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VANAGON archives – March 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '82 rear lock cylinder removal?

  2. '83 fan removal / header removal

  3. '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...

  4. 1.9 engines free must go!!!

  5. 1.9L WBX to 2.1L WBX -

  6. 1.9l wbx engine parts FS cheap

  7. 15" Wheel/Tire Report - Caution

  8. 15" wheel/tire report - caution

  9. 15" wheels - 16

  10. 15" wheels - 16" Wheels Now Available!!!

  11. 16" tires

  12. 1984 vanagon 1.9 fuel filter

  13. 2.1 liter engine and other parts for sale.. Southern Pennsylvania

  14. 2400 miles in 5 days (and conversion diversion)

  15. 85 westy water pump R&R w/ a/c & PS

  16. 85 westy water pump replacement w/ a/c and power steering----- done

  17. 88 Vanagon autotrans shifter problem

  18. A little traveling music ... Siriusly

  19. AT Italia wheels

  20. Another Stupid Tire Thread..was Re: 15" Wheel/Tire Report -

  21. Another Stupid Tire Thread..was Re: 15" Wheel/Tire Report - Caution

  22. Another compression question

  23. Another middle seat on eBay

  24. Anyone have carfax?

  25. Anyone know German Motors Werks in Pittsburgh?

  26. Armrests

  27. BFG All Terrain AT-KO tire spec

  28. Batt is 100% - no crank/starter doesn't turn

  29. Best 4 spd Syncro starter replace solution?

  30. Best way to clean engine?

  31. Body lift for Syncro Vanagon?

  32. Body shops in seattle/tacoma,

  33. Bulb Type - ProjektZwo Fog Lights

  34. CV grease

  35. CV grease - found cans

  36. CV joint theory: long

  37. CVs and bolts and washers, oh my

  38. CVs and bolts and washers, oh my- source for bolts?

  39. Call for .. Actual Vehicle Weight info

  40. Can someone run a CARFAX report for me?

  41. Caravelle emblem

  42. Central Locking Trace-down - Boy am I confused.

  43. Central Ohio Westies Winter Gathering

  44. Compression test - cold vs hot?

  45. Direction indicator LED

  46. Emerg!! parents stuck in FLA...need an honest VW shop in clearwater

  47. Emergency Contact Info on the Road

  48. Engine Won't Start...

  49. Engine swap - I4 - which angle, motor and FI?

  50. Extra Fuses -- What are they for?

  51. FS: 15" BBS alloys and tires for Eurovan $250

  52. FS: Vanagon/Syncro Rotors & Calipers

  53. FS: grey snap-in curtain kit for wolfsburg/carat

  54. FS: pair of westy OEM ice cube trays

  55. Florida 2005 (pictures)

  56. For Sale: 1989 Vanagon GL Wolfsburg

  57. Freeze 12 pressures?

  58. From that... (engine stuff)

  59. Fuel expansion/overflow tank grommets

  60. Fuels for VW

  61. Fw: EveryBus shirts - last call!!!!!

  62. Geoff Plant? Southwesties VW Rentals in Albuquerque?

  63. Good VW shop near Yuma, AZ?

  64. Got Gas?

  65. Had surging, fixed it, but did I just bandaid it?

  66. Head Update (getting better)

  67. Head Update (yes even worse)

  68. Head update (:-))

  69. Heads Final report and lessons learned

  70. Heater bellows?

  71. Help in the Vancouver / Calgary area

  72. Honesty....Re: '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...

  73. I think I TRULY fixed my surging problem

  74. I win!!! the worse ever "westy part" picture...

  75. ICU saga...they're not all the same.

  76. Idle stabilizer for 81 Calif Vanagon (was hall unit)

  77. Jeff One More Time

  78. Life after speedometer, why do they break?

  79. Life after speedometer, why do they break? -PLASTIC ROT

  80. Looking for someone who can MIG/TIG weld sheet metal for my Doka shell in SF Bay Area

  81. Loose black wire near fuse box?

  82. Loud Bang

  83. Magna904

  84. Mechanics in colorado (pagosa springs area)

  85. Neat Stuff MVC (Mucho Vanagon Content)

  86. Need help - will not crank

  87. Needs & Don't Needs......

  88. Normal or High temp anti-seize for exhaust bolts?

  89. OT - Larry's into shopping carts now

  90. OT: Free Sirius satellite radio promo code

  91. Optima installed on it's side and XM reciever pictures

  92. Port liss - 89 Westy

  93. Port list - 89 Westy

  94. Pwer lock lube?

  95. Question on Silver Sticker & GVWR info for various vanagon platforms

  96. Radiator Fan Turns On But Not Off

  97. Re Solar power

  98. Rear stud swap... 88 studs into 79 bus?

  99. Relay placement on 1980 Vanagon

  100. Removing Window Film

  101. Replacing driver's door wiring

  102. Retraction

  103. Road trip next week

  104. Roof rack length

  105. Rube Goldberg's oil drainplug

  106. Simple change for a Power Steering Rack - 1985 Westfalia?

  107. Solar power

  108. Speedo cable "squeels" at low speeds

  109. Springs

  110. Starter spins, engine doesn't

  111. Starting woes again

  112. Strange noise?

  113. Subj: intermittent stalling --fuel filter? Electrical?

  114. Syncro Diff Lock Actuator Removal

  115. The price of living on the East Coast (restorations)

  116. Tire trivia

  117. V8

  118. Vanagon Syncro for sale, MD, low mileage

  119. Volvo seats in a Vanagon??

  120. Vw news tidbit from NZ

  121. Westy Sighting in Boynton Beach, FL

  122. Wilder's Law

  123. [*sp@m*] Re: Compression test - cold vs hot?

  124. [Syncro] Question on Silver Sticker & GVWR info for various vanagon platforms

  125. [] Neat Stuff MVC (Mucho Vanagon Content)

  126. [vanagon] AT Italia wheels

  127. almost free transport available from Medford OR to SF Bay Area...

  128. alt belt keeps coming loose

  129. been thru the desert on a horse with no name...

  130. brittle speedo cluster housing plastic Re: -PLASTIC ROT

  131. corrosive green stuff

  132. cylinder numbers

  133. diesel compression testers

  134. fire sale 2.1 FI Parts,

  135. free skiing for VW owners Sunday March 20, 2005 at Bretton Woods

  136. hall unit needed for 81 California Vanagon

  137. hot water? 500W worth?

  138. ignition woes

  139. intermittent stalling --fuel filter? Electrical?

  140. joke

  141. loose black wire

  142. need door lock actuator part# & source

  143. plan for oil pressure gauge install- opinions wtd

  144. re. Removing Window Film

  145. seat covers

  146. thule rack

  147. tire sidewall - question

  148. trip report and photos--Utah desert

  149. trip report and photos--Utah desert--road conditions

  150. trip report and photos--Utah's "dusty" desert

  151. vanagon mechanic in baltimore

  152. vanagon mechanic in baltimore?

  153. westy single middle swival seat on ebay Re: Another middle seat on eBay

  154. wheel question.. why is width and diameter in inches but offset is in MM??

  155. who has wheel spacers? 5x112

  156. who has wheel spacers? 5x112 FOUND SOME!!!
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