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VANAGON archives – July 1999, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Camping" Badge

  2. "Camping" badge

  3. "Smoke in the Cockpit!!!"... Vanagon Drama in Real-life, Part , Deux

  4. "Smoke in the Cockpit!!!"... Vanagon Drama in Real-life, Part Deux

  5. '82 AdventureWagen Possibly For Sale

  6. '82 Vanagon Fresh Water Plug

  7. '83-'85 Cooling Hoses

  8. '84 Vanagon possibly dying. (Bertha)

  9. '87 GL "Stumbling" Problem

  10. '87 Westie FS in NJ for $10,500

  11. 'FS: Carat molding and spoiler

  12. (NO VANAGON CONTENT) someone searching for a VW Quantum list

  13. 1.6D to 1.6TD

  14. 1.6D to 1.6TD(Turkey stories)

  15. 1.9l Vanagon waterboxer Complete FS $900

  16. 12 pt 8mm CV joint drive

  17. 205/70-14?

  18. 5 cylinder Adventure Wagen

  19. 70 Westy Pop Top

  20. 70A Aux Battery Relay

  21. 75 amp relay

  22. 78 Westy No Idel - Help Please!

  23. 82 van diesel still squealing

  24. 84GL cutting out

  25. 85 Westy *(2 Newfs)*(2 Dals)*

  26. 85 Westy *(2 Newfs)*(2 Dals)*(1 Collie)

  27. 85 Westy Temp Guage - what's 'normal'?

  28. 85 Westy Temp Guage - what's 'normal'? *(2 Newfs)*

  29. 87 camper for sale, San Francisco area, $3200. yup.

