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VANAGON archives – December 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. Re: Vanagon name - where´s the HiAce´s

  2. '84 sliding door handle question

  3. '85 Vanagon GL No Interior Lights

  4. +Fuel Lines WAS Re: Gypsy is gone...

  5. 1.9 without expansion tank?????????

  6. 1989 Vanagon FS

  7. 1989 vanagon camper FS

  8. 2 pr adj gray armrests - 89 Westy

  9. 4 stock alloy rims for Vanagon

  10. 81 Air cooled, famous for leaking oil where?

  11. 85 stalling probs...Where's the ARCHIVE!!!?!?!

  12. 86-91 2.1L Vanagon Digifant ECU

  13. 87 GL: Removing and Replacing Radio Antenna

  14. 87 Westphalia Flexible Circuit Board

  15. 89 vanagon carat for sale in pa....

  16. 91 Carat Front Bumper

  17. <No subject>

  18. A Waterboxer is coming our way...

  19. ATF amount in autotrans?

  20. Adding a Real Horse to a Van

  21. Adding a Real Horse to a Vanagon

  22. Agilis/ steel rims FS and Bosch Fuel pump

  23. Air Cooled Thermostat

  24. Any SC Westy-ites

  25. Any wood worker cabinetmakers?

  26. Big day at the bus yard - update

  27. Big day at the parts yard

  28. Billy Bones sails smoothly again

  29. Bones sails at midnight!

  30. Brookland #1

  31. Bucking - Vanagon syndrome?

  32. Buzzing AT Shift Lever Spring

  33. CV joints

  34. CV tool name. Got it. Now, what size is it, really?

  35. Call/email

  36. Cold air always

  37. Dashboard Tray

  38. Dashboard Tray...and options on vans,

  39. Dashboard Tray...and options on vans, (and oddly optioned 85's)

  40. Diesel mileage tire question (odometer accuracy

  41. Diesel mileage tire question (odometer accuracy)

  42. Discount Tires (and Snows!) for Vanagons

  43. Discount Tires (and Snows!) for Vanagons / Vredestein vs.

  44. Discount Tires (and Snows!) for Vanagons / Vredestein vs. Hakka

  45. Don't do this at home

  46. Doug Hewitt

  47. Drivers side vent window noise

  48. Electric supercharger revisited.

  49. Engine Change

  50. Engine Stand [was Re: Re: Sears Cycle Jack reduced to $69]

  51. FA: 86-91 2.1L Vanagon Digifant ECU

  52. FS 89 WLE in New Hampshire. 160k miles $1200

  53. FS 91 vanagon Dayton OH $600

  54. FS: 1987 Vanagon Westfalia with free 1984 for parts

  55. FS: tan vanagon capt. chairs w/ armrests and tan or blue or grey middle seat

  56. For Sale: Vanagon westy camper interior...fits all years, passenger vans too

  57. Friday Funny Porsche (LVC)

  58. Frozen Locks

  59. Frozen Locks! after rain

  60. Frydaye Follyes (sorry I missed it) - but check this out

  61. Frydaye Follyes (sorry I missed it) - but check this out - LAST CALL!!!!!

  62. Frydaye Follyes (sorry I missed it)-Hiace visible

  63. Fryeday Funny Poorshe Plate

  64. Gray adj gray armrest for my 89 Westy

  65. Gypsy is gone...

  66. HELP My wife thiks the van is unsafe

  67. HELP My wife thinks the van is unsafe


  69. HID Headlights

  70. HID headlights

  71. Headlight Relay Info

  72. Headlight relay scheme - good or bad or just OK?

  73. Help! 85 coolant circulation question...

  74. I need an ISP while on the road

  75. I40 Tennessee and North Carolina

  76. Instrument Housing

  77. Interstate 40 highway info

  78. Just interesting observation

  79. Just interesting observation & More Questions

  80. Just interesting observation & More Questions(oil filters)

  81. Just started to run rough

  82. Kitchen remod

  83. List Vendors ignoring people

  84. List Vendors ignoring people (Was: Re: HELP My wife thiks the van is unsafe)

  85. List vendors ignoring (a vendor's perspective)

  86. Lister Doug Alcock's computer is going haywire!! help!!

