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VANAGON archives – January 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "rare" TAN capt chairs w/ ADJUSTABLE armrests... fit all westys or vans

  2. '84 power loss

  3. '84 washer pump

  4. '84 washer...

  5. 12V accessories from 120V shore power

  6. 1985 4-spd. manual transmission - front mount needed

  7. 1985 Vanagon - Ford Focus Engine alternative

  8. 1985- Flickering battery + OXY lights

  9. 2 bench seats in a westy?

  10. 2008 VW Bus Calendars - Sales Results

  11. 200K miles

  12. 200Kmi plus?

  13. 200Kmi plus?-Vanagon sightings.

  14. 2WD to Syncro tranny

  15. 350Kmi plus?

  16. 60 Years VW Bulli - The Book / Group Purchase - Last Call

  17. =?UTF-8?Q?Re:=20Donut=20spare=E2=80=A6the=20tuner=E2=80=99s=20ar?= =?UTF-8?Q?t=20(NVC)?=

  18. =?us-ascii?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Book_/_Group_Purchase_-_Last_Call?=

  19. =?us-ascii?Q?RE:_Donut_spare.the_tuner's_art_=28NVC=29?=

  20. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IERvbnV0IHNwYXJl4oCmdGhlIHR1bmVy4oCZcyBhcnQgKE5WQyk=?=


