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VANAGON archives – November 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Extend a stay" propane device

  2. '85 Coolant Hoses

  3. (Part II) Clutch Dies in Cold Weather

  4. 1985 Vanagon - front steering column "u-joint"

  5. 1985 Vanagon - lower ball joint

  6. 1985 Vanagon - upper ball joint

  7. 1987 Westfalia Campervan/Great Old Broads for Wilderness Auction

  8. 82 vanny tranny needed in NC

  9. 85gl 1.9l

  10. 87 Vanagon Seats available - free: SF Bay Area

  11. 87 Wolfsburg GL For Sale here first

  12. =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Installing_GoWesty=92s_headlight_upgrade_kit.?=

  13. A little confused

  14. ABA 2.0 I4 @15 degree adjust engine height? (a few questions)

  15. ABA 2.0L 15 degrees

  16. AGH ran outta gas!

  17. AT torque converter seal leak

  18. Air Flow meter...the culprit

  19. Annoying Body damage to our Vanagons

  20. Antena option for VW Vans

  21. Antenna options..

  22. Anyone interested in a cheap 1982 Westfalia Diesel?

  23. Bus Depot KOLN Side Tents from BBTD

  24. Call for VW Facebook Photos

  25. Canadian block heater

  26. Charging deep cycle batteries with the alternator

  27. Closed-Loop: what's the ECU waiting for?

  28. Clutch Dies in Cold Weather

  29. Clutch job... done properly

  30. Coolant Light

  31. Coughing no go at start up off lights and stuff...

  32. Extend a stay

  33. Extending your stay

  34. FW: original '81 Vanagon tire

  35. Family Fun was RE: odd stalling/rich running-revisited

  36. Free Syncro Engine Carrier Bar in Seattle

  37. Free Vanagon Parts!

  38. Friday NVC: Road Rage

  39. Fw: refilling propane bottles, potential hazards?

  40. Fwd: 1987 Westfalia Campervan/Great Old Broads for Wilderness Auction

  41. GoWesty's headlight upgrade kit

  42. Great Video of 60th Anniverary Bus Gathering

  43. I seem to have gotten burned... by someone in portland, ore.

  44. Idea! Please review- Clutch Dies in Cold Weather

  45. Importing, emissions as: Yahoo passed emissions

  46. Insanity on our roads

  47. Insanity on our roads WAS: Re: That recent post bashing Tiico

  48. Installing GoWesty’s headlight upgrade kit.

  49. Is Les Schwab still selling their Jupiter tire?

  50. Limited slip diff..comments.

  51. Limited slip differential on ice or snow

  52. Misclassified NH Syncro on Samba

  53. More on Westy Curtains...

  54. Most Outrageous Vanagon Stealth Camping Spots?

  55. Motorcycle hauler

  56. NVC: Friday....VERMONT!!!

  57. OXS light

  58. Oil Filter performance

  59. Oil Filter performance-Oil Testing

  60. Online Vanagon Mileage Survey

  61. Overhead cabinet door

  62. Parts and or help needed

  63. Ping Phil Z-man: Re: "Extend a stay" propane device

  64. Power Loss When Wet Problem SOLVED!

  65. SF / San Jose California / Sacramento [ENGINE NEEDED]


  67. Seat upholstery

  68. Some used Vanagon parts duty-free? (under NAFTA)

  69. Speaking of clocks and lights..

  70. Speedometer cable -- where does square start

  71. Subaru Boxer TURBO Diesel

  72. Subaru Boxer Turbo Diesel

  73. Subaru Cooling System Leak-Stop - Has anyone tried it?

  74. That recent post bashing on Yahoo subaru too.

  75. The cost of VW Waterboxer ownership - a 15 year summary

  76. Tiico Conversion

  77. Tracing Electrical fault in Coach battery system?

  78. Tracing Electrical fault in Coach battery system? (lotta words)

  79. Vanagon NOT sighting

  80. Vanagon Sighting

  81. Vanagon Wiki Haaaalp????? (was Re: up, and running(NEEDS CONTENT))

  82. Vanagon Wiki Mods

  83. Vanagon non-sighting

  84. Vanagon sightings

  85. Vanagon suspension parts

  86. WOOHOO! Passed Emissions!

  87. WTB: Used Adapter plate and flywheel. (VW inline 4 gas into Vanagon manual tranny)

  88. Your AFM adjustment procedure

  89. [Bulk] Re: source for tan corduroy Upholstery

  90. [WetWesties] Is Les Schwab still selling their Jupiter tire?

  91. buses in line art

  92. cleaning headliner

  93. deal or no deal

  94. don't use cruise control in the rain?

  95. don't use cruise control in the rain? Hijacked

  96. engine swaps Re: limited slip on ice and snow

  97. extend-a-stay

  98. extend-a-stay propane device

  99. extra engine... overhaul...

  100. final drive cover leaking

  101. firewall fuel fitting

  102. inspection question for portlanders

  103. limited slip on ice and snow

  104. odd fuel pump question, 1990 GL

  105. odd stalling/rich running

  106. odd stalling/rich running-revisited

  107. odometer related questions

  108. odometer related questions /use a GPS

  109. original '81 Vanagon tire

  110. rear heater must be on?

  111. refilling propane bottles, potential hazards?

  112. sigh..... lifter adjustments?

  113. source for tan corduroy Upholstery

  114. upholstering the rear bench seat, 89 Westy

  115. vanagon rubber hoses

  116. westy sighting in montgomery township, nj
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