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VANAGON archives – October 2003, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Ford style" starter soloniod - good for battery relay?

  2. '91 Westy

  3. (NVC) 48cyl motorcycle

  4. (no subject)

  5. (was Campers not) The Napmobile

  6. 12 volt operation on my Fridge

  7. 83' won't start when hot

  8. 85 Vanagon Westy in auction

  9. 9th Annual Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest 1-5 PM Saturday December 9

  10. <No subject>

  11. A tale of lights (not taillights)

  12. Anyone gutted a westy?

  13. Anyone with a used fuel tank...

  14. Battery/OXS LED follow-up

  15. Bay Area: who can change a propane valve?

  16. Bentley Repair Manual on CD?

  17. Big Lungs

  18. Bike rack fits Vanagon

  19. Bosch Grease

  20. California Inspection: Day 4

  21. Califrornia executive order issued for engine conversion!

  22. Campers not a good daily driver

  23. Can lightning strike the water pump twice?

  24. Can you guys help tell me what part this is?

  25. Car Talk Vanagon caller

  26. Car Talk Vanagon caller/Elements

  27. Charging or not?

  28. Cleaning up alloy wheels

  29. Coleman Propane Heaters

  30. Coleman Propane Heaters - what's the proper way?

  31. Cooking rice in a Vanagon.

  32. DEAD '85 VANAGON for FREE!!!

  33. Definitive on 1987 rear speaker wiring

  34. Dependable Westy

  35. Differences between Passenger and Camper Syncros

  36. Digitool?

  37. Disaster avoided

  38. Disaster avoided - public service message.

  39. Do I need to prime the sink water pump?

  40. Does anyone have a set of alloy lug nust FS?

  41. Does anyone have this part for sale?

  42. Does this injector pump fit an 83 diesel?

  43. E-bay syncro cal camper

  44. East Coast Salt

  45. Electric Power Steering Pumps

  46. Electrical / Westy weekender 2nd battery questions

  47. Eurovan Parts wanted

  48. FREE '84 Vanagon

  49. FREE '84 Vanagon - LOCATION = Sacramento, CA

  50. FS: 88 Wolfsburg Edition Vanagon $750 leaky heads? Engine swap candidate?

  51. FYI: Sears Load Range C Tire on sale

  52. Fifth Annual Missouri Bus Fallout Nov 14, 15, 16 2003

  53. Finally - Nice Rubber Floor Mats for Vanagon

  54. Finding Vanagon shop manuals

  55. Free or best offer: pair of 90 Carat door panels

  56. Front Brake lines - Help! (new calipers)

  57. Front heater core

  58. Front table question

  59. Frustrated in Minnesota

  60. Fuel level sending unit


  62. German side tent FS, nice!

  63. GoWesty Wheels

  64. GoWesty wheel / tire package

  65. Handy instant fuel tank patch

  66. Help-Alternator bad, battery boiling

  67. How do I find a CD player for my '91 Westy?

  68. In need of a carfax report, NVC

  69. LTX Tire Pressure

  70. LTX Tire Pressure ... Now Noise

  71. Latest overheating inquiry--radiator needed?

  72. Leaking diesel injector pump info needed

  73. Leaving the list. (was, Bentley Repair Manual on CD?)

  74. List for Volvo owners? NOW ON TOPIC!

  75. Mid-Atlantic Holiday Fest Correction

  76. Model/year recommandation

  77. Modified oil dipstick

  78. NVC: anyone with carfax.

  79. Nap Mobile

  80. Need help with shift linkage (5spd)

  81. New ideas, new products

  82. Nice Rubber Floor Mats

  83. No Go when cold

  84. Numbers on "european" Doka

  85. OT: List for Volvo owners?

  86. Octoberbus Info Needed

  87. Overfilling transmission fluid, ask daryl the washington insider on trannys

  88. Overfilling transmission fluid.

  89. Overheating causes?

  90. Overheating diesel now running GREAT

  91. Pics from Westys@Watkins & others.

  92. Power Source: Westfalia as mobile office

  93. Power steering pump bracket...part of new pump?

  94. Problem solved for Wiper and washer gone nuts then stops working altogether

