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VANAGON archives – December 2003, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. $$ of Nokians

  2. '85 Wasserboxer article

  3. (NVC) '91 Cabriolet Loses Pwr, Bucks, Stalls, Won't Restart

  4. (NVC) Online Subaru Resource?

  5. (no subject)

  6. 15" Alloy wheels - $25 bux ea.

  7. 1986 Syncro For Sale...Albany, NY

  8. 1986 syncro for sale-Asheville NC

  9. 1988 Wolfsburg edition-Charleston SC for sale

  10. 2.1L Align bore and main bearings

  11. 5 SPEED TRANS'

  12. 6800 rpm

  13. 82 Vanagon GL FS: PRICE REDUCED

  14. 83 AC cali westy need idle stabilizer plugs on harness

  15. 84 manual transmission - pops out of 4th

  16. 85' 1.9 still running rich help :-(

  17. 86 Syncro FS - not mine, somewhere near Spokane?

  18. 87 syncro westfalia for sale

  19. 90 Westy interior FS

  20. 90 Westy interior SOLD

  21. <No subject>

  22. Any exp. with the Volks Cafe oil press.guage kit?

  23. Anyone have Pushrods to Spare?

  24. Anyone w/ a cheap engine?

  25. Article in Time Magazine

  26. Autocheck/Carfax

  27. Best Oil Viscosity?

  28. Best Oil Viscosity? Slow leaky Heads

  29. CV boot quality

  30. Canvan top patch

  31. Carat curtains dividing front from rear...

  32. Chains

  33. Christmas Party/ Campout (OVT) Dec 13

  34. Clear Front Turn Signals

  35. Clear Front Turn Signals... European listees respond?

  36. Clear vanagon Front Turn Signals

  37. Clip Your Messages!!!!

  38. Cold Starting

  39. Dark Grey interior panels needed

  40. Dark Grey interior panels needed (rare black and grey interior??)

  41. Dark Grey interior panels needed (rare black and greyinterior??)

  42. Dec 6th - 9th Annual Mid-Atlantic Holiday Fest: Last Call

  43. Diesel Rotary? [NVC]

  44. Drove a Sprinter and liked it ...

  45. Drove a Sprinter and liked it ... NVC

  46. Eastwood vibrating tumbler to clean bolts, etc.

  47. Electric door lock

  48. Electric window question.

  49. FS 4 14" steel wheels and 4 decent Agilis61's

  50. FS: '90 Multivan

  51. FS: 1990 Westfalia

  52. FS: 2 Swivel Seat Base Units

  53. FS: Low Mileage Legacy 2.2L for Vanagon Conversion

  54. FS: Low Mileage Legacy 2.2L for Vanagon Conversion (fixed)

  55. FS: Parting Out 83 Escatorial Green Westy

  56. FS:87 wolfsburg interior, jumpseats. ect...

  57. Fast Forward Vanagon Bush Bumpers

  58. Fast Forward Vanagon Bush Bumpers/ My Opinion

  59. Fiberine high-roofs: any experience with these?

  60. For Sale - Upstate New York area- 2.1 rebuilt engine, associated parts.

  61. For Sale: 81 Westy

  62. For Sale: 82 Vanagon Van with 2.0L Engine.

  63. Freebee

  64. Fresh Water Sources

  65. Front Heater question

  66. Front blower parts + thanx!

  67. Front heater fan squealing - how to fix?

  68. Front heater fan squealing - how to fix? File offer

  69. Fw: 2.1L Align bore and main bearings

  70. Fw: Wave 3 Heater

  71. Fwd: Re: Re: 2.1L Align bore and main bearings

  72. Fwd: Vanagon Motor Sale

  73. Gas/Diesel heater

  74. George Becker/SCE/EIX is out of the office.

  75. German made VWs ?

  76. Grey headrests for sale........$15 each+ shipping

  77. Have you ever replace your heads??!!

  78. Head gasket swap WBX..stuck cylinder help needed

  79. Help Needed--87 Vanagon vs. SUV

  80. Homemade bike rack for '85 Westy?

  81. Homemade bike rack for '85 Westy? Try bicycle vendors

  82. Installed stainless steel muffler no more rust !

  83. Instrument Cluster Housing

  84. Karl Bloss out there?

  85. LP regulator question

  86. LPG Quick connect device

  87. Making a 12v battery charger from a peecee power supply

  88. Manual Steering Rack+TieRod Install questions

  89. Mostly Cruise Control, some shrubs

  90. Mystery Machine found!

  91. NOT dumbest auto company

  92. NVC - Re: key buzzer

  93. NVC: Top Fuel Dragster Stats

  94. Needed Fridge door cabinet bracket

  95. New Product Available-Replacement Westy Water Tank Locking Cap

  96. Nokian tires

  97. Nova Scotia, NB & Quebec new pictures page...

  98. Odometer repair (was coolant leak question...)

  99. On a '85: broken temp gauge/broken fuel gauge/high idle

  100. PC power supply battery charger

  101. Passenger van to westy pop top conversion?

  102. Power Steering Hose...

  103. Propane Tank Recertification

  104. Propane Tank Recertification???

  105. Propane Tank Recertification??? / shrubbery defined

  106. Propane Tank overflow valve

  107. Propane Tanks, (NVC) politics NO!

  108. Re-using used Tie-Rods.....BAD IDEA?

  109. Reminder: This Saturday - 9th Annual Mid Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest

  110. Removing CV Axle Bolts

