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VANAGON archives – October 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1985 Vanagon GL For Sale

  2. 30-50 challenge UPDATE!

  3. 66 VW Bug has only 20k miles!

  4. <No subject>

  5. AC Compressor

  6. AFM adjustment - flap, slider, spring wheel voodoo question

  7. Amp Wiring Dilemma

  8. Another Update: Only 13V from Alternator

  9. Anyone seen this van in person

  10. Automatic transmission question--slipping

  11. Batter clamp removal ...?

  12. Batter clamp removal ...? Got it out?

  13. Battery hold down unit, removal?

  14. Battery question

  15. Brakes lock-up

  16. C4C-Reprise

  17. California catalytic converter needed

  18. Can't change to DIGEST

  19. Coolant Low Level Light Useful?

  20. Dash Power outlet..?

  21. Devils in the Details

  22. Diesel to Gasoline Conversion?

  23. Drive that Vanagon (Mexico road)

  24. Enlightment needed Valves Question WBX 1.9

  25. External oil cooler for Vanagon FS

  26. FS - set of factory alloy wheels w/Vredestein Comtrac tires

  27. FS set of 1986 Audi 500 CS Turbo wheels

  28. FS: 87 Wolfsburg Vanagon in VA

  29. FS: All manner of Vanagon/Westfalia key blanks

  30. Friday - How to get rid of all the junkmail?

  31. Friday - engine stand suggestions

  32. Friday - engine stand, cleaning, painting.

  33. Friday engine conversions

  34. Fuel Gauge Behavior Changed

  35. Fuel Gauge Behavior Changed/Also now grille burner thought?

  36. Fw: Dash Power outlet..? revised

  37. Fwd: [WetWesties] Westy Syncro RIP (not mine)

  38. Fwd: question on oil cooler for 1990 Vanagon

  39. Goopy stuff on dish drainer

  40. Ground Cleaning time...any tips & tricks?

  41. How About Satellite Internet?

  42. How should I market my Westy

  43. Jetta swap: Check Engine Light Install Electrical Questions

  44. Late 1.9l vacuum system was Ground Cleaning time...

  45. MOD Re: Friday - engine stand suggestions

  46. Mike Collum in Hospital again

  47. Moderator Comment Re: Friday engine conversions

  48. Moderator Comment Re: VW content

  49. Most misunderstood this Re: Battery clamp removal ...?

  50. Muffler Source?

  51. NVC-Gerry Avatar Upload ?

  52. New Engine Gas Mileage Report

  53. Propane Tank Valve

  54. Red dots on speedo (was some other thread about fuel gauges)

  55. Refrig on Aux Battery

  56. Satellite TV dish

  57. Seam rust repair tips WAS (Re: is primer/sealer weathertight?)

  58. Snake Bite-Frydaye

  59. Source for propane "regulator" for propane tank...

  60. Speedometer and 15/65/205 Tires/Wheels

  61. Spillmeister burner grill thingies

  62. Spring Spacers?

  63. Start Idle Issue

  64. Steering Wheel

  65. Subaru Coolant/Leak Stop

  66. Surging engine

  67. Syncro Fuel Tank Level Sender should be available again soon!

  68. The body project begins...

  69. The saga continues

  70. Thirsty motor with low power to 2,500 rpms. What's up?

  71. TinyURL was Re: [VANAGON] Fw: Dash Power outlet..? revised

  72. Trip report/photos--Moab area

  73. Unorthodox Inst. Cluster Electrical Question

  74. Updated for sale list

  75. VW content

  76. Vanagon tranny question regarding 3rd gear grind on manual tranny

  77. WTB 1.9 Piston & Cylinder

  78. What happened to the Jetta Wagon? NVC

  79. Wiring Harness Plug Repair

  80. [NVC] Do you like camping in the rain?

  81. [WetWesties] Westy Syncro RIP (not mine)

  82. ash Power outlet..?

  83. diff lock woes

  84. drivers side grab handle

  85. e-Vanagon

  86. ecotec conversion?

  87. flat Satellite TV dish

  88. flat Satellite TV dish NVC

  89. for those of you who tried to email me... NVC

  90. fuel tanks

  91. grill opening size in camper

  92. is primer/sealer weathertight?

  93. larger tires and wheels

  94. loose blade conncectors

  95. more collision damage found

  96. need a vanagon doorpanel delivered from CT to NYC (or PA) can anyone help?

  97. new vanagon owner questions, drivers side grab handle

  98. new vanagon owner questions, drivers side grab handle and stuck speedo needle

  99. oil pressure diagnosis.

  100. parts for sale

  101. pneumonia shot

  102. question on oil cooler for 1990 Vanagon

  103. removing fuel injectors - how to

  104. strange Asian Vanagon

  105. van raiding bears

  106. very impressive vanagon restore/camperizatio
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