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VANAGON archives – October 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Synchrotron" opens in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  2. '82 Front Driver's Vent Window (movable)

  3. '87 Wolfsburg Ed. Parts Available

  4. 14,000 mile vacation!

  5. 2.1 motor for sale

  6. 83.5 sort of westy for sale

  7. 85 vanagon core trans/ filler neck needed for an 80 westy

  8. 85 vanagon transmission core

  9. 88vanagon-missing

  10. AMC / German Cylinder Heads (LVC)

  11. ASI Riviera Camper for sale....was CHC...

  12. ATTN: B.C. / Vancouver Vanagon Owners

  13. Air cooled diesel Vanagons

  14. Anyone with Carfax this month?

  15. Auto Repair Books

  16. B/W darkroom work while on the road/camera people help


  18. Bay window & Vanagon jack points?

  19. Beige door panel for 1986 Westy

  20. Bosch W7CC vs. W7CCO Spark Plugs - Which is best?

  21. Bouncy Speedometer

  22. CA smog tips

  23. Calif Smog Issues

  24. Calling Terry K

  25. Camping on the Upper Sunshine Coast

  26. Can you use Fingernail Polish Over Bare Metal - westy

  27. Consumer Reports on Tyres and Batteries

  28. Coolant draining strategy

  29. Coolant draining strategy?

  30. Coolant draining strategy? MY WAY ...

  31. Coolant draining strategy? thermostat / crack

  32. Coolant gauge calibration

  33. Country Home Campers FS - Erratum..needs help identifying this conversion..

  34. Cylinder head depth...

  35. DONT DO IT! (was Re: 83.5 sort of westy for sale

  36. Differences in 1.9, 2.1, auto, etc starter starters

  37. Differences in 1.9, 2.1, auto, etc starters???

  38. Drop in gas mileage

  39. Drop in gas mileage update

  40. Dual Battery Switch

  41. EMERGENCY! Need running 1.9L in San Fran Area

  42. FREE - 14 inch Rim w/Tire and Battery

  43. FS 85 Vanagon Owners and Other Manuals

  44. FS: 1985 Westfalia

  45. FS: tan westy windshield curtain & side curtains, hatch screen, skylite hinges

  46. Fan motor Lube: What do you use and where?

  47. Fastener terminology in ETKA

  48. Forced Intake for a WBX?

  49. Fuel Filter or Bad Gas? Or more?

  50. Fw: Re:Sliding windows / Rear Ventilation/ rear exhaust vents / D pillar opening windows FIXED LINKS

  51. Fw: [Syncro] Adventurewagen stolen

  52. Fwd: 1.9l Vanagon P&C Blowout Sale

  53. Fwd: VW camper!

  54. GPS software/receivers.

  55. Have you seen this van?

  56. Headlight adjustment screws

  57. Headlight adjustment screws / Removal

  58. Heat, Rust, & Noise in VW's

  59. Here are the pictures of the 9-gauge cluster

  60. Hit 4 Deer...Need body Parts

  61. How much can I carry?

  62. How to fix / External body panel internal supports coming loose

  63. Installed wind deflector pics?

  64. Insulated pop top sleeve / cold weather boot/ heating/ insul...

  65. Insulated pop top sleeve / cold weather boot/ heating/ insulation

  66. Insulated pop top sleeve / cold weather boot/ heating/insulation

  67. Intake gaskets

  68. Inverters

  69. Kitchen-side awning, cheap and easy.

  70. Knockin sound

  71. Knockin sound / CV joint maintenance

  72. Kudos To Stan's Engine Ceramics!


  74. LVC- Looking for a decent micrometer set for waterboxer engine

  75. Leveling a Westy

  76. More FREE - tires and rims

  77. My pop top went up while driving

  78. NVC WTB:Audi L5 diesel engine

  79. Need source for high temp hose for propane heater

  80. Need source for longer wheel studs

  81. Need to replace Muffler and Tailpipe on '91 Westy

  82. Nice base for new van! Toyota DMT

  83. Nice base for new van! Toyota DMT - No Vanagon content

  84. Nice base for new van!? NVC

  85. POPTOP YOUR RIDE.. Re: Installing a pop-top on a non-pop top EASY

  86. Paging Mark Hoffmann & David Higginbotham

  87. Possible Vancracks

  88. Project Vanagon Dyno Results & Comparison

  89. RE; B/W darkroom work while on the road/camera people help

  90. Radiator Fan runs constantly 84 vanagon camper

  91. Re; Noise Reduction

  92. Sliding doors

  93. Sliding windows / Rear Ventalation/ rear exhaust vents / D pillar opening windows

  94. Stolen Syncro Adventurewagen WA State

  95. Supplier of sliding window guide

  96. Syncro and Puch spare tire covers

  97. That Audiovox Cruise Control

  98. The best of both worlds

  99. To Hit or Not To Hit (Was Hit 4 Deer)

  100. Ultimate Cruise Control - Was Lost, Now Found!

  101. Vanagon Syndrom Fixed

  102. Vanagon Tire & Yokohama 35 D's

  103. Vanagon Tires

  104. Vanagon locksmith

  105. Vw news article

  106. Vw news items

  107. WHY?

  108. WHY?NVCdontreadifyoudontwanttoheartheravingsofamangonemad;)

  109. WTB: Beige door panel for 1986 Westy

  110. Wanted: used 1.9L engine

  111. Wasserboxer stalling

  112. Westy Removable Seat on craigslist

  113. What are these Parts for?

  114. What parts could I use?

  115. What to carry

  116. What to carry?

  117. What's wrong with that picture....

  118. Winter storage and humidity

  119. [BVC] - New West Marine store in Oceanside, CA

  120. [Fwd: [Syncro] Adventurewagen stolen]

  121. [OT] any pilots on the list? handheld GPS question...

  122. [SPAM] - (Out of Office Until 9/27/04) - Bayesian Filter detect...

  123. [Syncro] Re: Syncro and Puch spare tire covers

  124. [Syncro] rubber mat

  125. [vanagon] '87 Wolfsburg Ed. Parts Available

  126. any "Vanagoneers" on my route from florida to Austin TX?

  127. ba6 heater

  128. brake piston adjustment/pliers

  129. cruise control speedometer sensor

  130. door panels needed

  131. engineering nightmares vehicles was: cruise control speedometer sensor

  132. fall cleaning (4sale)

  133. interesting blue and white clossiné V W grille emblem STILL FOR SALE

  134. last nights fun.

  135. longer wheel studs

  136. losing power and some thin smoke

  137. more on DIY poptops

  138. noise reduction

  139. noise reduction (F)

  140. old VW Radio. install pb

  141. rear heater blower only works on high.. any thoughts?

  142. sending links to list;

  143. serp belt setup

  144. serpentine belt set-up

  145. stolen van

  146. syncro guts in aircooled vanagon?

  147. syncro on craigs

  148. transmission for Billy Bones

  149. vanagon Digest - 27 Oct 2004 (#2004-1051)

  150. vanagon Digest - Please trim replies - cofap pistons reply


  152. what would Jimmy Buffet do? Adventurewagen

  153.      DONT DO IT!  (was Re: 83.5 sort of westy for sale
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