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VANAGON archives – July 2003, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 'Virile' Vanagon Stock Alloys FS $245.00

  2. 1.9 Cooling System

  3. 1.9 Cooling System "H" Piece

  4. 1.9 l bad gound

  5. 1.9 l bad ground

  6. 16" wheels from other makes?

  7. 1984 Vanagon w 2.1 conversion for parts.

  8. 1986 Military Diesel Crew Cab Transporter Pickup

  9. 1990 Carat interior FOR SALE

  10. 2.1 into a 1.9 anyone done it?

  11. 2.1L coolant light problem

  12. 2.1L coolant light problem..diagnosis

  13. 215's fitting in the spare tire compartment?

  14. 5 Cylinder conversion

  15. 5th seat installation

  16. 81 Westy FS or trade

  17. 84 WESTY AC SWITCH & Wiring Diagram

  18. 85 Vanagon GL slow starting when engine is warm

  19. 87 Vanagon GL For Sale

  20. 87 factory cassette radio

  21. 89Westy sink/pump elect problem

  22. 91 GL "dies when hot" issue resolved

  23. A red letter day for Westy sightings in Madison/Wisconsin

  24. A/C not blowing cold

  25. AFM resistance test

  26. AT: how it works

  27. ATTN: those who asked for center mounted logo LED brake lights. They are here.

  28. Adding New Interior Lights

  29. Air conditioning repair-- new hoses

  30. Alloy and steel wheels FS in Seattle

  31. Anyone ever rigged up a Coolant Pressure Gauge???

  32. Arguments against using VDO oil gauges only?

  33. Audi Turbo alloys .... PICS of 15" wheels

  34. Audi Turbo alloys wheels are ok by me

  35. Automatic Transmissions

  36. Automatic to 4 speed conversion

  37. Aux battery FuseBlock under sink....Bad idea?/Aux.batt.Relay(Hella Alternative)-sold!...SOLD!

  38. Behr A/C capacities ??

  39. BenT please P-mail me about brake light

  40. Bus club in NY area

  41. Busdepot coolant schematics?

  42. CB mounting

  43. Calling Al Knoll

  44. Camper Roof rack questions..

  45. Camper inlets

  46. Carpet

  47. Checking fuel pressure on 2.1L?

  48. Chris Dixon's New York Times article on Syncros

  49. Cleaning the water holding tank?

  50. Clutch Diagnosis Help Needed

  51. Considering *new* Eurovan... any add'l words of wisdom?

  52. Coolant "T" supprise

  53. Coolant temp Gauge: Normal position??

  54. Diary of a bonehead (was Re: looking for Gumby- Re: My Hula Girl won't stay on my dash)

  55. Diesel speedo + woriking odo?

  56. Digitool

  57. Driveshaft Bolt Part Number

  58. E-bay item - 5-speed Vanagon Tranny

  59. EZ UP Canopy parts> Who needed parts?

  60. Engine is out -- Thank you list!

  61. Exhaust Ceramic Coatings - New Reasonable Price

  62. Exhaust Ceramic Coatings - Replies to most common questions

  63. Exhaust Questions

  64. FA: Good working 1.9L AFM and Air cleaner

  65. FOR SALE

  66. FS 15" wheels, was FYI Audi wheels are a direct fit........

  67. FS 85 GL 7 Pass. van

  68. FS 85 parts van, $950 Sparks, MD USA

  69. FS: 1986 Owners manual & Camper supplement

  70. FS: 1987 Wolfsburg GL - Denver, CO

  71. FS: Hella Auxillary Battery Relay Switch Alternative

  72. FS:amc 2.1 wbx heads with 5000 miles

  73. FYI - Audi wheels are a DIRECT bolt on for the Eurovan

  74. Fan-Tastic Vents

  75. Floppy drive for Sony digital camera wanted

  76. Folding Mid Seat

  77. For Sale 1982 Vanagon Westfalia Poptop

  78. Friday -- At Last

  79. Friday- This 1980's Camper Thinks It's an S.U.V.

  80. Fuel injector question

  81. Fuel lines...

  82. Fuel pressure checks out, what next?

  83. Fw: tune up help please!!!

  84. GREAT site dedicated to AFM theory and repair, with lots of great pictures...

  85. Going onn vacation

  86. Heidelberg Radio Discussion

  87. Help with A/C High/Low pressure sensor requested

  88. Help! 1.9 idle/ stalling problem !!!!!

  89. Help! Need Advice for Westy Purchase

  90. How do you fix the heater controls?/ Also need seat uphol

  91. ISV question

  92. Idea for a Westy PU ;-)

  93. Idle problem/digitool readings

  94. Jordanvw, please let me know about shipping the seat.

  95. KYB Shock Advice

  96. Karst farm VW fest

  97. Last call before bone yard/Parting Out 82 Vanagon in Utah

  98. Looking for A/C System

  99. Looking for A/C system

