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VANAGON archives – May 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Bad Dog!" ? Ummm.. No meaningful van content.

  2. $2500 '85 Adventurewagen in DC Area

  3. '86 cutting out

  4. (LVC) Oh, The Humanity!

  5. 1985 Vanagon - manual trans. - jerky ride ?

  6. 2.1 new sensor and still no cold idle ...

  7. 2.1 new sensor and still no cold idle...

  8. 45Nm a bit much for CV joints?

  9. 85 Vanagon head thumper

  10. 85 vanagon rocker panels

  11. 85 westy brake or wheel bearing noise

  12. 86 Parts Westy in Ocean Springs, MS

  13. AFM Tuning

  14. AOL Problems [NVC}

  15. Aaargh. Here we go again. (was Re: Tires!)

  16. About Busfusion.... (read that you lazy American)

  17. Adding the camper stuff

  18. Aftermarket suspension parts..

  19. Air Conditioning, Subaru conversions, and using the stock vanagon compressor

  20. Alignment Shop in Seattle/Eastside

  21. Audi alloys on a vanagon was:Re: Tires!

  22. B-Quiet installed

  23. Baffling clamp

  24. Blue wire to aux battery dead - fixed

  25. Body filler onto primer/rust treatment paint?

  26. Break-in oil..replying from digest.

  27. Buses By the Beach - Bus Benefit May 18th -20th - Grand Rapids, MI

  28. Buses by the Beach Raffle and Auction Update

  29. Busfusion - coming soon / June 07-10

  30. Buying a vanagon in Europe

  31. Canadian AFM rebuilder in Toronto ??

  32. Cant Find Part-Please Help

  33. Car climate tags for your vanagon

  34. Carfax anyone?

  35. Changed sensor and still no idle ...

  36. Congrats!!! Derek Drew's Syncro Yields $33 Million

  37. Daniel Stern Lighting

  38. Declaration of Victory

  39. Derek Drew's Syncro Yields $33 Million

  40. Dogs, Canada and Bus Fusion

  41. Early-Late Vanagon Westy interior dimension difference?

  42. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors...adoption

  43. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors..Probable unpopular veiw..delete

  44. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors..Probable unpopular veiw..delete now or flame

  45. Editorial opinion: VW Collectors..Probable unpopular veiw..delete now or...

  46. Emergency brake cable

  47. Engine Break-In Oil Weight

  48. FIXED, 2.1 sensor changed, no cold idle ...

  49. FS: '83 Westy in Richmond VA

  50. FS: Front Heater Core & Fan Assembly

  51. FS: Propex HS2000

  52. FS: low-mileage waterboxer engine with ratio rockers + all accessories

  53. FW: Re: Hella style driving lamp, or else.

  54. Fireplace

  55. Foglight Kits

  56. For sale on Ebay... only 1 million miles on the odometer!

  57. Friday thread

  58. Friday thread ($33 million benefit)

  59. Front curtain needed

  60. Front end ?

  61. Front window screens and pop top rain fly

  62. Fw: 1985 Vanagon - manual trans. - jerky ride ?

  63. Fwd: 1984 VW Vanagon Camper - $5250 - Pgh Craigslist

  64. GoWesty Hotwire/AFM replacement (Update)

  65. Head Nuts Final Torgue was: Head sealants??

  66. Head Nuts Final Torque was: Head sealants??

  67. Head sealants??

  68. Heaters , was Fireplace

  69. Hella style driving lamp, or else.

  70. Help From the Road in Sedona/Flagstaff

  71. Hitch Haulers

  72. Jerky Van

  73. Junkyard pictures

  74. Keep pouring oil in ...

  75. Kingman to Laughlin, then up to Death Valley??

  76. Moab trip report & photos

  77. More ramblings about 66 VW Bus

  78. Multiple Alabama Vanagon sightings

  79. My updated Subi page

  80. NVC - Denver Co, Info - Trip Planned - What to see

  81. NY Westy spotted in Richmond

  82. Need a 'z-shape' spring for indicator switch

  83. Need recommendation for head gasket leak repair.

  84. Newbie battery questions

  85. No spark -- Ignition Control Unit?

  86. Not the tire thread (again)

  87. Odd-ometer repair

  88. Oil Pump Gasket (was: oil pressure)

  89. On Board Propane Tank needed

  90. POR 15 my way.

  91. Piston Ring Replacement

  92. Projekzwo Lower Grille Fog Light Kit Replacement - Update

  93. Propane Detectors

  94. Propane detectors?


  96. Racks for Tandem Bikes?

  97. SDM hill climb video

  98. SDM-East, bad dog, door panel needed.

  99. SDM07- many engine conversions

  100. Seatbelt Help Please

  101. Slave Cylinder plunger

  102. Smoother ride? Is it possible?

  103. So many campers, so few poptop weekenders

  104. So many campers, so few poptop weekenders MV 4 sale soon

  105. Solved thanks to list! Re: Jerks/surges when going from coasting to acceleration

  106. Something about a squirrel and a nut or advice for doing a third party purchase

  107. Stearing POR 15 my way.

  108. Syncro de Mayo EAST is next weekend!

  109. Syncro de Mayo EAST is next weekend! in PA

  110. Tires!

  111. Towing ---> WAS: Re: Not the tire thread (again)

  112. Turning kills engine--??

  113. Typical hwy Fuel range on Air cooled Vanagons

  114. Update on 1990 automatic

  115. Vanagon (and owner) sighting in SE PA

  116. Vanagon Poptop bunk max weight?

  117. Vanagon towing? from digest

  118. WTB: "Rhein" Wheel Used or New

  119. Wanted: More AFMs dead or alive

  120. Was 1984 VW Vanagon Camper Now GTO

  121. Well, my first van... No vanagon content..

  122. World's most expensive car crash? - NVC

  123. [Syncro] Derek Drew's Syncro Yields $33 Million

  124. [Syncro] SDM hill climb video

  125. [T2] Air-cooled Federal EGR filter and SMOG

  126. [T3] Michigan Vintage VW Festival this Sunday

  127. best year van

  128. cluster swap problem

  129. curtains

  130. curtains spoken for

  131. do NOT use BONDO to fix RUST...wasRe:Body filler on primer/rust

  132. do NOT use BONDO to fix RUST...wasRe:Body filler on primer/rust treatment paint?

  133. do NOT use BONDO to fix RUST...wasRe:Body filler onprimer/rust treatment paint?

  134. driving lights that fit in air intakes in late model vanagons chin spoiler

  135. evaporator cabinet in place now have pressure switch/50 amp fuse blown-long

  136. help on the road reminder

  137. jerky van solution

  138. keeping cool a hot topic

  139. odometer

  140. odometer question

  141. oil pressure

  142. oil pressure and oil pump priming

  143. ok, I have my SA grill kit on....

  144. pressure switch and fuse on a/c-90 Westfalia

  145. propane explosion

  146. propane explosion sleep with one nostral open

  147. question: idle fluctuation problem on deceleration? (1.9L wbx)

  148. spray bed liner on propane tank?

  149. syncro vs 2wd spring height

  150. the diameter of front heater lines?

  151. tool needed

  152. vanagon Digest - 7 May 2007 - Special issue (#2007-472)

  153. vanagon Digest - 8 May 2007 to 9 May 2007 - Special issue (#2007-478)

  154. vanagon picture screen saver ... make your own. :)

  155. vanagon repair shop in Westchester County, NY

  156. vanagon repair shop near Haverstraw, NY

  157. heard of them???
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