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VANAGON archives – April 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "H" piece near the reservoir, Seattle

  2. (NVC)Re: Foam Roller paint your Vanagon with tremclad/rustoleum

  3. (must be friday)Re: European gasoline $$$$$$$$$

  4. *Gas price war / costs of road trips

  5. 14" spare on 15" syncro?

  6. 14" spare on 15" syncro? Depends

  7. 14" spare on 15" syncro? NO

  8. 14" spare on 15" syncro? NO, unless they are all the same size,

  9. 2 syncros 4 sale - is this a list member?

  10. 82 VW diesel van

  11. 82 diesel camper value??

  12. 87 Syncro FS/WTT

  13. <No subject>

  14. @!**&*%^$**#@$ % Computer!!

  15. Answered my own ? - it's the details that get you.....

  16. Any hints on installing Sirius Sat Radio in Westy?

  17. Auto tranny questions

  18. Baltimore/central Maryland locals?

  19. Book time for CV Joint work?

  20. Bright LED Cheap source & usage

  21. Buses By the Beach - Raffle and Silent Auction Items Needed!

  22. CV Bolts

  23. CV Bolts - 12 point (triple square) or 6 mm Allen head

  24. CV Bolts - want pictures of triple square / 12 point bolt and tool ?

  25. Cabinet suggestions needed

  26. Call for tire reviews

  27. Camping Events

  28. CarFax Ethics

  29. Carfax please WV2YB0258HG018451

  30. Catalytic converters

  31. Circle Yer Wagens, Sevierville, TN May 6-7

  32. Coolant line complications - early vs. late Vanagons.

  33. Coolant line complications - early vs. late vanagons.

  34. DONE: Replica Bundespost T3 Arches for Vanagons & Syncros

  35. Dehler Profi Camper For Sale in Albany Or.

  36. Different Years - Sliding Windows

  37. Droopy Slider Handle

  38. End Caps

  39. End caps

  40. Engine air control flap question (somewhat urgent :^)

  41. Ethics & CarFax

  42. European gasoline $$$$$$$$$

  43. European gasoline $$$$$$$$$(NVC)

  44. Everybus - road repairs and a couple of big Thank Yous

  45. Everybus 06 pics

  46. Exhaust options ?

  47. FS Shady Boy Awning

  48. FS: 82 Diesel Westy

  49. FS: Porsche Powered Syncro

  50. FS: Various Parts From Parting Out Syncro

  51. FW: Gas price war / costs of road trips

  52. FW: [TrumanScholarsAssociation] Contest for Seed Money for Clean Energy Start-Ups

  53. FWD: Re: Ethics & CarFax

  54. Fabrics for upholstery

  55. Fast Vanagon/Electrical Question.

  56. Find cheap gas using

  57. Fixing a front door dent--how to remove handle?

  58. Foam Roller paint your Vanagon with tremclad/rustoleum

  59. Found 1968 Baywindow

  60. Friday - Ethanol Production Costs

  61. Fridge, Transmission Drain Plug & Calendar of Events

  62. Friendly word of advice :-)

  63. Fun with UPS--DON'T USE THEM.

  64. Gas Mileage?

  65. Gas Prices

  66. Gas price and Europe vs US

  67. Gas price war / costs of road trips

  68. Gas price war / costs of road trips (NVC)

  69. Gas price war(NVC)

  70. Gasoline costs & MPG

  71. Great Description of Westy on The Samba

  72. Heidelberg Radio - Code?

  73. High fuel costs threaten Alaska trip

  74. High fuel costs threaten Alaska trip NOT!

  75. Hints on installing Sirius

  76. Hippie Effort to Market Pot ~ IFilm at 11:00 Fryeday sooo hey

  77. How did they Do It ???

  78. How does the clutch lever come off?

  79. How to increase gas mileage

  80. How to increase gas mileage;

  81. How to remove HUb cap (inner)? - Springloaded?

  82. How to treat small corrosion spots...

  83. I Give Up!! Just going to swap it out!

  84. Informative

  85. It's tax time - I must sell a Crew Cab Syncro for cheap!

  86. Kudos to Independent Motor Werks in Corvalis

  87. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  88. List hate mongers be gone!!!

