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VANAGON archives – November 2002, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '80 '84 westy beige color? what is the color code??

  2. '84 Colors

  3. (NVC) paging: Ken Hougard

  4. 0-60 in 5 min. sticker?

  5. 15" alloys for sale in San Fran......

  6. 1984 Frozen stuck O2 sender

  7. 1987 Syncro For Sale

  8. 1987 Syncro Westy For Sale in Moscow Idaho

  9. 1999 EuroVan MV for sale

  10. 2 Sets of Michelin 6.5R16 XCLs in stock!

  11. 2 way fridge?

  12. 3.6L Porsche hack job!

  13. 80-84 beige colour

  14. 83 Westy for Sale, Biloxi MS

  15. 85 Starter Woes

  16. 85 Westy Shipping West??

  17. 99 EuroVan wheels work on a Vanagon?

  18. <No subject>

  19. A Greeting and a Vanagon-Wanted Message

  20. Adventurewagon roof removal?

  21. Another Trip across the country

  22. Any Iowa Listees??

  23. Any interest in '87 Syncro for $1500

  24. Anyone have a current carfax account??

  25. Blown Torque Converter Seal....a common problem???

  26. Boston Bob's Big Valve 2.1 Engine Report

  27. Broke down last night... engine heat killing the starter?

  28. CDN Middle seat ?

  29. Cabinet hinge for '85 Westy?

  30. Cabinet trims

  31. Control Unit for Cruise Control?

  32. DS front Fender Panel/section wanted

  33. Dead Vanagon fixed

  34. Digijet Euro ECU Tuning

  35. Digijet Euro ECU tuning

  36. Do you use GPS mapping gismo?

  37. kudos

  38. Exhaust Systems: Syncro/Stainless

  39. Exhaust Systems: Which One?

  40. FREE ------------------Rare Munchkin Ice Cube Tray

  41. FS '86 Weekender with new heads, 117K...

  42. FS Behind the Dash Air Conditioning System

  43. FS Steel Wheels

  44. FS: "VANAGON" floor mats

  45. FS: New (4) 15" SA Rhein Alloys $350 in SF plus other allloys

  46. FS: New SA Hella H-4s with correct factory buckets $65/pair

  47. Fan not working , would this screw it up too ?

  48. Filling seat tracks

  49. Free Vanagon Owner's Manuals

  50. Free Vanagon Parts

  51. Free Vanagon Sterring Wheel

  52. Friday Topic: My Vanagon Accessories

  53. Friday Topic: Your Vanagon Accessories

  54. Friends don't let friends drink and Sawsall

  55. Fw: <FMBC> NEW BUS RESOLUTION / New Years Eve Campout

  56. Fwd: Re: NVC: BMW 320 list anywhere?

  57. German Transaxle experience

  58. Grey Market, was: A different camper van (somewhat O/T)

  59. H&R springs

  60. HELP!! Stalling, rain, leaking gas tank...

  61. Happy Friday & Question

  62. Has anyone on the list dealt with German Transaxle of America?

  63. Headlight conversion for '85 Westy....

  64. Heater Cables/Controlls

  65. Heater Lever Knob Removal

  66. Hey, isn't this a Volkswagen?

  67. I Love My Westy!

  68. Insurance value (NVC)

  69. Interior LED Lights?

  70. Key

  71. Late Brake Lights

  72. Latest trip pictures

  73. Latest trip pictures- turkeys

  74. Looking for Will from Casey, IA

  75. Lumbar pads? Headrest pads?

  76. MUST SELL, Reduced 89 westy

  77. Magnum P.I. Van 1:1 scale on ebay!

  78. Mechanic Recommendation Brooklyn NY

  79. Metal slivers found in oil strainer

  80. Mexico Travels con perro.

  81. Mexico message: addendum- seeking dog-friendly lodgings

  82. Mexico questions: Morelia, Patzcuaro, Hidalgo, Tuxpan and Cuernavaca

  83. Mexico: Addendum Number Two

  84. Modifying the heater valve

  85. My Cat is empty

  86. My other car won't start, 'cause i messed with the brakes...

  87. Need Jumpseat

  88. New O2 problem....Please help.

  89. New O2 sensor....New problem....resolved.

  90. O2 Sensor Readout


  92. OT but germaine to list FW: Top vs Bottom Posting

  93. Painless Coolant Line Repai

  94. Painless Coolant Line Repair

  95. Parked Too Long, Won't Idle ........... The Fix

  96. Part out 1985GL

  97. Passenger seat left armrest needed

  98. Phaedra

  99. Pop top seal

  100. Poptop Westy's for sale!

  101. Power Door Locks-----------Sliding door power lock question

