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VANAGON archives – February 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $200 Westfalia Detroit - First come first serve

  2. $48 for a plug wire

  3. **88 Westy-Get it

  4. 1.9 Plastic Bleeder Valve Part

  5. 1.9 oil light/preassure issue

  6. 14 x 5.5 steelies

  7. 6666 **88 Westy-Get it

  8. 85 vanagon throttle body swap... top mounted vs bottom mounted TPS ????

  9. 87 passenger from southwest


  11. Battery recharge and stereo

  12. Bentley Typo? (1.9 WBX oil pressure switch)

  13. Bus BRR One Week Countdown!! WhooHooo!

  14. Carat Tri Star On Samba

  15. Cold + Ignition Key Jiggle = Horn

  16. Dash Radios

  17. Difference between North American Engines and European Engines

  18. Duratech?

  19. Engine stutters, tach nosedives. Then, just as suddenly, it's normal again.

  20. Engine stutters, tach nosedives. Then, just as suddenly, it's,normal again.

  21. Eurovan seat transplant pix

  22. Eurovan seats into Westy project. Wow!

  23. FS Fiamma F45I bracket

  24. FS: DJ 2.1L 112 hp engine ...

  25. Front heater core project going forward

  26. Front/rear blower motor swap from AC unit?

  27. Ft Lewis troubles

  28. Fuel Tank Removal - Repair Kit Install - Fuel Tank Re-installation

  29. Fw: Installing ETKA 5.3

  30. Help troubleshoot my instrument cluster

  31. Installing ETKA 5.3

  32. Invertor ?

  33. Junkyard find (long)

  34. Junkyard trips

  35. Leaking Axle Seals 1989 Westy

  36. Mercedes Rim lug hole size

  37. Michael Tevis retraction of comments

  38. NY Times Ghia Love Baby!

  39. Need help with project for front heater core

  40. Need information on rubber injector hoses

  41. OT

  42. Opinion on Long Trip w/young driver to Florida from Texas

  43. Opinion on Long Trip w/young driver to Florida from Texas: Vanagons Gone Wild.

  44. Paging Jim Johnston

  45. Parting an 87 and a 90 vanagon

  46. Pop top tent material - acrylic vs cotton vs hemp

  47. Porsche powered westy for $5000 on craigslist

  48. Reduced Mileage

  49. Removing Wbx Engine Case Studs

  50. Ripoff artists named (TheSamba)

  51. She sold her house, loves living in a Vanagon

  52. Sometimes the vanagon gremlins don't know they are helping...

  53. Stereo and battery redux

  54. Strange vanagon engine pondering, audi 5cyl

  55. Surepower 1315 Wiring

  56. Surepower 1315 Wiring;

  57. T3 Technique adapters, studs and lugs

  58. The mysterious Vanagon

  59. They're GIVING Vanagons away in San Diego!

  60. Tips 'n' Tricks - cold cylinder check

  61. Torque converter question

  62. Transmission Seal Leak!?

  63. Two vanagons at once on the local CL!

  64. Ultra compact "modern" loaf???

  65. Van related really

  66. Vanagon Garage Sale Announcement

  67. Vancouver B.C. Rebuild Specialists

  68. Visibility - Rear Wind Deflector

  69. Viva Las Vegas Autos? Anyone?

  70. Wal-Mart Griup 41 Battery

  71. Wanted - Steel Drip tray that fits over stove (91 Westy)

  72. Werks for Wagens stainless kits on eBay/CL

  73. Westy front table base mount fasteners

  74. What causes the ignition switch to get hot?

  75. When the wind blows

  76. Where does this relay go?

  77. Yucatan trip report (not mine)

  78. [WetWesties] Ft Lewis troubles

  79. [WetWesties] Re: Ft Lewis troubles---SOLVED

  80. fuel pump instructions?

  81. headlight relay problem?

  82. instrument cluster foil differences

  83. question about electrical inlet

  84. reduced mileage

  85. remove rear hub to replace brakes?

  86. removing rear axle nut

  87. speaking of horns...

  88. w terminal on alteernator
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