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VANAGON archives – March 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 big end bolt in 2.1 engine?

  2. 1985 Vanagon GL for sale (Eastern Iowa)

  3. 2.1l throttle plate question

  4. 3-Point Rear Seatbelt in Westy

  5. 85 Westy on Southcoast, MA Craigslist

  6. 88 Vanagon headlight socket problem

  7. 88 Westy, Best Offer

  8. <No subject>

  9. <no subject>

  10. Alloy wheel centers

  11. Another Helpful modification

  12. Anyone have a copy of the Ultimate Trip Checklist?

  13. Are Slave Cylinders Universal

  14. Attention Dan In gibsons ... ymail returns my reply to you please send me ..

  15. Brake master FS '84-85

  16. Bus Spindles Needed

  17. Buying Front Wheel Spindle

  18. Buying a new VW - anyone have salesperson advice?

  19. Cali DMV questions

  20. Citation for Morden case

  21. Cold + Ignition Key Jiggle = Horn SOLVED!

  22. Cold steering wheel

  23. FS in Albuquerque

  24. FW: List of mods that keep the Vanagon stock

  25. FYI- Vanagon & VW camping GTG 3/21 Syracuse,NY

  26. Few parts for sale in Bay area

  27. Flywheel bushing needed - 2.1L WBX

  28. Front Behr A/C

  29. Front Behr A/C.

  30. Front Bumper Removal/Fog Light Install

  31. Front Bumper-Bent From The Factory?

  32. Front Bumper-Bent From The Factory?Now: Oxymoron of the day!)

  33. Front Oil Seal vs Flywheel Seal vs Bob Donalds Installation Video

  34. Front Wheel Bearing Seal Issue (Pic)

  35. Fw: Re: dead cat kills van

  36. Gowesty transmission - Any reviews?

  37. Gravity Bleed Question

  38. Helpful modification

  39. Ione #2

  40. List of mods that keep the Vanagon stock

  41. Low compression results accurate?

  42. M/T Bellhousing Rehab question...

  43. MODERATOR PRIVATE. Re: Tires - Why oh why NOT?

  44. MODERATOR Re: Tire ongoing discussions

  45. Manual Tranny R&R - mysterious part

  46. Mercedes wheel lug nuts

  47. Moderator Comment Re: VW Polo car to come to America

  48. NVC: Laptop motherboard repair

  49. Nefoundland RockS !! next summer?

  50. New Front Inner Wheel Bearing Seal Won't Seat.

  51. New Front Wheel Bearings. What I learned.

  52. OK to Power a Laptop W/ Inverter?

  53. Plug into lighter or OK to Power a Laptop W/ Inverter?

  54. Possibly Parting with (out) 90 Carat Western PA/MD

  55. Problem with Stancor 120-901 relay??

  56. Reinforced tires - what about other vans?

  57. Removing glass from window frame

  58. SoCal Window Tint Referrals

  59. Starter Cleanup

  60. Steering "click sound" '90 Carat

  61. Stray wires around the fuse block Help!!

  62. Subject: Re: Buying a new VW - anyone have salesperson advice?

  63. Subject: Re: Mercedes wheel lug nuts

  64. Swivel Mods for 91GL Captain's Chair

  65. That wonderful ignature VW "chrip"!

  66. The rust that almost ate my hubcaps

  67. Tie rod replacement (not tie rod ends)

  68. Tires - Why oh why NOT?

  69. Tires just a footnote

  70. Tires still...

  71. Trailers

  72. Trans swap between Vanagons

  73. Used fuel injectors needed

  74. VW (orig) Mudflap Installation

  75. VW Burger Meet at XXX

  76. VW Polo car to come to America

  77. VW van ads to laugh at

  78. Vitrifrigo light lens hole

  79. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ... THE VOLKSWAGON MICROBUS : Done in by the minivan, its time has come and gone

  80. Was: Opinion on Long Trip w/young driver to Florida from Texas-Now: They made it!

  81. Was: dead cat kills van- What About Bad Gas

  82. Westfalia = chick magnet

  83. Westfalia seat in Toyota

  84. Westy - Front to Back Weight distribution

  85. Wrong tires and wrong tire pressure

  86. [WetWesties] East Coast Westys

  87. cheap tires (Nankang N810)

  88. dead cat kills van

  89. eBus project: A T2 Westfalia converted with electric motor and LiIon batteries.

  90. free brake parts- '87 Vanagon calipers in Grand Rapids

  91. importing vanagons to Canada

  92. interested in taking your van to the Rock next summer?

  93. low cost Load D tires found?

  94. minimal tools - was things you should have with you on a long trip

  95. rear heater leakage

  96. slow drip from oil drain

  97. source for front nose panel

  98. tenative date, vans on the rock - weekend of July 25

  99. things you should have with you on a long trip

  100. transmission rebuild

  101. transmission rebuild - More

  102. transmission rebuild(long)

  103. update on Matilda in Newfoundland

  104. was Buying a new VW - anyone have salesperson advice? Now haulin with the Vanagon
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