  102. Questions About Adding Diff Lock To Non-Lockers

  103. Rare Munchkin Ice Cube Tray for sale!

  104. Rear bench seat pad

  105. Rear hub tightness

  106. Recovering....& Just Putting Along

  107. Repairing Front Heater Core

  108. RoadHaus - Front AC Install Report / IOU

  109. RoadHaus - Front AC Kit Install / Preliminary Report

  110. Rocky Mountian Motorworks catalogues

  111. Roof Racks

  112. S Behind the Dash Air Conditioning System

  113. SE Michigan VW Repair Shops?

  114. Sat Radio & DVD Player

  115. Sealing Questions

  116. Ship Westy

  117. Sightlines to instrument panel

  118. Sludge in Fuel Filter

  119. Sold Air Conditioning System

  120. Spamish Inquisition

  121. Stereo Amp

  122. Stereo Power Amp

  123. Subievan on EBAY_ Help me out!

  124. Thinking about selling Dash AC System from 80 Westy

  125. Throttle cable sticking open

  126. Tire Matrix Creation Task Force - Test Case

  127. Tons of Vanagon parts for sale ('85 and '86)

  128. VW Option Codes

  129. VW Warhol print on E-Bay

  130. Valve cover leaks

  131. Vanagon Bulb List?

  132. Vanagon Configuration Puzzler

  133. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

  134. WTB..Jail Bars

  135. Was That A Glove Box Key??

  136. Water tank removal

  137. Westy subwoofers

  138. Westy subwoofers?

  139. What Could Go Wrong?

  140. Where do you find companys that work on vanagons on

  141. Where is the speedometer cable?

  142. Winters in the van

  143. Winters in the van...a woodstove?!

  144. You won't be hearing from me again.

  145. [Syncro] Lumbar pads? Headrest pads?

  146. [Syncro] SOLD: New (4) 15" SA Rhein Alloys $350 in SF plus other allloys

  147. [Syncro] Tire Matrix Creation Task Force - Test Case

  148. [T2] Rocky Mountian Motorworks catalogues

  149. [VB] Recovering....& Just Putting Along

  150. [Valve cover leaks]

  151. [WetWesties] Magnum P.I. Van 1:1 scale on ebay!

  152. [WetWesties] heater & ventilator question

  153. [subaruvanagon] Subaru engine for a 1970 VW bus... prices in US

  154. [vanagon] Getting a Title for a vehicle w/o a title

  155. [vanagon] re: Vanagon Bulb List?

  156. auto -> manual?

  157. auto transmission drain

  158. broken exhaust stud

  159. bumble bee in fuel pump

  160. changing gasket at bottom of cylinder sleeve

  161. cool headrest cushions (and more)

  162. coolant expansion tank

  163. coolant in Automatic transmission!! NOOOOOOOO.....!

  164. digifant ECU pin numbering

  165. engine swaps

  166. engine swaps... VR6

  167. exhaust quality questions

  168. exhaust quality questions (amendment)

  169. exhaust quality questions- Friday

  170. gas Cap Key

  171. glove box key

  172. hall sender connector replacement

  173. headlight needed

  174. heater & ventilator question

  175. latest klez visitor

  176. learned a new trick

  177. need stereo-KISS

  178. o ring question

  179. oil filter application

  180. parts in Hawai'i...

  181. paypal (sort of vanagon related)

  182. put a gas transmission into a diesel westy 1.6 non-turbo

  183. radio help

  184. radio help (Sorry, my mistake)

  185. radio help: ANOTHER QUESTION

  186. rear bench seat pad

  187. rear heater

  188. rear turn signal wire color?

  189. rear turn signal wire color? Attn: Dave

  190. replacing DS VNGN FENDER?

  191. seat covers or custom seats?

  192. several sets SA 15" 'Starburst' wheels available again

  193. speedbleeders? anybody use'em

  194. stranded out of state: coolent in exhaust

  195. thanks - re: exhaust quality questions

  196. vanagon Digest - 10 Nov 2002 to 11 Nov 2002 - Special issue (#2002-1326)

  197. vanagon central locking system for sale - wasRe: Power Door Locks-

  198. water temp. gauge

  199. weird smog rule

  200. who has a beige 80-'84 westy????

  201. who has the most acessorized vanagon??Re: LT Mirrors (Was: Wheel ...
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