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VANAGON archives – January 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. ...its alright ...if you wanna get down .... propane ... (apologies to eric c.)

  2. 12V accessories from 120V shore power

  3. 1989-only 911 Turbo model designation & airshift kit?

  4. 2.1 W A/C Radiator Fan Resistor?

  5. 2.1 W A/C Radiator Fan Resistor? THANKS !!!

  6. 200Kmi plus?

  7. 60 Year Bulli Book Ripoff!!! Beware!

  8. =?US-ASCII?Q?Announcing_..._60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Book_/_Group_Purchase?=

  9. ADMINISTRIVIA - The pickup thing

  10. Anyone have a 1989 911 Turbo shifter tower?

  11. Anyone have any extra rear lap belts, male only?

  12. Audi 200 flywheel depth specs LVC

  13. BCN Pointer to more information on crimes

  14. Body shop in Roanoke, VA

  15. Bubbles! Fun with cooling...

  16. Buses By The Bridge XII

  17. CDN Tire 1000 Watt inverter $90

  18. CIP Radiator quality?

  19. Clean my Dusty Caps

  20. Clutch weirdness 84 standard trans ?

  21. Coolant Bleeding 91 GL

  22. Daihatsu Copycat?

  23. Defroster vents always open?

  24. Double water spayers - North American src ??

  25. E-Code Wiring

  26. Electrical questions. Radiator fan circuit from 85 Vanagon into 81 air cooled Westy.

  27. FS: '86 Westy Automatic in Duncan, BC

  28. FYI: Syncro on Craigslist in Northern California

  29. Feedback on gearing options, TDI converted vans

  30. Flywheel depth specs

  31. For real? (CL listing)

  32. Frankenshifter

  33. Friday Stuff: Engine Transplant Rejection Cured!

  34. Front and rear seal replacement

  35. Fw: 1989 Fog light wiring in harness?

  36. Fwd: Re: INSURANCE

  37. GPS for farsighted eyes?

  38. Have Carfax if you need it.

  39. Heater Reviews just added to wiki

  40. How to remove clutch pedal ???


  42. Kindle digital book reader

  43. Last Syncro Droplink in Country FS

  44. Looking for Key West/Florida Keys info

  45. Looking for Westfalia

  46. Looks fairly clean, but...

  47. Mechanic in Langley, BC, Canada

  48. Middle seat again

  49. Middle seat in GL

  50. NVC - anyone done any business with this company??

  51. NVC hillbillies

  52. NVC hillbillies who drive monster trucks to make up for their short..comings

  53. NVC: The pickup thing

  54. NVC: Type 1 case

  55. NVC: Type 1 case -bURNINGvAN 2008

  56. NVC; Ooh look, we can get PopTopHeaven vans on eBay

  57. New VW/Chrysler Minivan NOW CADDY

  58. New VW/Chrysler Minivan Update

  59. No mail

  60. Odd engine smell?

  61. Old age - me and the Vanagon

  62. One more try for advice- ilde and running problems

  63. Ooh look, we can get PopTopHeaven vans on eBay

  64. PIFF Project - Blue Mongrel / Final Results


  66. Part number needed..

  67. Pesky lighters

  68. Projektzwo Foglight Project - Bad News

  69. RE Digital Clock 87 van

  70. Rear hatch leaking water into my Westy?

  71. Rear hatch leaking water into my Westy? Now: felt slider for roll-up windows

  72. Redline MT-90

  73. Repost:Looking for Key West/Florida Keys info

  74. Roof Rack width survey

  75. Salvage Title Consequences

  76. Shock absorber dust cover/rubber spring

  77. Shock absorber rubber spring/dust shield

  78. Squeaking Brakes

  79. Starter Grinding

  80. Starter system woes

  81. Starting to look for my first Vanagon

  82. Suspension parts wanted

  83. Temporary email change for Westy Ventures, site down

  84. The pickup thing

  85. Thermostat gasket?

  86. Tomco BRAND NEW Injectors opinions

  87. US ID requirements 31 Jan 08

  88. Upholstery Fabric "BOOGIE WOOGIE"

  89. Upholstery Fabric not "BOOGIE WOOGIE"

  90. Vanagon Turbo Diesel Conversion

  91. Vanagon front shock absorber runner spring/dust cover

  92. Want to talk me out of buying diesel Vanagon?

  93. Want to talk me out of buying diesel Vanagon?-No but here's my .02 worth (long)

  94. Wanted 90 or 91 Dometic Fridge RM182b EGI

  95. Was: me out of buying diesel Vanagon?.... Now: gear ratios

  96. Water content of propane exhaust (as Re: ...its alright ...if you wanna get down .... propane ... (apologies to eric c.))

  97. We're #1! NVC

  98. What are my best PC GPS options?

  99. What the Heck is a Routan?

  100. Where in world is BenT

  101. [PARTING OUT] vanagon 90 white san jose / California / Los Altos 94024

  102. [Syncro] Feedback on gearing options, TDI converted vans

  103. [TDI-conversion] Flywheel depth specs

  104. [TDI-conversion] plumbing an aux tank- parallel or series?

  105. [WetWesties] Best PNW scenic route?

  106. bURNINGvAN 2008

  107. bashing NVC was: vanagon engine conversions

  108. bashing was: vanagon engine conversions

  109. bashing was: vanagon engine conversions - ADMINISTRATIVIA

  110. bus? Polo (NVC)

  111. carfax anyone?

  112. carfax help

  113. cleaning/testing idle control valve

  114. donut spare

  115. follow up to my original response to the diesel vanagon

  116. fs 89 westy

  117. fuel injector cleaning

  118. hello fello vany lovers


  120. idle and running problem problems

  121. its alright ....its alright ...its alright ...if you wanna get down .... propane ... (apologies to eric c.)

  122. just changed temp II sensor now low temp guage readings (bit long with details)

  123. my 88 auto will not pass inspection, the mechanic says there is too much fuel passing through

  124. my first cooling system scare

  125. parting out '82 diesel vanagon.. (a parts source in Oregon)

  126. parting out '82 diesel vanagon.. want to put a inline 4 gas or diesel in ur van?

  127. pix of little storage containers

  128. plumbing an aux tank- parallel or series?

  129. port matching intake manifolds to heads

  130. re 87 van wbx cooling system with a/t

  131. re digital clock 87 van

  132. rear wiper dead, '91 GL

  133. roadkill treasures..was: Re: wanted: 14" wheel covers

  134. tail gate hatch question

  135. thanks for the info how do i bleed the lines

  136. vanagon camper rentals in Hawaii..

  137. wanted: 14" wheel covers

  138. wanted: bluestar/whitestar/'89 wolfsburg capt chair armrests

  139. wanted: orly blue hatch '88-'91

  140. wanted: your busted power mirrors

  141. westy for sale

  142. zetec engine

  143.       Kindle digital book reader
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