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VANAGON archives – June 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 14" VW Alloys

  2. 1990 Dometic Fit

  3. 500 miles per gallon

  4. 500 miles per gallon(NVC)

  5. 84 West Wolfsburg (fuel injection or fuel pump?

  6. A friend bought a NEW Camero Z28 in the midst of the first oil crisis

  7. AC High Side - line leak - rubber hose

  8. ADMINISTRIVIA (NVC) - RBL Removed [062008-223034-21805-239]

  9. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: A friend bought a NEW Camero Z28 in the midst of the first oil crisis

  10. ADMINISTRIVIA - photo... illiteracy (ad nauseam)

  11. AW: VW Tirol?

  12. Agilis Nokian Hybrid Tires

  13. Almost ready to pull 2.1--questions

  14. An unfortunately thing about the subject line at GerryVanagon -

  15. Anyone have an open CARFAX account?

  16. Brake Fluid, Flushing

  17. Bus Fusion

  18. BusFusion 2008 Movie

  19. CHErry picker is a pain in the ....

  20. Calculations - all kinds

  21. California Smog Trouble - 1987 Syncro

  22. Canvas install question - 3'' too tall?

  23. Carfax request

  24. Costco Group 47 - cheap aux battery option

  25. Denver to NY

  26. Dometic condensation drain

  27. Drafting for better MPG

  28. Draggin caliper, bad bearing job, or paranoia?

  29. Driveline noise under load ??

  30. EJ22 in a bug (LVC)

  31. Empty weight -- 86 Weekender, FWIW

  32. Engine's out... one more question

  33. FS-Full set of stock vanagon steel rims + disk style wheel covers

  34. FS: VDO Under Dash Gauge Pod

  35. FS: programmable adjustable wiper relays

  36. Flaring tool for propane lines?

  37. Front Cooling Fan on 84 westy 1.9L

  38. Front heater valve external leak

  39. Fw: CHErry picker is a pain in the ....

  40. Fw: [Diesel-Vanagon] ca smog

  41. Gas to Diesel conversion Legal in CA

  42. Good Mechanics in NY? Engine Sound/Exhaust Loudness

  43. Gordon Lightfoot

  44. Hey, put some lube on your suspension and steering...

  45. High Mileage - its all been done before

  46. Hightop For Sale in Vancouver

  47. I'm thinking about going to gas

  48. Let me add ... Was cherry picker ...

  49. Load Reduction Relay

  50. Lost Vanagons in the Iowa Flooding?

  51. Loud Engine

  52. Lower Engine Stud Needed

  53. Many THANKS! (Neils VanJetta running better!)

  54. Mexico 2009

  55. Need center panel sheet metal from SF Bay Area junkyard

  56. No Whining er Not Whining

  57. Now My Jetta conversion won't start --- :^( --- (longish)

  58. Oil Paranoia - On Storage by the Tail light

  59. Oil leak, now slipping clutch - what seal?

  60. Older Vanagon suspension R&

  61. Older Vanagon suspension R&R

  62. Personal cooling device

  63. Pondering new commuter car (FRIDAY ONLY TOPIC)

  64. Propane Service Valve

  65. REGO smaller propane regulator?

  66. Rescue Me! 1990/1991 Vanagon Camper project (SF Bay Area)

  67. Roadside Assitance - Wiring Diagrams

  68. Small Oil Leak 91GL

  69. Starter won't engage ring gear WHEN COLD

  70. Starting problem

  71. Subject: Re: I'm thinking about going to gas

  72. Subwoofers Exterior Placement

  73. The Land of 1001 Screws

  74. The mysterious 'Silver Socket'

  75. The pictures

  76. Thinking of switching to Gas.? (response from digest mode) Not much Vanagon content

  77. Trans. Oil filler plug?

  78. Traveling report #1

  79. Trip Report, Maupin/Deschutes River Rendezvous VW Meet

  80. Trip Report: Newfoundland (long)

  81. UPDATE: Rescue Me! 1990/1991 Vanagon Camper project (SF Bay Area)

  82. VW Micrfobus on Overhaulin'

  83. VW Tirol?

  84. Vanagon Photo Set

  85. Was: Re: A friend bought a NEW Camero Z28..blah blah...Now Preaching to the choir about vanagons..

  86. West coast food

  87. Westfalia Tent FS Ebay

  88. Westy water tank key blank

  89. What's the easiest way to drop a stock engine?

  90. What's the easiest way to drop a stock engine? and some info on floor jacks.

  91. When is a Syncro too rusty to Restore?

  92. Why AGM batts don't last as long as they should

  93. Yakima Artificial Rain Gutters

  94. [Syncro] When is a Syncro too rusty to Restore?

  95. [T2] Yakima Artificial Rain Gutters

  96. [WetWesties] Roadside Assitance - Wiring Diagrams

  97. burley motorsports on eBay

  98. drafting for better MPG (from digest)

  99. for those who use wireless on the road ... opps who knew

  100. great "personal cooling"device

  101. photo of vanagon fire: illiteracy

  102. photo... illiteracy: examples from replies

  103. re..Trip Report, Maupin/Deschutes River Rendezvous

  104. rear air scoops on eBay - HOME DEPOT MOTORSPORTS

  105. shifter adjustment

  106. side skirting removal

  107. silly punctuation!

  108. speedometer repair shop in Boulder or Denver? WA? OR?

  109. test (NVC) using gmail with this list

  110. trailer wiring

  111. turnkey subie conversion

  112. unbelievable mpg at 55 mph

  113. water pump gasket cure time?

  114. water pump leak in ocean springs, MS?
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