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VANAGON archives – May 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '89 Vanagon Westfalia Speedo Squeal

  2. (LVC) Oh, The Humanity!

  3. (NVC) Re: (LVC) Oh, The Humanity!... zeppelins & sister-ships

  4. 1982 Air Cooled with compression 110, 110, 115, 115

  5. 1984 VW Vanagon Camper - $5250 - Pgh Craigslist

  6. 2.1 overheating/Heads questions...need input

  7. 3 Buses in One?

  8. 83.5 won't start

  9. 84 Automatic Westy

  10. 84 automatic not starting

  11. ATF leaking into differential; now Governor or torque seal?

  12. AW: Anyone have PDF of owner's manual?

  13. AW: Converting '88 Vanagon into a mobile office

  14. AW: Vanagon T-Shirts

  15. AW: Welcome aboard Christophe/German imports

  16. Air-cooled Federal EGR filter and SMOG

  17. An upgrade for a more efficent A/C system?

  18. Anyone have PDF of owner's manual?

  19. Before I forget....(a couple things I learned recently)

  20. Blue wire to aux battery dead

  21. Break-in oil..replying from digest.

  22. Bud Vases

  23. Bus Pop Top canvas replacement

  24. Buying a vanagon in Europe

  25. Carfax please?

  26. Cheap Syncro Westy in Sarasota Fla.........

  27. Check your fuel lines

  28. Converting '88 Vanagon into a mobile office

  29. Darwin and the VW or " I Stuck my nose into a new van this past

  30. Darwin and the VW or " I Stuck my nose into a new van this past weekend."

  31. Dash board pad removal

  32. Disneyland camping?

  33. Distributor p/n #?

  34. Door panel plugs

  35. ETKA

  36. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors..Probable unpopular veiw..delete now

  37. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors..Probable unpopular veiw..delete now or flame

  38. Engine Break-In Oil Weight

  39. Engine Conversion marketing survey

  40. Engine bay sound dampening

  41. Engine conversion..One altermative..

  42. FS 87 camper USA FL $4000??

  43. FS: 15" or 16" alloy wheels for the vanagon

  44. Fiamma 45i awning

  45. Fiamma F35 awning for sale

  46. Friday ramblings about a 66 Bus with A/C

  47. Fwd: 1984 VW Vanagon Camper - $5250 - Pgh Craigslist

  48. Fwd: no reverse ( and archive search isn't working right now)

  49. Gary Lee Ladder Avail.

  50. Had to get towed last night

  51. Hall Sender question

  52. Help From the Road in Sedona/Flagstaff

  53. Help identifying part (image provided)

  54. How not to make a Vanagon a boat!

  55. I have an '82

  56. Ignition module question

  57. Intermitant No Start

  58. It is pretty easy to work on, that Inline 4 transplant motor...

  59. Keep pouring oil in ...

  60. Keep pouring oil in ... Diesel

  61. Last post about Engine transplants...

  62. Last word on tach going to zero?

  63. Lotta Syncros FS..

  64. Lotta Syncros FS.. -> west coast to east coast...

  65. Mechanic vs Master Craftsman was Mechanic VS customer (i need you imput!)

  66. More Conversion engine stuff.

  67. More EveryBus 2007 pictures

  68. More crap on engine transplanted Van..

  69. My EX engine and a cool van

  70. My first Subi ride

  71. NVC - Denver Co, Info - Trip Planned - What to see

  72. NVC- Harbor Freight welding helmets?

  73. New VW Vans, more random ramblings.(longish).

  74. New camshaft in an Inline four Vanagon

  75. Oil pressure sender thread size?

  76. POR15 question.

  77. Peachy

  78. Phryedaye for sale

  79. Question about a VW FOX

  80. Repair Manuiel

  81. Repair Manuiel - Tech Writers

  82. Rust Bubbles WAS: POR15 question.

  83. Safety Alert!

  84. Scarlett's New Battery Update ;-)

  85. Sculpture

  86. Shipping a van to Europe

  87. Short version of checking ATF level?

  88. Shortened Subaru sump

  89. Sit on pop top?

  90. Sliding door latch assembly (searched archives)

  91. Someone (not me!) parting out diesels in Seattle

  92. Source for rebuilt WBX in BC, Canada?

  93. Speedo cable knuckle seal problem

  94. Starter Wires 91 Automatic

  95. Syncro de Mayo is here! (van sightings)

  96. Syncro rebuilt transmission for sale

  97. T Shirt

  98. Temp 2 sender connectors

  99. Thanks for all the help, the van is looking better

  100. Thanks list!

  101. The Subi conversion pictures...

  102. TireRack tire search tip

  103. To paint or not to paint, that is the question!

  104. Tomorrow is THE "S" day!

  105. Tremclad colour match and useage?

  106. UPS for shipping a bad idea?

  107. VW Mug on EBAY

  108. VW Parts Prices

  109. VW Parts, Petroleum and Price Increases

  110. Vanagon A/C compressor

  111. Vanagon T-Shirts

  112. Vanagon types in Calgary?

  113. WARNING, X rated Subi movie

  114. WTB Sliding Door Handle Spacer that BD didn't include

  115. WTB Sliding Door Handle Spacer that BD didnt include

  116. WTB rear hatch for 82 westy

  117. WTB: used starter, coolant pipe 88 GL

  118. Wanted: AFMs dead or alive

  119. Was 1984 VW Vanagon Camper Now GTO

  120. Was: ATF leaking into differential; now Governor or torque seal?

  121. Welcome aboard Christophe/German imports

  122. Westy Exterior Hookup Pivot Wires

  123. Zodi Hot Shower available at

  124. [T2] Air-cooled Federal EGR filter and SMOG

  125. another power window question

  126. anybody got an old hubcap?

  127. backfiring?

  128. carfax anyone?

  129. coming to DVDs near you ... some day. maybe. sorta.

  130. coolant pipes

  131. desperate for 1.9 coolant H pipe in Vancouver, BC

  132. for sale

  133. head gasket repair in or near St. Louis?

  134. help! It's pink!

  135. how to remove seed sap?

  136. light blue 82

  137. my radiator fan running without a fuse!

  138. no reverse ( and archive search isn't working right now)

  139. oil pressure

  140. persistant scammers...

  141. rattle-rattle-cat

  142. re. NVC- Harbor Freight welding helmets?

  143. re. Vanagon types in Calgary?

  144. shivering van.....

  145. tool needed

  146. vanagon Digest - 5 May 2007 to 6 May 2007 - Special issue (#2007-466)

  147. vanagon Digest Inline 4 gas mileage

  148. vin info and request ... :)

  149. vin info and request ... it's me again, Margaret! ;) for the 1980-1985 buses

  150. vin info request ... last one

  151. heard of them???
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