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VANAGON archives – November 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Rrrr, rrrrr, rrrr..skritch skritch...rrr rrr " (speedo noise?) Resolved

  2. $6: Stealth Camping, Big Springs, Texas

  3. '86 syncro-seatbelt/door warning buzzer

  4. 1982 Westy Alternator question

  5. 1982 Westy air cooled fuel injection cold start valve voltage

  6. 1985 Automatic Vanagon GL FS

  7. 5th time today- Van stolen 35 years ago

  8. 85 Westy fuel tank change

  9. 88GL for sale

  10. 88GL for sale, absolutely rust free

  11. A "thunk" from behind

  12. A few "new" Engine Questions: (Oil Change interval - Lifter noise)

  13. Another Update: Only 13V from Alternator

  14. Anti freeze smell in heat

  15. Any interest in Brake Pressure Regulators?

  16. BC inspection was Re: The Otter Has

  17. Brakes still going to the floor

  18. Can anyone help with a Carfax?

  19. Clear Coat--Can I buy it?

  20. Conclusion: Roadside BREAKDOWN...Water Pump Belt

  21. Crashed Otter - Wednesday Update - Thank You!

  22. DC>DC deep cycle charger (topic change) + SUDHIR?

  23. Drove my tranny dry - how much transmission life left?

  24. E-brake great.

  25. Easy way to mount vanagon jumpseats into your westy or pass van

  26. Engine carrier question

  27. Entertaining story about stolen splitty

  28. FOR SALE: Whole bunch of Vangon and other parts

  29. FS: 89 Wolfsburg (cdn) LOL 2nd try

  30. FS: 89 wolfsburg edition (cdn)

  31. For those who missed Hanks on Letterman, here it is.

  32. Frank's Grates are Great IMNSHO

  33. Friday Stuff: For Car Buffs NVC

  34. Front Fiberglass bumper wanted

  35. Frydat - News

  36. Fryday- Around the world...

  37. Gen Set

  38. Gerry is^h^h was down

  39. Help me Unsubscribe to the List!

  40. How I filled 1.9 with coolant, was; Roadside BREAKDOWN...Water Pump Belt

  41. How do I tell what jumpseat/bracket belongs behind the pass seat

  42. In "Transit" that Van like little ford thing

  43. Interesting Vanagon Paint Schemes

  44. Interesting stolen Type II report......NVC

  45. It's Alive: 2.1 Overheat - engine swap - no spark - timing - Recap

  46. It's official - I'm a masochist!

  47. Legal Types on the List

  48. MOD Mike Collum Wednesday night status

  49. Mod Mike Collum Nov. 3 update

  50. Movie Sighting, nT3c, Original Casino Royale

  51. NVC Van stolen 35 years ago in Wash. state recovered - Yahoo! News

  52. NVC broke down in Jacksonville

  53. Need power window/mirror harness

  54. Nice looking Bentley Wiring Diagrams

  55. No Spark '90 2.1 UPDATE

  56. Out goes the Norcold, in goes the Vitrifrigo

  57. Parts for sale - cleaning garage

  58. Peloquin torque biasing differential

  59. Power Inverter Review-Just got one

  60. Radiator fan won't turn off

  61. Rapid Flashing Bulbs WAS: Re: was The Otter Has (CRASH) Landed! Now ... there is much hope to be had

  62. Rebuild Power Steering Pump FS

  63. Repair shops in Vancouver? (Was the Otter has CRASH landed)

  64. Repro fiberglass bumpers

  65. Road trip to The Van Cafe UPDATE

  66. Roadside BREAKDOWN...Water Pump Belt

  67. Roadside BREAKDOWN...Water Pump Belt-Realities!

  68. Rubber Seal Treatment

  69. Screen for non-camper

  70. Should I replace my transmission?

  71. Shoulder injury dangers, was Re: Gen Set

  72. Slider door handle working itself loose

  73. Sliding door inner panel removal -- any gotchas?

  74. So, you want to swap colour...

  75. Sorry Re: Vanagon Winter Survival Kit Question

  76. Spillmeister burner grill thingies

  77. Standard to automatic?

  78. SudHIRRRRR!

  79. Syncro Parts we can get

  80. The Otter Has (CRASH) Landed!

  81. The saga continues -

  82. Tom Hanks and Letterman

  83. USAA now open to all w/honorable service.

  84. Ultrasonic cleaners for small parts

  85. Update! Re: Syncro Fuel Tank Level Sender should be available again soon!

  86. Utube Vanagon Conversion

  87. Vanagon Winter Survival Kit Question

  88. Vanagon Winter Survival Kit Question NOW staying warm!

  89. Vanagon woes!

  90. Vanagon, Audi and Porsche autotrans compatibility.

  91. Vangon Sliding Door

  92. Various Vanagon Parts For Sale in Austin, TX

  93. Volvo B230FT Engine --> Vanagon?

  94. Volvo B230FT Engine --> Vanagon? 944 turbo?

  95. WTB power window motor driver's side

  96. WTB: Sun Visor Clips

  97. Was: The saga continues - Now: Bleeding Coolant

  98. Which is taller Syncro or 85 2wd Westy front springs?

  99. Who wanted that Analog clock?

  100. [Syncro] Re: Tom Hanks and his syncro Westy on Letterman

  101. [Syncro] Which is taller Syncro or 85 2wd Westy front springs?

  102. apologies for non-vanagon content

  103. cold running problem

  104. correction: round headlight/grill install in '86 van

  105. digijet vs. digifant

  106. flywheel bolts

  107. looking for wolfsburg jump seat female wire seat belts and suggestion

  108. looking for wolfsburg jump seat female wire seat belts and suggestion on mountin

  109. passenger side power window problem

  110. recovery of stolen van good for us

  111. round headlight/grill install in '86 van

  112. shift repair pic and dome light q

  113. steel coolant pipes 82 diesel Westy

  114. steel coolant pipes 82 diesel westy

  115. swishing tranny sounds when coasting in 3rd and 4th - DIY fix?

  116. trying to locate VW automatic transmission seals

  117. was The Otter Has (CRASH) Landed! Now ... there is much hope to be had

  118. was: Volvo B230FT Engine --> Vanagon? 944 turbo?
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