  95. Problems with Speedometer and Fuel Gauge

  96. Rebuild? was: Model/year recommandation

  97. RoadHaus - Free BEER in Phoenix today 5pm

  98. RoadHaus - Free BEER in Phoenix tomorrow 5pm

  99. Roadhaus - Eurocars Engine Update

  100. Salvage title

  101. Sears Load Range C Tire on sale

  102. Selling our Syncro Westy

  103. Setting CO with S&S header

  104. Shift linkage part

  105. Shipping

  106. Short Fused about plastic fuses

  107. Subaru list/parts source

  108. The SVX experience

  109. Tiny Trip report.

  110. To Thread or Not To Thread ... [was: Westy cabinet lid prop?]

  111. Tranny leak

  112. Trans oil leak into bellhousing?

  113. Unsubscribe

  114. Vanagon 89 Auto Carat Heating Up

  115. Vanagon Syndrome Variant - update needed

  116. Vanagon Tech Service Bulletin question

  117. Vanagon high roof manufacturer in California!

  118. Vanagon+Mule=gonalot

  119. Vanagons galore in the Twin Cities

  120. Vanagons galore in the Twin Cities, now: # of Vans on the road

  121. WANTED: brown horn button for Vanagon

  122. WANTED: used Vangon brake caliper 86-91 left

  123. WFT (worthless friday trivia) or WTF???..did you know.....

  124. WHAT THE . . . ? ? ?

  125. WTB: 2 person bench

  126. WTB: Black Non-Power Steering Steering Wheel

  127. WTB: Instrument Cluster Housing

  128. WTB: pop-top from a late model Vanagon Westy

  129. Was:Car Talk NOW: Eurovan propane tank

  130. Was:overheating and radiator, now:best price online

  131. Westy Hatch Screen

  132. Westy cabinet lid prop?

  133. What are the pros and cons of a salvaged title

  134. What is the correct offset for 16 x 8.0 wheels?

  135. What poweres blue Vanagon in LA

  136. What's the dilly on the Haynes.......

  137. Whining trans/buzzing through shift knob

  138. Who works on your Vanagon?

  139. Will someone please go KILL this guy!!!

  140. Wiper and washer gone nuts then stops working altogether

  141. Yet Another Vanagon Syndrome Variant

  142. [Fwd: Re: bus on ebay]

  143. [Syncro] What is the correct offset for 16 x 8.0 wheels?

  144. [vanagon] Westy cabinet lid prop?

  145. adding guages to Vanagon

  146. anyone want a TDI?

  147. auto or no auto

  148. brush gaurds

  149. camping with mr. coleman and martha stewuart

  150. car talk vanagon caller

  151. compression

  152. compression...

  153. correction: Re: FS: 88 Wolfsburg Edition Vanagon $750 leaky heads?

  154. crash test score

  155. do not call list

  156. engine

  157. for sale 84 parts and one free thing.

  158. help with new clutch MC


  160. it will actually freeze

  161. jumpseat for sale - add to westy or van behind front pass seat

  162. jumpseats and curtains needed

  163. jumpseats for sale... Re: jumpseats and curtains needed

  164. ka klunk noise

  165. lack of power when cold

  166. latest in overheating radiator

  167. listserv command

  168. need muffler brackets for 2.1 wbx

  169. overheating and radiator, now:best price online

  170. overheating and radiator, now:best price online if it ever arrives

  171. removing cooling fan from an '82

  172. salt, rust and other enemies

  173. solar power for vanagon

  174. someone was looking for woven mats

  175. straw floor mats?

  176. syncro dash console pics

  177. syncro wierd idle

  178. syncro: removing front shocks

  179. test for radiator fan working?

  180. trying to find part number

  181. vanagon Digest - 7 Oct 2003 to 8 Oct 2003 - Special issue (#2003-988)

  182. vanagon parts

  183. very mysterious tranny problem...

  184. water from exhaust mystery solved.

  185. water pump R&R

  186. water resistant seat covers.

  187. water resistant seat covers. . .

  188. weigh differences

  189. what part is this???

  190. what's it worth?

  191. winterizing
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