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VANAGON archives – August 2008, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Adventurewagon wiring

  2. 1.9 available WA state


  4. 1987 syncro into a westfakia

  5. 2.1 Factory Rebuilds

  6. 2.1 distributor drive gear installation question

  7. 200,000 Mile Club

  8. 6yo 2wd springs - who wants 'em?

  9. 7.5 mm fuel injection hose OK?

  10. 87 Westy Engine/Transmission Replacement

  11. A/C hose

  12. A/C-No go?

  13. AW: Vanagon trivia

  14. Advice needed for cross-country trip

  15. Aircooled transmission into water cooled van- AUTOMATIC

  16. Announcement: Buses By The Depot (and Bus Depot Open House), Sat. Oct. 4

  17. Anyone have opinions and photos of replacement carpets?

  18. Archive character encoding issue - SERVER ADMIN?

  19. Are Today's Young People Mechanical Nitwits?

  20. Bentley Wanted

  21. Bentley wiring typo?

  22. Black Paint for Mirrors

  23. Black paint for bumpers

  24. Bostig Zetec in my Dehler Syncro 16

  25. Brake upgrades

  26. Bypassing low preasure switch

  27. CV Bolt Lock Plates

  28. California Smog Test 2008

  29. Camper Conversion Photos

  30. Can a battery terminal clamp cause a battery to discharge?

  31. Carfax please?

  32. Cell phones go public tomorrow ...

  33. Chopstick's Adventure of the day

  34. Custom exhaust repair questions. PICS

  35. Cutting aluminum wheels with hole saw?

  36. Digijet Idle Problems

  37. Dometic Fridge - air pump check valve

  38. Engine Replacement Options

  39. Engine Replacement Options (crud...)

  40. Engine Replacement Options Zetec

  41. Engine replacement options

  42. Extreme Warning .... beware of jake4parts

  43. Extreme Warning .... beware of jake4parts on eBay aka Ken Morgan

  44. FAG or SKF wheel bearings?

  45. FAUX-wheel drive

  46. FS 16" Audi A6 wheels $100 on craigslist

  47. FS adjustable padded headrests for vanagon (merkur headrests on vanagon)

  48. FS: programmable adjustable wiper relays

  49. Finishes that can stand up to weather for plywood..Was Van trailer or some such.

  50. From rags to westy in a week.

  51. Fwd: Can a battery terminal clamp cause a battery to discharge?

  52. G-60 Vanagon

  53. Gas Heater & Thanks Robert Keezer!!

  54. Gas Heater & Thanks Robert..

  55. HELP! Fuel line problem

  56. Heading out today

  57. Heater Duct Asbestos?

  58. Help! Fuel line problem

  59. Highest Company Recommendation - Automotive Needs

  60. Hot Foot Mods -- what's the best?

  61. How much weight of a load can a 83.5 Westy haul?

  62. Hydraulic valve adjustment question

  63. I are mades it

  64. I are mades it [no real VC]

  65. Info wanted, coolant leak, help...

  66. Inspection bummer

  67. Is it normal to loose coolant when...

  68. Jetta/Golf/Rabbit mirrors fit?

  69. Kelty Carport Pics

  70. LED Lamp

  71. LED lamp

  72. Lifter question

  73. Lifter question - in reverse

  74. Limited high coolant temps

  75. Living the Compleat Vanagon Experience.

  76. Michelin Tire Sale at Costco - $60-$80 discount per set

  77. Need help with price suggestions

  78. Need tire and wheel recommendations

  79. New poptop tent

  80. Overheating at idle

  81. Pickle fork size needed?

  82. Power window won't stay up

  83. Price of a DV exhaust manifold?

  84. Primitive Camping Advice needed near Springville/Provo/Hobble Creek Utah

  85. Rear flat at freeway speed...

  86. Repairing Fiberglass Bumpers

  87. Roof rack suitable (low profile) gas can?

  88. Rubber front floor mat

  89. Rubber front floor rubber mat

  90. Seeking advice for fixing many small rust spots

  91. Shop press recomendations...

  92. Stubborn Exhaust leak

  93. Stupid pays off, plasticwise.

  94. Sunday drive: Big Vanagon population

  95. Syncro buyers love rust?

  96. Syncro vs automatic gaz consumption, with same engine and tires!

  97. Thank You Frank Condelli-Dometic Fridge

  98. Thanks again Scott/Trip Report

  99. The Busvolk Festival is in Peterborough ON

  100. Trailer loading and tire pressure testing

  101. Upper bunk foam

  102. VW Club of Central NY - VW show 2008 THIS SUNDAY

  103. Vanagon 30-50 challenge - results updated

  104. Vanagon Engine Fire In Progress (jpg)

  105. Vanagon parts avilable and can be delivered to the Busvolk Festival.

  106. Vanagon trivia

  107. Vanagon trivia - Now Question

  108. Vanagon's and Carburetors - Again

  109. Vanagon's and Carburetors - emissions testing

  110. Was-Still got the Drips-Now Oil pressure switch?

  111. What kind of diesel oil pan is this?

  112. Wing mirror question

  113. [NVC] Engineers: quick and cheerful vibration analysis?

  114. [vanagon] Camper Conversion Photos

  115. a vanagon trailer??

  116. alt. light

  117. archives are working-problem on my end sorry for raising any false alarms Jim

  118. desperately seeking Vanagon (was Bentley)

  119. diagnosing by smell - maybe brake problem?

  120. fuel tank de-rusting

  121. ignition switch replacement

  122. maroon '86+ vanagon with engine swap in westminster, md?

  123. oil dipstick

  124. power window problem-searched archives, are they down Jim?

  125. removing rear heater

  126. removing rear heater-Heater "T" question

  127. reparing overhead AC ducting

  128. searching for Hans Achter of Vanaru...anyone know where he is???

  129. trip report and pictures

  130. vanagon Digest - 9 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-848)
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