  87. Looking for a generic seal for large sliding metal sunroof

  88. May just keep that resolution, thanks to the list

  89. Mechanics in LA?

  90. Michelin XCA and steel wheels for sale PNW

  91. Monitor gadget for O2 sensor.

  92. My wife found our Westy!

  93. NVC (really No Vanagon Content)

  94. NVC RE: I need an ISP while on the road

  95. Need speedometer for '88

  96. New Listee, Hi There.

  97. No vanagon or bus or camper content - bug and coffee content

  98. Northwest Connecting Rod story

  99. OT: Latest free satellite radio offer

  100. Oil pressure sender .15 / .25 (Warning week)

  101. Over The Stove Cabinet

  102. PArt Needed: 86+ instrument cluster

  103. Paging Chuck Reisinger

  104. Parts needed - Power Window switches & dash bulbs

  105. Power Steering dilemma - revisited

  106. Rear Side Marker Bulb Replacement Help Request

  107. Replacing the mirror in a RV mirror

  108. SPAM:RE: SPAM:1989 vanagon camper FS

  109. SPAM:RE: WTB: one 14

  110. Sears Cycle Jack reduced to $69

  111. Seat Belt Retractors

  112. So some CV's require a "custom" tool?

  113. Solar Battery Chargers

  114. Sorry didn't mean to ignore- Work in Progress

  115. Speedo info and EGR question

  116. Strange electric problem!!!

  117. Stupid Alternator Question

  118. Submit Calendar Photos - LAST CALL

  119. Syncro feed fuel line

  120. T-Shirts from BusDepot (ATTN anyone who ordered one, or tried to)

  121. T-Shirts from BusDepot - minor correction

  122. Tach rewiring

  123. Thermostat,temp2

  124. Tips on changing a 2.1 thermostat?

  125. Unintended mass e-mail from Doug Alcock

  126. VW Calendar - VOTING BEGINS NOW!

  127. VW Trends Bites The Dust....

  128. VW parts for sale (Diesel TURBO)

  129. Vanagon crash test

  130. Vanagon etymology

  131. Vanagon front bumper chrome F/S

  132. Vanagon name

  133. Vanagon name - where´s the HiAce´s... Eurovans

  134. Vanagon name Liteace Images 1

  135. Vendor info request. - European and US

  136. Volks Cafe - Incredible Community Support Report


  138. WTB Engine Mounts

  139. WTB early 80s striped westy fabric

  140. WTB: 110 VAC Electric hookup inlet

  141. WTB: one 14

  142. Want to buy: Front hub dust cap for '86

  143. Was: Tach rewiring Now: Not Sure

  144. Westy For Sale in NH

  145. Window Regulator

  146. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  147. [Syncro] 2nd propane tank/heater-Dual tank instalation!

  148. [Syncro] 2nd propane tank/heater-Dual tank instalation!--Try this link!

  149. [T2] 81 Air cooled, famous for leaking oil where?

  150. [vanagon_club] Gypsy is gone...

  151. any deals out there for vanagon mudflaps?

  152. anyone with carfax this month?

  153. bucking and skipping.

  154. current list of recommended rebuild longblock sources

  155. electrical stalling?

  156. intermittent electrical problem

  157. lets try this again with the link.. 89 carat for sale in pa

  158. new years resolution - continue to own a non-burnt van

  159. noise from door seals at speed

  160. noise from door seals at speed / Tweaking Doors

  161. ourYay essagemay otay anagon-requestvay @ ERRY.VANAGON.COMGay

  162. poor bus :(

  163. power windows to manual windows

  164. stands vs ramps

  165. vanagon Digest - 15 Dec 2004 - Special issue (#2004-1200)

  166. vanagon name

  167. wanted: Bay Area air cooled guru/tinkerer to help with engine rebuild

  168. water pump Q on my 84/85

  169. where to buy 15 volt 22 microfarrad tantalum capacitor?

  170. where to buy 15 volt 22 microfarrad  tantalum capacitor?

  171. where to buy 15 volt 22 microfarrad tantalu m capacitor?

  172. windows
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