  30. 89 Westfalia Syncro FS - More info

  31. 91 GL Head Gasket Coolant Leak

  32. <no subject>

  33. A/C Grey Filter Spewing

  34. A/C drain plugged up?

  35. A/C drain plugged up?--the pigtail fix

  36. AC fan

  37. AC fan (how to hurt someone)

  38. Administrivia - Vanagon@ONElist subscription shortcut

  39. Administrivia -

  40. Adventure Wagen

  41. Aircooled Vanagon Motor $700

  42. Alternator / voltage regulator

  43. An interesting link for the curious

  44. Another @#$% deep cycle battery question!!

  45. Any VW parts guys out there? What's an APB system?

  46. Anyone see this ridiculous ad?

  47. Audi rim center caps

  48. Auxillary battery alternative

  49. Auxilliary gas can

  50. Best Starter Battery?

  51. Body Panel Seams Cracked?

  52. Bottle Of VC Juice From Wheedle Engineering

  53. Broken Bus by the Boarder of GA/FL

  54. COOLANT solution.

  55. COPY: tired of mind games

  56. Canadian Westy Owner's - Is there a decent Can. Tire coolant for my 84

  57. Carat rear bummper

  58. Caravan to High Country Bus Festival?

  59. Check for rust!!

  60. Childish question

  61. Childish question/burning sand

  62. Coby's Short Sabbatical: Some Political Action (non-VW), Eurospec Conversion

  63. D'oh! Accelerator cable woes...

  64. Dating

  65. Did anyone recieve...from yahoo(NO VANAGON CONT)

  66. Diesel Oil pan

  67. Diff locks on 2WD Vanagons

  68. EPA'S freon listing

  69. Electrical weirdness

  70. F KOA's

  71. FS in :Knox,TN

  72. FS: 85 Vanagon GL

  73. FS: Bumpers, grills, alternator, glovebox, stereo, etc (Tampa, FL)

  74. FS: Two Syncro Vanagon 7-pass

  75. FS: Westfalia Syncro 49K miles

  76. FW: Additional Center Seat on 93 EV?

  77. FW: Busses By the Arch #15...(long)

  78. Felt seal on flywheel--'83

  79. Filling Water Tank: Hard Water

  80. For Sale

  81. For Sale in Upstate NY

  82. Free parts: Garage cleaning wrapup.

  83. Freeze 12

  84. Freeze-12 Status report

  85. Front and rear heater motors

  86. Front heater blower

  87. Fw: IMPORTANT: The lease is up Gerry [the server] must move!

  88. Fwd: Administrivia - Vanagon@ONElist subscription shortcut

  89. Fwd: Carat Moldings

  90. Fwd: Oil Pressure Problem

  91. Fwd: Purpose of Westy skylight?

  92. Fwd: Re: Looking @ a '87 Syncro

  93. Fwd: Syncro Diff lock question!

  94. Fwd: VW Karmann gypsy

  95. Fwd: camping in Colorado?

  96. Gas Mileage

  97. Gas Mileage (once again)

  98. Gas in the Vanagon

  99. Gas versis catalytic converter

  100. Getting a date

  101. Gray water

  102. HELP- water tank wiring 87 Westy Syncro

  103. Hailing TOM CARRINGTON

  104. Hammock thread

  105. Heip!! New engine won't start (longish)

  106. Hello, i have a 86 Vanagon Syncho in very good condition except now it

  107. Help, AC fan only works on high (4)

  108. HiJacker Air Shocks on Syncro.

  109. How Much for an 82 Westy?

  110. How to test heads for leaks?

  111. I got a van, thanks for the help

  112. I hope it's just the pilot bearing

  113. I know it's not Friday, but..........

  114. I'm certainly tired of mind games, aren't you?

  115. IMPORTANT: The lease is up Gerry [the server] must move!

  116. Idle too High on 91 Westy

  117. Interior lights

  118. J.C. Whitney floor mats

  119. Karmann Gipsy for sale

  120. Litigation, Stupidity and the list (was N. NE. Mechanic...)

  121. Looking @ a '87 Syncro

  122. Maybe I'd buy a Eurovan if it was one of these...

  123. Michelin MXT Tires ... wow! Also: Waterleaker woes

  124. Model numbers

  125. My experience with GT-88 Scratch Remover

  126. N. NE Mechanic advice (was: Syncro vibrations... I think it's tim e for a mechanic!)

  127. N. NE Mechanic advice (was: Syncro vibrations... I think it'stim e for a mechanic!)

  128. N. NE Mechanic advice (was: Syncro vibrations... I thinkit'stim e for a mechanic!)

  129. N.Y. Finger Lake Camping ? NO VW Content other than camping!

  130. Need A//C switch for '86 camper

  131. New Motor completed, leaks oil, burns, smoke fills cockpit, recovers!!!

  132. Non-GL Batteries

  133. Oil pressure problems again...

  134. Oil pressure problems.

  135. One week into it...

  136. Overheating

  137. PA events coming up


  139. Parents Finally See the Light!!!

  140. Platinum cat heaters

  141. Porsche wheel studs? Where to get?

  142. Power fade

  143. Procedure: Replacing the trans main shaft oil seal

  144. Purpose of Westy skylight?

  145. Radio Shack Pressure Gauge

  146. Rattling shifter fixed

  147. Rear hatch screen

  148. Receiver/drier & other AC info

  149. Registration confirmation - Yahoo! Classifieds

  150. Rejected "Birth Certificate" Request

  151. Removing safely the inside mirror

  152. Repairing pop-top?

  153. Results of the Diff Lock activator discussion

  154. S&S header system: opinions??

  155. SIGNOFF vanagon

  156. Screwing in the Van (F) (Long)

  157. Shifter Rattle (Was: Re: shift lever adjustment)

  158. Signal Woes

  159. Sister joins madness.

  160. Sorry about the unfinished message. Broken Bus by the Boarder of GA/FL

  161. Sorry about the unfinished message. Broken Bus by the Boarder ofGA/FL

  162. Subject: Re: Anyone see this ridiculous ad?

  163. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  164. Syncro Bilstein List Purchase

