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VANAGON archives – March 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "intermittant syndrome" harness fix...only for 2.1L vans???

  2. $400 for middle seat/ebay

  3. $400 for middle seat/ebay - $541

  4. $400 for middle seat/ebay - Turd Theory

  5. '86 Doublecab in PA on ebay

  6. '86 Doublecab on PA.. one day $4500 now..

  7. 1993 Eurovan FS

  8. 2.1L engine

  9. <No subject>

  10. A couple items of interest?

  11. A couple items of interest? (free 80-85 a/c unit in SF)

  12. A couple items of interest? Wrong Subie engine

  13. A message from White House Spokesperson Scott McLellan: CAUTION POLITICAL CONTENT

  14. A message from White House Spokesperson Scott McLellan: Discussion of gas demand is unAmerican sedition!

  15. AAA road service, FYI

  16. AAA road service, FYI, and stories

  17. Air Cond Duct Recall - Part question

  18. Air Cond Duct Recall - Part question, recall #

  19. Air Cond Duct Recall - Thanks

  20. Air conditioning (in or out?)

  21. Air conditioning keep it or leave it?

  22. Air cooled masters

  23. Air-conditioning out

  24. Another long diatribe, was Re: gas prices- a canadian perspective

  25. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

  26. Atmospheric CO2 added from Biofuels? Maybe not.

  27. Auto Tech Computer disk for Vanagon- Any good?

  28. Bad ECU??

  29. Bike Racks

  30. Bio-Diesel for Vanagons????

  31. CIP1 Vs H&R Springs

  32. Call for North American VW Shop Reviews

  33. Camping near Olympia & Chelan, WA?

  34. Camping near Olympia & Chelan, WA? - correction

  35. Car advice please: 91 Passat. NVC

  36. Clutch clevis for '88 Vanagon

  37. Coleman Pro Cat 3000

  38. - Heaters

  39. Colman Hot-Water-On-Demand

  40. Conversion finished...questions

  41. Corner Window Glass

  42. Curious about my own Westy's history.

  43. Cv Circlip removal tool?

  44. Disabling steering wheel lock

  45. Do you put sealer or oil, or nothing on it?

  46. Eberspacher BA-6 Auxilliary gas Heater REPAIR manual?????

  47. Engine Still Overheating

  48. Engine Still Overheating - Need Advice / Problem Found

  49. Engine swap - Fuel Injection - AFC v. CIS

  50. Every Westfalia on Craigslist on one web page

  51. EveryBus 2005 Important update

  52. EveryBus update fix

  53. FS 82 westy (maybe)

  54. FS: '87 Westy in Sacramento, CA

  55. FS: '87 Westy in Sacramento, CA /Introduction

  56. FS: '88 westy w/ only 82k orig miles

  57. FS: vanagon capt. chair armrests and headrests..also capt chairs complete

  58. FW: Air conditioning keep it or leave it?

  59. FW: speaking of skylights/Ron

  60. Filling from a 40-lb propane tank...

  61. Fixing case damage due to water pump impeller

  62. Fixing case damage due to water pump impeller a la Condelli

  63. Fuel line problem found during research

  64. Fuel pressure Guage

  65. Fw: EveryBus T-shirt details

  66. Go Westy Mud Flaps

  67. Great experience and deal on AMC heads!!!!

  68. Head Update (getting worse)

  69. Hella Chart Lights Question

  70. Hemi powered Vanagon?

  71. If you ever have a water pump changing party,ya can b sure no one will come

  72. Important Westy list to have

  73. Its Friday - possibly unless I lost another week.

  74. Jump seat help!

  75. Light buzzer

  76. Limping home from GA... 1982 Tranny needed.

  77. Maintenance database Was Re: Auto Tech Computer disk for Vanagon- Any good?

  78. Mercedes rims ET48 - bad idea?

  79. Mercedes rims...I have a question

  80. Mysterious short circuit

  81. Need diesel Vanagon advice/help (longish)

  82. New Hydrolic lifters gasoline smell

  83. No Clutch

  84. O2 Sensor

