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VANAGON archives – August 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '80 Westy. All non-westy parts up for grabs! Make an offer!

  2. '84 Westy on CL in Richmond B.C. - $2150

  3. 1986 cost of 1986 Weekender, was, Rear cabinets, Weekender vs. Westy

  4. 1987 VW Camper Van-damaged by engine fire-for sale best offer (alameda) CA

  5. 2.1 Factory Rebuilds

  6. 2.1 running again, thanks, list!

  7. 30-50 challenge update - Zetec results! Benny's Sub!

  8. 30-50 challenge updated! Waiting for the Bostigaholics :-)

  9. 82 Westy, 2.0 california- hesitant(?)fuzzy, accelleration?

  10. 87 syncro westfakia conversion PROPANE questions

  11. A 'real' press costs thousands.

  12. A What is this Type of Question....

  13. A real sunroof on the Westy

  14. ADMINISTRIVIA - Are Today's Young People Mechanical Nitwits?

  15. Adding Power Steering

  16. Alternator

  17. Are Today's Young People Just Nitwits?

  18. Are Today's Young People Mechanical Nitwits?

  19. Are Today's Young People Mechanical Nitwits? (NVC) Fryeday

  20. Are Today's Young People Mechanical Nitwits? <NVC>

  21. Beautiful 84 in north Alabama

  22. Bed "pads"?

  23. Bed "pads"? ( pads??? ;O)

  24. Bentley Wanted/craigslist

  25. Best AC Condenser Option

  26. Black Paint for Mirrors..AND bumpers

  27. But no loose change

  28. Causes for low propane pressure to stove

  29. Click & Clack: " ...Bus handles like a vertical pizza box on a skateboard.

  30. Correction to confusing post

  31. Dean Potter "BASE" Solo's the Eiger (Fryeday NVC)

  32. Diesel Savings/Engine Conversion Savings calculator

  33. Does anyone know where i can buy a conversion kit to put in a 1.9 or 2.0 new vw engine in my vanagon?

  34. Dometic Fridge propane operation stuff

  35. Dometic Wiring Question

  36. Engine Replacement or Gasket Fix?

  37. Engine cuts/drops out while accelerating - 2.1 WBX

  38. Engine cuts/drops out while accellerating - 2.1 WBX

  39. Engine repair or replacement?

  40. Erratic idle solved with rebuild

  41. Eurovan seats

  42. Exhaust studs

  43. FS- For Sale 86 Vanagon

  44. FS: 7 passenger Vanagon in central VA

  45. Favorite wheel bearing grease?

  46. First camping trip!

  47. First camping trip!-don't contribute to seam rust when filling the water tank

  48. First camping trip!-don't contribute to seam rust when peeing at night!

  49. For Sale - New Window Insulation Kit for 80-91 Vanagon

  50. Ford Focus SVT anyone?

  51. Fryeday Content.. some GM trivia and news on the VOLT (NVC)

  52. Fuel Line Replacement ? re hose size

  53. Fuel Mileage Data Log Website

  54. Fw: Square Headlight upgrade

  55. Fwd: It Runs.... Heck.... IT DRIVES! - The VIDEO

  56. Got my Vitrifrigo installed

  57. Grrrrr. Got it, so onward.

  58. Grrrrr. What's the secret to removing the door panel?

  59. Headlight adjuster, main lens, top,  255 941 141C                          

  60. High wattage tail light bulb?

  61. House calls for fuel lines change

  62. I are mades it [no real VC]

  63. Idle Relay - Idle Valve match?

  64. Inspection bummer

  65. Interesting trip link

  66. It Runs.... Heck.... IT DRIVES! - The VIDEO

  67. Kind of van question

  68. LA Volkswagen Yards

  69. Living the Compleat Vanagon Experience.

  70. Lola saves the day

  71. Looking for a campground near Quebec City 2nd week of Sept.

  72. Meep Meep!!

  73. NVC - sort of

  74. NVC Fryeday book recommendations

  75. NVC Might be of interest to some Porsche for sale not mine

  76. NVC: VW diesels

  77. Need help with price suggestions

  78. Newbie on the list... from Quebec

  79. Nice local '90 GL hardtop back on the market

  80. Overheating at idle

  81. Pat Horrocks - an obituary

  82. Pop Top Gasket Glue ??

  83. Primitive Camping Advice needed near Springville/Provo/Hobble Creek Utah

  84. Question about late model/early model radiators, fans and fan shrouds

  85. Rear cabinets, Weekender vs. Westy

  86. Relay polarity

  87. Removed rear heater

  88. Seeking Mark "Dr. Wires" Drillock

  89. Shipping/Transport companies

  90. TGIF - NVC (and nothing about young nitwits, either)

  91. Temperature Gauge

  92. Temperature Gauge reads too high

  93. Test - ignore

  94. Thank You Frank Condelli-Dometic Fridge

  95. Thanks Ken Wilford (brake shoe install tips)

  96. The fine balance of things

  97. Update on new Boston Bob engine in my 87 Westy

  98. Vanagon Alchemy - Square headlight alignment screws & springs neede

  99. Vanagon Alchemy - Square headlight alignment screws & springs needed

  100. Vanagon Trivia - where does this go?

  101. Vanagon Water Temp Gauge - Temperatures?

  102. WTB: 1.6l NA diesel engine

  103. Was: Whistle... sound... front brake Now: Thanks Jake!

  104. What Type/brand of brake pad? + Rotor question - PICS

  105. What's the strangest think you've found in a "new" Vanagon

  106. Where to find GBC (European) fuseholder

  107. Whistle-like sound from front brake (searched)

  108. Zetec Syncro Westy Skid Plates Coming Soon

  109. Zetec Syncro Westy hits the road..yee haw

  110. [BP] Meep Meep!!

  111. [OT][NVC] Subaru Outback/Forester wisdom sought

  112. [Syncro] Re: Zetec Syncro Westy hits the road..yee haw

  113. bed "pads"?

  114. carbureted waterboxers

  115. firewall plastic fitting/grommet

  116. gm volt progress

  117. joining plastic and rubber fuel vent line

  118. past weekend's vanagonry

  119. reparing overhead AC ducting

  120. some guidance please, 86 autotrans torubles

  121. some guidance please, 86 autotrans troubles

  122. sorry, i need a conversion kit to put a 1.8 or 2.0 golf engine in my 84 van

  123. towing with a vanagon in an emergency. . .

  124. towing with a vanagon in an emergency.(NVC) . .

  125. vanagon Digest - 14 Aug 2008 to 15 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-878)

  126. vanagon Digest - 15 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-879)
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