory subwoofer etc

  42. FS: set of Audi 16" wheels for SYNCRO in SF Bay

  43. FS: vanagon factory cruise control system..

  44. Fast Car at VW track in Germany

  45. For Sale: '89 vanagon Carat weekender and '80 Westy and '84 Sunroof van

  46. Friday/NVC: Tool calendars?

  47. Friday/NVC: Tool calendars?/Re: early experience from the garage

  48. From brown to Red....

  49. Fw: Water Temperature Light /Now coolant leak...

  50. Glutton for punishment

  51. Help.. replaceing rear heater core 87 Vanagon GL

  52. ISO: 2.1 WBX engine on East Coast

  53. Incredible Commuting Story

  54. Interior heat should be independent of the thermostat ??

  55. Is this web site still legit?

  56. LCD Digital Voltmeter display

  57. LED Battery Gauge WAS your favorite 12 V accessory

  58. LVC: Tools- tranny swap success/ Gearwrenches and Harbor Frieght Tranny Jack

  59. Location of fuse for power door locks

  60. Messy mammals was messy dogs

  61. My 2 cents on head leaks and rubber studs

  62. NVC-just silly & still Fri somewhere

  63. New Tire Technology - Tweels and Nanites

  64. Nice When Things Work As Advertised NVC

  65. Nova Scotia Mechanic: Back in Business??

  66. OFF TOPIC! Re: XM and Sirius announce merger

  67. OFF TOPIC! Vanagon discussions?

  68. Off Topic Schtuff and Digest Mode

  69. Oil drain problem

  70. Racing VW bus

  71. Radiator mounting gaskets

  72. Random flashing of temperature light

  73. Replacement Rear Seat

  74. Rt.Hand Drive Vanagon question

  75. Running rich

  76. SYNCRO PANEL VAN-mileage questionable

  77. Second View of A new Westfalia ??

  78. Set Mail

  79. Sick of the brake noise

  80. Some interesting Vanagon Driving on YouTube

  81. Stereo Suggestions

  82. Still want LR fiberglass bumper end/Re: XM and Sirius announce merger

  83. Suicide ad - VW

  84. Swiss Army Knife - Necessary Tool Content

  85. Syncro panel van

  86. Syncro tranny needed asap-within 100 miles of MD

  87. TCWBC Last Call

  88. Tales from Europe

  89. Tales from Europe and VW campers (part 3)

  90. Tales from Europe and the dream of a mint VW camper (part 2).

  91. Tales from Europe and the dream of a mint camper.

  92. The dreaded AFM adjustment screw

  93. The dreaded AFM adjustment screw - PROBLEM SOLVED

  94. Thread pitch / hole size for 1.9 WBX O2 / oxygen sensor

  95. Thread pitch / hole size for 1.9 WBX O2 sensor

  96. Thread pitch / hole size for Digijet 1.9 WBX O2 sensor / oxygen sensor

  97. UNSUBSCRIBE please

  98. Upper ball joint - WTF?

  99. Upper ball joint - WTF? GOT IT!

  100. Upper ball joint - WTF? GOT IT! Fryeday addition

  101. Upper ball joint - use a ball joint press!

  102. VW rebuilt

  103. VW supplied reman. 2.1

  104. Vanagon factory cruise control system... install resource?

  105. Was 2nd battery relay system; now Voltmeter

  106. Westy at VW

  107. What's the cheapest way to send money to Germany?

  108. XM and Sirius announce merger

  109. [NVC] Re: Suicide ad - VW

  110. [T2] Can I switch Vacuum cans on these distributors? No, I can't!

  111. audi wheels- cost of machining?

  112. beauty spotted

  113. clutch adjustment

  114. early experience of the garage

  115. jalousie window

  116. lights out

  117. looking for Vanagon pro in Detroit

  118. messy dogs

  119. messy dogs?

  120. need a carfax

  121. need stock speaker housings

  122. not mine CHEVY V6 ENGINE

  123. off topc

  124. re. clutch lever play

  125. rear disc brake conversion

  126. shifter questions

  127. spotlight

  128. stuck or frozen clutch

  129. vanagon Digest - 16 Feb 2007 to 17 Feb 2007 - Special issue (#2007-213)

  130. was fav 12 V acc, now 2nd battery relay system

  131. was fav 12 V acc, now 2nd battery relay system - files posted

  132. your favorite 12 V accessory
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