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VANAGON archives – January 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '89 van A/T hesitates when cold

  2. '91 Carat - Int. No Start - Fuel Pump Relays?

  3. (no subject)

  4. (select name here) Rally starts soon :)

  5. 3rd Annual Buses by the Beach Bus BRR!! Feb 10-11th at Pokagon State Park!

  6. 6 weeks and counting to the True Canadian Winter Bus Campout

  7. 82 Air Cooled Engine Swap Choices?

  8. 84 clutch, etal

  9. 85 GL Whining....and not my children...

  10. 91 Carat FS in South Florida

  11. <no subject>

  12. AC/DC and I'm not talking sex...

  13. AFM/FI research page is up

  14. Acoustic properties of common materials

  15. Advice on front collision damage

  16. Air-cooled rpms and tach - recommendations.

  17. Aircooled rpms and tach - recommendations.

  18. Anyone checked out the Syncro Westy on Portland Craigslist?

  19. Audiovox Cruise Control

  20. Auto tranny with hard downshift into 1

  21. Baffled

  22. Baffled no more ...

  23. Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland

  24. Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland (gas price)

  25. Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland propane and gasoline and 2WD

  26. Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland-Seabreeze

  27. Bar's Leaks

  28. Big package. Real big.

  29. Biggest Dog Crate lengthwise

  30. Boston Engine is off-line at the moment

  31. Broken stud and plug

  32. Bucking Vanagon again

  33. Bucking vanagon again

  34. Coleman SportCat - Poor man's Propex?

  35. Come out of the closet, all

  36. Crappy Parts Rant Again

  37. Cruise Control Installers in Northern California?


  39. Dakar Rally starts soon

  40. Digitool readings ...

  41. Dreaded Tire Thread Question

  42. Dreaded Tire Thread Question - AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  43. ETKA 7 -- available for download via BitTorrent (instructions within)

  44. FREE Eurovan Jumpseat in San Francisco

  45. FS:Westy and Eurovan-Salt Lake

  46. FW: Re: Dakar Rally starts soon

  47. FW: Re: women and standard gearbox

  48. Failure to return to idle

  49. Fix for STEBRO Muffler Bracket Breaking

  50. Flushing brakes

  51. Flushing brakes ATE calipers rebuilding

  52. Fridge more sensitive to low pressure than cooktop?

  53. Funny, but really not.

  54. Fwd: Baffled

  55. Fwd: Tach install from vanagon to vanagon

  56. Fwd: snorkel routing ??s

  57. HID H4 Bulb question

  58. Headers and Mufflers

  59. Hi - Lift jack adapter

  60. High Lift Jacks

  61. Hole in floor

  62. Holey muffler, Batman!

  63. How Deep Can a Vanagon Go

  64. I'm about to buy VW LT 4x4 - anyone with exepience with these?

  65. Idle Stabilizer Control Unit Reverse Engineering

  66. Kool Patch

  67. Kool Patch = BAD IDEA


  69. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  70. Leak Down Testing

  71. Looking for part

  72. NVC - Help!! My Bookmarks Disappeared!

  73. Nathaniel - wood van flooring on thesamba

  74. New Year's on I-40

  75. New year - new road trips

  76. Newbie considering purchase of 88 "Transporter"

  77. No messages?

  78. No need to jump on breaker bars

  79. OT - Someone lookin' for a Super Beetle

  80. OT: Re: No messages?

  81. Ooops

  82. Part number Question

  83. Play in throttle shaft

  84. Power inverter - install question

  85. Power steering pump and old coolant hoses

  86. Propane Tank Cover?

  87. Reminder for After Xmas Xmas Party

  88. Roadside Troubles & John Muir advice still applies

  89. Roadside Troubles while on Vacationing

  90. Should have driven the Syncro! (was Re: Roadside Troubles while on Vacationing)

  91. Solenoid?

  92. Source for Westfalia left-hand mudguard?

  93. Spotted...

  94. Spring question - help needed

  95. Syncro van price range

  96. Syncro van price range - consider an Outback

  97. Tach install from vanagon to vanagon

  98. Tach/small digital clock install?

  99. Temp sensor graph in bentley

  100. There and back again - trip photos

  101. Tips for gear shifter hitting radio?

  102. Tranny time, need some info

  103. VW Photo SYNCRO Calendar - Ready for Purchase

  104. VW facebook - thanks!

  105. Vanagon K&N filter

  106. Vanagon Long trip Reliability

  107. Vanagon Parts Source

  108. Vanagon transmogrification

  109. Vanco 8 Winter tire life?

  110. WTB: Gray Westy Cabinet Door

  111. Westy Driver Sighted in South Florida!

  112. Wheel Question

  113. Wheels

  114. Wheels??????? and???

  115. Who posted about a computer fan to circulate air with Mr. Buddy Heater?

  116. Will bus run without insturment pod connected?

  117. Window crank hitting new front speakers

  118. [NVC] Re: limping with leaking heads

  119. [NVC} Vanagon Computer Gurus - Help Wanted

  120. [] Re: Syncro van price range

  121. [vanagon] Re: Fix for Stebro Muffler Bracket breaking?

  122. another carfax please

  123. body parts

  124. carfax please....

  125. curtain plans

  126. diesel fuel taxes - was Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland (gas price)

  127. dogs 'n Westies

  128. drilling grease fitting into vanagon front end parts

  129. etka

  130. front end work

  131. fuel taxes - was Baie Comeau to Labrador to Newfoundland (gas price)

  132. iPod in a Vanagon

  133. iPods in Vanagons

  134. limping with leaking heads

  135. nice double cab on the 'ring

  136. parking brake cable guide

  137. photo procedure; replacing lower ball joints 80-84 Vanagon

  138. radio locked -- no V'gon content

  139. rage against the machine

  140. re; Roadside Troubles while on Vacationing

  141. send in your pictures to the VW facebook!

  142. sliding window latch loose

  143. snorkel routing ??s

  144. steering U-joint Re: Looking for part

  145. throttle flat spot

  146. vanagon Digest - 5 Jan 2007 - Special issue (#2007-18)

  147. women and standard gearbox
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