  165. Syncro Bilstein List Purchase Pt. II

  166. Syncro Diff Lock actuator question

  167. Syncro Diff lock question!

  168. Syncro vibrations... I think it's time for a mechanic!

  169. Synthetic oil sale/on Vacation

  170. Synthetic oil sale/on Vacation (F)

  171. That 89 Camper SOLD in 3 days!

  172. The Yahoo message

  173. Three '85 Westys For Sale in Texas!

  174. Tires

  175. Trailer Hitch

  176. Transporters by the Tunnel pictures

  177. TriStar


  179. Uncooperative Starter


  181. VC Fluid Appears To Be Under Pressure

  182. VMS Server Problem

  183. VW Karmann gypsy

  184. VW Magazines

  185. Vanagon 2wd Spring lengths

  186. Vanagon Anonymous 12 Steps (F)

  187. Vanagon Internet Addiction

  188. Vanagon Internet Addiction (F)

  189. Vanagon Personals (F) [attn censor: delete this]

  190. Vanagon Photosite Progress

  191. Vanagon Tires/Carpet and Floor Mats

  192. Very Hot Blowing over Accelerator Pedal-hot footwell

  193. Viscous Coupling Expert Located & Interviewed

  194. Volks-motorsports


  196. WTB front spoiler

  197. WTB weekender front curtain "snaps"/ fasteners

  198. WTB: Diesel Westy

  199. WTB: left power window motor

  200. Wanna know how the battery worked out? Hmmmm?

  201. Warranty Rust Repair Gone Bad (the saga continues)

  202. Wesfalia Parts Identification

  203. Westfaila tent piece needed ! Help !

  204. Westfalia Syncro 49K miles

  205. Westfalia for sale in St. Louis

  206. Westy 4 Sale- CHEAP!

  207. Westy 4 sale- CHEAP!

  208. Westy brainteaser answer (Limbo campout.)

  209. Westy brainteaser: Limbo Transporters By the Tunnel campout

  210. Westy brainteaser: Limbo Transporters By the Tunnel campout.

  211. Why no low end torque?

  212. Window Crank Extenders

  213. Wing windows

  214. Winning Water Wars-part II: the Ketchup lid fix (long)

  215. [84GL cutting out]

  216. [COPY: tired of mind games]

  217. [Re: COPY: tired of mind games]

  218. [Re: Uncooperative Starter]

  219. [Syncro] Syncro vibrations... I think it's time for a mechanic!

  220. [need instructions to subscribe]

  221. [shifting woes]

  222. `87 up Driver's interior door panel needed

  223. anyone in Atlanta?

  224. back-up lights inop.

  225. back-up lights, windshield wipers, interior lights

  226. backfiring..

  227. batteries on sale

  228. bike racks for 1979 bus

  229. camping in Colorado?

  230. contact cleaner: this one works!

  231. drive shaft removal - 12 pt. star tool

  232. fiat

  233. followup to post regarding oil pressure false alarms

  234. hammock/bed for front seats of camper

  235. hot footwell mod

  236. info on 87 turbo diesel

  237. laptop log on

  238. mysterious electrical problems

  239. oil leak/dropping motor

  240. oppps!

  241. optima D750S

  242. poptop crack in my westy - need advice

  243. possessed oil buzzer?

  244. problems joining the list

  245. propane gas fillups

  246. radiator help

  247. rear air duct gasket

  248. repair books

  249. request for opinions of the S&S header system

  250. shifting woes

  251. speedometer repair

  252. strange response profiles...

  253. suspicious Wire

  254. syncros for sale, BC, TN, GA, and OH

  255. temp gauge position

  256. tired of mind games

  257. tires

  258. tires plus

  259. tires: yoko 370-->yuk!

  260. where the heck is Aiyansh, BC, Canada??? :)

  261. wires?installing sliding door grab handle

  262. wiring for water pump and level indicator
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