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VANAGON archives – May 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 12V Slow Cooker Tests

  2. 14? 15? or 16 inch Tires.............

  3. 66 Green Bus - in transit - Spotted in Rochester NY

  4. 91 Carat has the highway hick ups

  5. A/C work question

  6. Advise on Syncro purchase

  7. Antifreeze WAS: stainless steel coolant pipes

  8. Antifreeze shelf life

  9. Audible temperature gauge

  10. August VW Enthusiast Weekend - NW Arkansas

  11. Auto Tranny Swaps

  12. Back from first trip to Cape May with new egine. (and GMC Colonial campers too...)

  13. Battery Problems- Slow Cranking

  14. Battery Seperator Data-SurePower 1315

  15. Battery for Aux in my 84 Westy

  16. Birch Bay: Noisy in AM (city work)

  17. Boston engine web site

  18. BusFusion 10th anniversary - pre-registration deadline

  19. Center Bore Machining

  20. Center Bore Machining.

  21. Clutch lines needed

  22. Clutch removal - Oil seal

  23. Complete front carpet

  24. Cupholders Take 3...

  25. Discount VW Parts

  26. Dropdown LCD bracket

  27. Dual on-board Battery Charger


  29. FS: 1980-81 VW America Factory Repair Manual and 81 Owner's Manual

  30. FS: 87 Westy on CL

  31. FW: 12V Slow Cooker Tests

  32. Fri. Off topic.."Sent from my Dingleberry mobile device".. whatever

  33. Frydae NVC - Octane Gas Used by 1.8L & 2.0L

  34. Fryeday Topic: Car Pelts?

  35. Fw: Need Vehicle (re-post)

  36. GL-4 or GL-5 Tanny Oil - HELP?

  37. Good local mechanic worked on my 85

  38. Happy Frydae - VW Thing Question - LVC

  39. Hatch lock...

  40. Headlight wiring for 80/100 bulbs

  41. Help needed with AIR-COOLED parts identification

  42. Help with stalling van

  43. Hi-Lift Adapter Measurements

  44. In need of 2.1 line bore bearings

  45. Instructions for installing middle seat tracks and rails in a westy

  46. It Baffles Science (Door lock edition)

  47. It is Friday, yes? Paul Newman's old VW. NO vanagon content!

  48. LAPPING the cyl. heads Re: Boston engine web site

  49. Late Westy FS seen from I-64 in VA

  50. Lower front grill needed at Busfusion

  51. Lube the accelerator cable on a vanagon?

  52. Lube the accelerator cable on a vanagon? and some more..

  53. MOD Re: Tire size questions

  54. Magic Eraser?

  55. NOT VAN RELATED AT ALL ... Java Script or FormCalc people only please ... A request for ...

  56. NVC- Carfax request

  57. Need Reassurance on 82 Westy

  58. Need vehicle speed sensor for cruise control

  59. Not Frydae yet but....

  60. Odd bits of list wisdom and/was: RE: 91 Carat has the highway hick ups

  61. Oil Drain Plug Size

  62. Oil Filter Tube Mount Removal?

  63. Power Mirror Switch ?

  64. Radio Recommendation

  65. Re. COOKERS. Aluminum cookware

  66. Rear seat removal

  67. Rear under seat heater problem

  68. Rear wheel bearing noise?

  69. Rust Bubbles

  70. SdM Pictures

  71. Short Question

  72. Side mirror fix

  73. Single brown wire

  74. Solar Panels and a vanagon

  75. Some electrical problems solved and LED running lights installed

  76. TIRES

  77. Tap and Die ?

  78. The Wolfsburg Gets new Clothes

  79. The end of ANOTHER vanagon saga

  80. Tire size questions

  81. Tires in Canada

  82. Unsubscribe

  83. Update on cooling issues with my Inline VW 84

  84. Update on the travellers Hijacked in Mexico

  85. Vanagon Gas Tank/Fuel System measurements

  86. Vanagon Unobtainium I just got in from Germany

  87. Vanagon sighting on The Simpsons

  88. Vanagon-Westfalia Sighting

  89. WTB: 85 Engine Harness

  90. Was Stutter and Low Batt-Now Battery Drain

  91. Westfalia Luggage Rack NEEDED

  92. What to soak radiator in to dissolve slime

  93. Wheel Load Rating

  94. [BP] The Wolfsburg Gets new Clothes

  95. [NVC] - Looking for old radio navigation gear from old airplanes

  96. [T2] Another source for GL4 synthetic gear oil

  97. [WetWesties] Solar Panels and a vanagon

  98. any words of wisdom for a virgin to the world of westy's?

  99. clean & lube idle air control valve

  100. corrosion study

  101. door chime/seat belt light anomaly

  102. fryday ... copy machines' hard drives

  103. gas leak update, coupled with questions

  104. horn contact ring

  105. how often do you change your oil?

  106. pictures and videos "25 years syncro" event in Germany

  107. refrigerator latch needed

  108. seat belts and rear seating, camper

  109. stainless steel coolant pipes

  110. syncro has vibration

  111. throttle body fun

  112. vanagae for sale in Chicagoland

  113. vanagon Digest - 12 May 2010 to 13 May 2010 - Special issue (#2010-451)

  114. vanagon camper seating capacity

  115. vw doka sighting on Iron man 2

  116. yearly miledge
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