  89. List members in Quebec -- wesfalia reconditioning shop

  90. List of all VW Camping Events?

  91. Local gas prices

  92. Local gas prices (sorry long)

  93. Local gas prices (sorry long)(NVC)

  94. Looking for 84 A/C wiring stuff

  95. ME and VT events (was RE: Gas Wars...

  96. Makeshift dipstick

  97. Mexico trip over and I'm back to work (:-((

  98. Mid-repair "issue" - Ign. switch R & R

  99. More Energy Saving (driving)

  100. More Energy Saving schtuff...NVC

  101. More Energy Saving schtuff...VLVC

  102. NVC delete key getting worn out....

  103. NVC delete key getting worn out....Now off Volkswagen topic completely!

  104. NVC for Kayakers/Canoers

  105. Need input on this overheating problem - hot and flashing light

  106. New AMC heads - all the same?

  107. New John Brown's Buses Information

  108. OT. Haynes explained

  109. OT.Haynes explained

  110. OT: Friday: Gas price war / costs of road trips

  111. Odd vanagon Email

  112. Oops! RE: battery going?

  113. Overland Big Brakes-Syncro

  114. Passed smog

  115. Plastic ftting on the botton of the sink drain ???

  116. Please stop reposting this thread

  117. Questions about undercarriage oil spraying

  118. Running Problem -Solved

  119. Running Shoes & Crampons, NVC

  120. Running Without O2 Sensor Question

  121. Rust warning - rust trap

  122. SA Big Brake Parts Inventory

  123. Shop rate.

  124. South African knuckles take German calipers/drums?

  125. Speaking of 'rolling your own'...

  126. Steering Column Shear Bolt Part Number?

  127. Stretching, day one report

  128. Synchro Gathering in Bremen, Germany

  129. Thanks! (was Re: Engine air control flap question.....)

  130. The Answer to the To drive or ship a Westy Question

  131. The Thing About Shop Time (Long But Good)

  132. The thing about shop time

  133. Tire Performance Report

  134. Trans. Braking or breaking (same thing)

  135. Trumatic gas furnace problem

  136. Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement...replace shafts?

  137. Upper trailing arm bushings

  138. VW Bus lunckbox on ebay...

  139. VW parts in Lincoln OR

  140. Vanagon $$ Value

  141. Wanted--temp gauge

  142. Waste holding tank

  143. Waste holding tanks

  144. What is POR-15 Marine clean made out of ?

  145. Why buy when you can rent?

  146. Wild -just about EVERYTHING for T1/T2/T3

  147. Will this hurt the altenater?

  148. Will this hurt the alternator?

  149. Won't Start

  150. [Fwd: Re: Local gas prices. Long too.]

  151. [Syncro] Steering Column Shear Bolts part number?

  152. [T2] Circle Yer Wagens, Sevierville, TN May 6-7

  153. [WetWesties] Tire Performance Report

  154. adjusting brake pedal free play

  155. air/fuel mixture

  156. are all after market bumpers created equal?

  157. battery going?

  158. battery-inverter-charger-battery loop

  159. bed problems

  160. brake caliper terms

  161. carfax request/ SVC

  162. changing the light bulb behid the heater controls

  163. cheap fuel pressure tester

  164. coping with fuel prices

  165. digital clock in stop-watch mode...???

  166. disregard!

  167. dreaded exhaust repair...

  168. first camping trip in gl

  169. follow-up- loaded vs. unloaded

  170. grey water tank

  171. idle and black tower

  172. just the (car)fax

  173. just the (car)fax Fair Use Law?

  174. low buck square headlight H4 upgrade without going to e-codes

  175. overhead AC unit

  176. priming the fuel pump?

  177. private vs public

  178. shady boy (SB) owners

  179. shady boy owners

  180. sirrus radio

  181. sliding door screens

  182. swivel seats

  183. thermostat cover nipple

  184. time share on a vanagon

  185. tire and wheel report: Nokian Hakka CS and CV-900 16" alloys

  186. touch up paint

  187. type 4 vs 1.9l cam followers

  188. vanagon Digest - 25 Apr 2006 to 26 Apr 2006 - Special issue (#2006-359)
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