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VANAGON archives – August 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Iffy" parking areas, neighborhoods, etc. My fix.

  2. "Simpler is better"? Yep.

  3. '74 westy - for auction from BC Auction

  4. '82 diesel 1.8 conversion

  5. 1.8 Inline 4..heads.

  6. 1.8t conversion option

  7. 1.9 litre wbx metal coolant pipe and complete water pump assembly

  8. 15 degree VW I4 mount question

  9. 1987 Syncro

  10. 2 trips, plenty of Vanagons. Morro Bay and Victoria, BC

  11. 85 Vanagon

  12. A bit rough idle, running. Unbalanced injectors?

  13. A glorious day, a lesson in happyness.

  14. AT ring and pinion; taller gear ratio?

  15. Acceptable Aircooled Oil Temps

  16. Appraiser in So. Cal or Massachusetts?

  17. BOTC Pics online

  18. Bench test alternator? (checked archives)

  19. Brief Trip report - AZ to PA & Return

  20. Burning Man

  21. Cam timing

  22. Camshaft pertains to the inline 4/van transplant motor

  23. Clutch slave r+r from bracket: What Works?

  24. Contests for a Vanagon get together

  25. Disaster PT. 2

  26. Dometic in 100F ambient?

  27. Dometic insulation

  28. Dometic mystery ....more clues!

  29. Dometic mystery ....tentatively resolved!

  30. Don't sell Fritz Miguel!

  31. Elemental Mods Report

  32. Exhaust Pipe Q?

  33. Exhaust bolt snapped off...yikes!!

  34. F.S. 1.9 Need 2.0 air cooled

  35. FRYEDAYE PHOLLIES ... well, sort of. ;)

  36. FS: 1.9TD with complete FF Vanagon Conversion Kit (PDX, OR ) $4500

  37. For Sale Craigs List

  38. For Sale Craigs List (Pictures)

  39. Fuel tank remove / replace

  40. Fw: [VANAGON] HELP Stranded Vanagon Owner at Folk Fest

  41. HELP Stranded Vanagon Owner at Folk Fest

  42. HELP!!! Oil Pressure Buzzer On!!

  43. Help Needed in BC, Westy With Running Problems in Prince George

  44. How to change a starter?

  45. How to fix? Is Vanagon list working??

  46. However Selling Everything Else, Was Re: Don't sell Fritz Miguel!

  47. ISO: an extra set of hands to finish my svx conversion (Maryland)

  48. Inserting Terry K heater shutoff valve

  49. Is RE-USING front spindle nut OK....??? 81 Vanagon

  50. Is the clutch engaging? How do I check? (A/C)

  51. John Brown's Buses & Buses by the Depot

  52. Leaking starting battery

  53. Left rear tire/need Bridgestone Dueler AT 8.5X27

  54. Long live Fritzy!

  55. Looking For Recommended TDI Conversion Shops

  56. Looking for old Porsche rim in the Seattle area

  57. Loud clackety sound on start up?

  58. Microsoft Vista and ETKA

  59. More on ride height adjustments..

  60. My ultimate section, but, 1.9 or 2.1

  61. No, simpler IS better..Opinion No Van content.

  62. Nokian Tire Availability

  63. Now a new problem....leaky power steering rack...

  64. OIL Grade ?

  65. Oil Buzzer - Part II

  66. Oil Buzzer Problem Conclusions...

  67. Oil Buzzer Problem Solved (I hope!!)!

  68. Oregon Trip Report

  69. Propane Overflow Valve Leaks -- Repairable?

  70. Propane Valves

  71. Propane smell diagnostics

  72. Re-sealing a cylinder head? Sure, why not?

  73. Refrigerator woes - what about us electric-only folks?

  74. Regarding an implant of the 1.8liter inline four...From the thread off the digest..

  75. Relay PN question. (Load reduction relay. 81 Westy)

  76. Reminder, Great Canadian VW Show this Sunday near Vancouver

  77. Replaced shocks

  78. Retro Digital Idle Stabilizer Control

  79. Revell Vanagon model kits

  80. Riding with moon roof open

  81. Rough running till warmed up

  82. Seat belt light

  83. Seeking Yakima Rack Advice

  84. Simple Weekender Camping Interior

  85. Simpler is better? Some nonVW content... & diesel

  86. Sliding window refurbish

  87. Starter motor do-it-yourself rebuild

  88. Step up the idle

  89. Syncro Alignment Specifications

  90. Syncro recently moved to Massachusetts

  91. Tips or Hints for Replacing Power Steering Racks?

  92. To compress or to remove wrist pin - A Poll

  93. Tow loop spacing

  94. Towing Automatic

  95. Trip report. Okanagon B.C. (Long, but some tips)

  96. Tristar legal finally!

  97. Unusual Vanagons sighted in Portland OR

  98. Update: Foglight Grille

  99. Update: Is my Compressor Broken?

  100. Update: Is my Compressor Broken? (was: Re: Is the clutch engaging? How do I check? (A/C))

  101. VW Camping event in CT coming up Fri., Aug. 24

  102. Vacuum lines for charcoal filter/replacing Syncro fuel sender

  103. Valve adjustment suggestions and a question

  104. Van Meet 2007 at White Rock Beach

  105. Vanagon Cover

  106. Vector 12V Travel Ovens

  107. WTB - 84 Westy D/S Seat

  108. WTB - rear hatch, and year

  109. WTB 2.0 tiico head

  110. Water Pump Damage

  111. Water/Coolant Pipe Info

  112. Weird ignition timing - '85 Westy

  113. Westy Window Query

  114. Westy travel thoughts?

  115. Who asked me for a Fridge Door???

  116. Yakima rack advice

  117. bURNINGvAn invitee?

  118. disaster. . . what about this?

  119. disaster... again!

  120. exhaust nuts & bolts is 304, 308, 309, 316 or zinc plated etc

  121. piston/cylinder kit experiences?

  122. ride height adjustment? (long post)

  123. vanagon Digest - 17 Aug 2007 to 18 Aug 2007 - Special issue (#2007-906)

  124. vanagon Digest - 18 Aug 2007 - Special issue (#2007-907)

  125. weekender interior in Midwest
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