  85. OT any ku free to air sat users out there?

  86. Oil ring Question

  87. Oil ring hunting

  88. Older Doka Fire Job

  89. POR 15

  90. Pilot Bearing in crankshaft from Automatic...

  91. Propane tank fill valve replacement...

  92. Question about Anza-Borrego Park

  93. R: AAA road service, FYI

  94. Re. Vanagons in the news...

  95. Rear Wheel Bearings Replace$$

  96. Rotors on SA Big Brake Kit, 2WD vs Syncro

  97. Rust Converter

  98. Seattle secrets and an oil filler tube

  99. Sending viruses - only on a Friday.

  100. Speaking of rust... How to seal this?

  101. Speedometer repair

  102. Starter Life

  103. Suspension parts needed

  104. Vanagon Alloys for Sale

  105. Vanagon Badges, Bavaria

  106. Vanagons in the news...

  107. Vanagons vs. Bays vs. Splitties vs. New Bus?

  108. Vancouver, BC VW-friendly scrap yards?

  109. WB Skylight mechanism

  110. WB Skylight mechanism @ The skylight guy

  111. WTB: vanagon instrument cluster w/tach

  112. Web site address - 4 - Round light Westy

  113. Weird oil leak

  114. Weird oil leak (NVC my posting)

  115. What size optima battery

  116. Who's got middle seats

  117. Why New Mexico?

  118. Why SA big brakes saved my ass today

  119. Window fell down

  120. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  121. [Syncro] Why SA big brakes saved my ass today

  122. [T2] 82 aircooled vanagon tranny needed

  123. [T2] 82 aircooled vanagon tranny needed (fwd)

  124. [] Wheel offset

  125. [vanagon] Driver's door tweaked

  126. [vanagon] Rear seat head restraints (headrests)

  127. [vanagon] Three new items of interest--- westy table mounts..etc

  128. [vanagon] What type of adhesive do you use to replace a door seal...

  129. adding a/c to a Doublecab...?

  130. auxilary fuel tank

  131. california camping with Jeff and no I am not working for jeff

  132. careful removing drums! was drums scraping backing plate

  133. cheap '85 vanagon Doublecab for sale..

  134. does anybody have a coleman procat 3000 btu heater?

  135. early 80's ASI interior...lots of photos installed in regular Vanagon...

  136. engine conversions and subaru :)

  137. felt washer

  138. fuel pump question...

  139. gas prices - LONG LIVE MY TDI!!!!!!

  140. gas prices goine up .....more...

  141. gas prices going up.....more..(NVC).

  142. gas prices going up.....more...

  143. gas prices going up.....more...John

  144. gas prices-

  145. gas prices- a canadian perspective

  146. gas prices- energy cost manipulation

  147. going down for the second time w/ the waterpump

  148. hotwater on demand

  149. how to add headrests to a westy rear sofabed seatback.

  150. how to tighten captain chair armrests

  151. idiot's guide to vanagon seam rust repair. please RED

  152. idiot's guide to vanagon seam rust repair. please read

  153. leaky air vents

  154. people who dont fix their seam rust....

  155. people who dont fix their seam rust....wasRe: Dent

  156. power mirrors

  157. preparing for engine rebuild or replacement

  158. re. Bike Racks

  159. replacing oil cooler O-ring

  160. right vent Window Glass

  161. small get together in San Francisco, Saturday March 5th, 2005

  162. so which tire for the87 camper? 2wd

  163. spam: Great experience and deal on AMC heads!!!!

  164. speaking of gas

  165. speaking of skylights

  166. splits, bays and vanagons

  167. squeaky Pagid brake pads

  168. stay out of New Mexico - Jerome Jamboree

  169. stay out of New Mexico - NVC

  170. water heaters; also space heaters

  171. which car to buy? (little vanagon content)

  172. wtb Type 1 van
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