  111. Removing stripped cv axle bolts.

  112. RoadHaus - Driving Music / Xmas Gift Suggestions

  113. Rotary?

  114. SIRIUS install in Vanagon Westy

  115. Safety/Caveats Re: Making a 12v battery charger from a peecee power supply

  116. Shocks

  117. Shocks, Lug Wrenches, Whatever Else Comes Up . . .

  118. Sliding door pops open while driving

  119. Stop calling hydraulics "Master" and "Slave" you sickos

  120. Story about a aircooled vanagons painful death.........

  121. Subaru conversion

  122. Subject: Re: Making a 12v battery charger from a peecee power supply

  123. Suburo Conversions in Portland, Or???

  124. T5 and camper

  125. Tax credits, SUV's

  126. The cold start saga goes on....

  127. There are over one hundred Vanagon related links on my website!

  128. Think I found the reason for SLOW DIESEL vanagons...

  129. Tire recommendation requested

  130. Types of Titles and Insurances

  131. Types of Titles and Insurances/ Too Little?

  132. Updated fuel filler neck w/ float ball (to prevent fuel backwash out fill...

  133. Updated fuel filler neck w/ float ball (to prevent fuel backwash out filler neck

  134. Updated fuel filler neck w/ float ball (to prevent fuel backwash out filler neck)

  135. Using a 4 speed engine in a automatic?

  136. VW Article in Time Magazine

  137. VW towing bar and tie down eyelets

  138. Vanagon 2.1 Engine Oil Pressure Survey

  139. Vanagon Bush Guard /Bumpers

  140. Vanagon Census, State of MA

  141. Vanagon trailer hitch for sale: was: Re: VW towing bar and tie down eyelets

  142. Volkswagen, the dumbest auto company in the world

  143. Volkswagen, the dumbest auto company in the world.. was: Re: T5 and camper

  144. Volkswagen, the dumbest auto company in the world.. was: Re: T5 andcamper

  145. Volkswagen,the dumbest auto company in the world.. (NVC)

  146. WAS:dumbest auto company NOW: Representatives (NVC)

  147. WTB 85' throttle body unit....

  148. WTB: Adaptor Plate for Stock Diesel Vanagon

  149. Wave 3 Heater

  150. When to replace head gaskets? Synthetic oil over 20w50? When to redo the heads?

  151. Where did you get yours stainless steel muffler !

  152. Where's Waldo? (Something is missing?)

  153. Wheres Waldo (EGR or no EGR)

  154. [vanagon] Fresh Water Sources

  155. [vanagon] sand blasting/paint prep & walnut media???

  156. anyone have an 1984 Vanagon owners manual?

  157. baY 16" BBS wheels

  158. blower fan and resealing air box

  159. building tool kit-vendor recomendations?

  160. bumbed, shock and numb

  161. bunch of Vanagon parts for sale

  162. carat curtains

  163. carat curtains PPPPS

  164. circuit for bridging the batteries

  165. coolant disposal

  166. curtains dividing front from rear...

  167. door and rear hatch transplant - will 85 parts work on 87?

  168. drilling out axle bolts

  169. drilling out axle bolts - CORRECTION

  170. drilling out axle bolts - Correction of CORRECTION

  171. drilling out axle bolts - i found the ultimate tool!

  172. drilling out axle bolts / Tool Lexicon

  173. engine cleaning

  174. engine help needed

  175. for sale: 82 vanagon w/ 2.0L Inline 16V motor

  176. front seats

  177. fuel line replacement

  178. headgasket replacement information

  179. interior door latch cover

  180. jumpseat for sale - add to westy or van behind front pass seat

  181. key buzzer

  182. master and slave

  183. microbus matchbox 1:58 at Wallmart

  184. microbus matchbox 1:58 at Wallmart (NVC)

  185. more oil pressure buzzer / light problems

  186. new westy or wurovan kitchen appliances

  187. ordering Nokian tires

  188. pet peeve-edit your replys

  189. reccomendation for alignment shop in sacramento area

  190. recommendation for alignment shop in Sacramento area

  191. sealant for coolant pipe

  192. selling my "new" Vanagon

  193. shocks

  194. speaker mounting

  195. stalling

  196. sticky accelerator pedal...

  197. sticky throttle

  198. stove help/advice needed

  199. tan 7 pass interior

  200. tire chains: cable vs chain

  201. vanagon Digest - 1 Dec 2003 to 2 Dec 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1132)

  202. vanagon Digest - 4 Dec 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1140)

  203. vanagon Digest - 5 Dec 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1144)

  204. vanagon poptop section for sale

  205. voltage Stabilizer/Regulator - Correct Part?

  206. wet spark plugs

  207. what happens if my van doesn't exist?

  208. what happens if you install a cv joint backwards

  209. winterstorage

  210. wither my gas mileage?
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