  22. AW: Is this westie layout original?

  23. Another BZ Shelf Gets Installed!

  24. BUS BURR

  25. BZ shelf

  26. Bench Testing an L-jetronic Fuel Injected engine

  27. Brake Problem , 82 Westy

  28. Bumper types

  29. Bus Brrr 2008

  30. Bus Depot 5% Discount (was: Mud flaps)


  32. Capt. chairs for sale

  33. Car fax

  34. Cleaning Engine Bay

  35. Clutch Chatter

  36. Commer... WAS: RE: Nearly creamed by a Syncro AW NVC

  37. Couple of great additions to my 'home'

  38. Dollar a gallon ethanol production?

  39. Dollar a gallon ethanol?

  40. Donut spare…the tuner’s art (NVC)

  41. Donut spareŠthe tunerą s art (NVC)

  42. E-Code Wiring

  43. ETKA Display Sizing

  44. Electrical questions. Radiator fan circuit from 85 Vanagon into 81 air cooled Westy.

  45. Electrical stuff

  46. FS (or FF) BLue Middle seat and back seat in Boulder, CO

  47. FS BLue Middle seat in HFX NS

  48. FS adjustable programmable intermittant wiper relay for vanagon

  49. FS: "rare" TAN capt chairs w/ ADJUSTABLE armrests... fit all westys or vans

  50. FS: Vanagon "Transporter" Front "bench" seat and side windows/seals

  51. FS: grey 2 person middle seats with floor rails and westy, etc

  52. FS: grey 2 person middle seats with floor rails and westy,...

  53. February Campout in Georgia

  54. Folding Rear seat

  55. Free 14 inch steel wheels w poor tires Seattle

  56. Friday Stuff: Talk About Winter Depression

  57. Fryeday, humor NVC (You Suck @ Photoshop Lesson #1)

  58. Fuel Injector Question (oops)

  59. Fuel Injector Question Part 1

  60. Fuel Injector Question Part 2

  61. Fuel Injector Question Part 3

  62. Fuel Injector Question Part 4 (aircooled)

  63. Fuel injector question

  64. Fwd: Nearly creamed by a Syncro AW

  65. Fwd: Out of Office AutoReply: Re: [vanagon] Share some vanagon video

  66. Fwd: [not_a_vw_club] Toledo Club Tony Packo's GTG

  67. Fwd: [vanagon] Share some vanagon video

  68. Honda Vamos LocoBoy Type II.

  69. I'm in California...

  70. Install a 5 speed syncro tranny in my 2WD Vanagon

  71. Insurance Co. Settled on my Westy - Now parting out?

  72. Insurance Questions For my Westi

  73. Insurance on Vanagon

  74. Is this westie layout original?

  75. It would make a nice camper

  76. Jackie Brown is Back!!

  77. LED to tell when fan is on.

  78. LVC

  79. Late westy interior images needed + question

  80. Latest Robbery attempt at local VW Dealer Parts counter

  81. Looking for M12 X 1.25 Tap & Die in Vancouver BC

  82. Looking to Buy a Vanagon

  83. Manual for 91GL

  84. Manufacturing Vanagons in private?

  85. Manufacturing Vanagons in private? (Very litte Vanagon content)

  86. Mechanic in Langley, BC, Canada

  87. Middle seat again

  88. Middle seat again, and tan westy middle seat FS

  89. Middle seat in GL

  90. Mud flaps

  91. Mud flaps (price)

  92. My Recently Fabricated Bumper - Concept Pic

  93. My Recently Fabricated Rear Bumper

  94. NOVC Comment on fuel economy, drag and velocity

  95. NVC - Fryeday - Across Paris in under 9 Minutes!!!

  96. NY VW camping club events FYI (LVC if not in upstate NY vicinity)

  97. Nearly creamed by a Syncro AW

  98. Nearly creamed by a Syncro AW - now gone to the dogs

  99. New SYNCRO van wanted

  100. No start after Temp II replacement

  101. Not starting

  102. Odd engine smell?

  103. Other westie layouts

  104. Out of Office AutoReply: Re: Wallaced?


  106. Paint the plastic bumper extensions?

  107. Part # questions

  108. Photoshop tutorial with the Vanagon - Limited Vanagon content (Humor)

  109. Projektzwo Foglight Project - Bad News

  110. Push clutch makes noise

  111. Quote from ford? (slightly edited) LVC

  112. Rad Fan Bearing (bushing?) Question. With pics.

  113. SNOW CALL

  114. Scraping sound from rear

  115. Seat mount questions

  116. Shift Shaft Replacement

  117. Shifter ball boot needed!

  118. Side Window removal tip

  119. Sightings: almost friday content sorry.

  120. Starting to look for my first Vanagon

  121. Subject: Re: SNOW CALL

  122. Syncro Westy sighting

  123. Syncro vs. 2WD Wheels - interchangeable?

  124. Tan Capt. chairs for sale

  125. Tranny Fluid

  126. Tranny Jack opinions

  127. True Canadian Winter Bus Campout

  128. Unusual lube places

  129. Urban Legend RE: NO starting when cold and Gasahol?(long)

  130. VIN Identification

  131. VW to build engine and tranny plants in NC

  132. Value of '82 diesel

  133. Vanagon videos on the samba

  134. WAS Re: Capt. chairs for sale GRAY ONES MUST GO

  135. WTB a set of CV900 alloy rims

  136. Wallaced?

  137. Westy OEM fire extinguisher/Halon suppressant

  138. Westy OEM fire extinguisher/Halon suppressant: Can original units be refilled?

  139. What VW white paint was available on 1990 Vanagons

  140. Wiring radio to accessory instead of battery?

  141. You Suck @ Photoshop Followup (Frydaye NVC)

  142. [NVC] - Computer Ops

  143. [vanagon] Share some vanagon video

  144. air in clutch?

  145. best way to remove original hose clamps?

  146. changing fuel filter

  147. cleaning engine bay

  148. cool vanagon stuff on

  149. cracked oil filler tube

  150. donut spare

  151. for those who are not understanding when i talk about our van ... California Model

  152. hiedelburg radio antenna adaptor

  153. ignition switch or starter?

  154. looking for list member Budd Premack.

  155. major fuel leak

  156. my 88 auto will not pass inspection, the mechanic says there is too much fuel passing through

  157. my first cooling system scare

  158. original Mags with good tires. [sf bay area, mountain view]

  159. pics

  160. removing oil drain plug

  161. shifter working, finally

  162. side door sill plate wanted and more

  163. strange Westy pricing scam?

  164. tail gate hatch question

  165. twanging/creaking noise in front suspension

  166. uh-oh

  167. vent noise intrusion...

  168. was SNOW CALL, now Sears LT4-XC discontinued

  169. window seal replacement
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