  100. My "new" Vanagon, and Camper to-be.

  101. My Hula Girl won't stay on my dash

  102. NEW Vanagon Shock Option from Europe (Was: Shock Advice)

  103. NJ Vanagon owners Poll ?

  104. NVC: Center Brake lights (missed it) please reiterate BenT

  105. Article & Japanese 4WD vans

  106. Article: This 1980's Camper Thinks It's an S.U.V.

  107. Need a Little help list..

  108. Need late model speedo with cruise

  109. Neighbor selling 82 7 passenger diesel

  110. New Dash Mounted Tables for Vanagon

  111. No AC power

  112. OT - bus restoration question

  113. Oil

  114. Oil Seals

  115. Oil change frequency?

  116. Oldsmobile Burns Today - Fuel Lines

  117. One board compressor.......Long:.... on wind

  118. Organizing Vanagon Maintenance Information

  119. Outside Sliding handle Confusion


  121. Plugs, gas cap, stuff, etc...

  122. Pop top dimensions

  123. Poptop Revival

  124. Portable Venting...

  125. Post AT rebuild troubles

  126. Red Tek Report

  127. Remove AC Cabinet 84 Westy

  128. Repairing the Foil?

  129. RoadHaus - BC, Canada" Must See's" requested

  130. SOS Part urgently needed

  131. Same tank for turbo diesel?

  132. Seam Rust

  133. Seattle VW show

  134. Serious = Fuel lines

  135. Shadyboy awning

  136. Shifter extension

  137. Shock Advice

  138. Simplest and best engine swap going

  139. South Africa VANAGON

  140. South Africa Vanagaon

  141. South Africa Vanagon

  142. South Africa Vanagown

  143. South Africa Vanagroan

  144. Still no AC

  145. Subject: Re: 16" wheels from other makes?

  146. Surf Rack

  147. Syncro Puch badges for sale!

  148. Technical Documentation

  149. Teenage Vanagon Drivers

  150. Teenage drivers

  151. Testing Radiator Thermoswitch

  152. Thanks for the transmission information and another idea - question.

  153. Tiico available

  154. Time to install new radio

  155. To all with Cobra "all in mike" CB's...

  156. To all with Cobra "all in mike" CB's...what antenna/mounts did you use???

  157. Turbo wasserboxer

  158. Upcoming Maint

  159. VDO Transmission PRESSURE gauge...anyone used one on a 2.1L AT???

  160. VW Transporter 1985 for sale

  161. Vanagon Syncro Campers in the New York Times!

  162. Vanagon alternator too weak for Optimas.

  163. Various (more) parts needed


  165. WTB: ETKA cd

  166. Want HP for your toy? Try a Turbo Charged Modified Subaru EJ 20

  167. Wanted: Used 1.6 L Diesel or Turbo DieselTIA

  168. Warning about KYB front shock hardware

  169. Westfalia interior paint...

  170. Westy - propane

  171. Westy pop top canvas

  172. Westy top hinge

  173. What to do first?

  174. Which direction do you sleep?

  175. Windshield for 85 Westy

  176. Would these wheels fit?

  177. YIKES! was clutch not working

  178. Yep.. Oil Filters Again

  179. [Syncro] Chris Dixon's New York Times article on Syncros

  180. [Syncro] Re: Group discount - Vanagon high tops

  181. [limbolist] Transporter by the Tunnel


  183. air intake elbow for an 85 1.9L needed

  184. an interesting high top on

  185. anyone know of a eurovan poptop MV for parts or in a junkyard?

  186. automatic removal, atf coolers

  187. automatic trannie removal, atf coolers

  188. better brakes on 86 up

  189. blasting your radiator...

  190. bleeding advice

  191. clutch not working

  192. coolant expansion valve

  193. curtain hook help needed

  194. da'lan hitch

  195. da'lan hitch/side bar: where?

  196. dash mounted rear view mirror?

  197. dash mounted rear view mirror? - use a blind spot instead

  198. diesel vanagon radiator

  199. editing the Archives...

  200. electric door locks gone mad

  201. eurovan wheels

  202. exhaust and valve noise

  203. for sale: fiberglass bumpers and body side mouldings - 2 complete kits

  204. fuel injector hoses

  205. horn whacky again


  207. interior parts, FREE!, etc

  208. looking for Gumby- Re: My Hula Girl won't stay on my dash (NVC whatsoever)

  209. looking for info. timing 1.9

  210. looking for junk yards VA and OH

  211. looking for local shops, body work needed.

  212. need source for interior side panels

  213. new syncro owner questions

  214. odometer stopped

  215. ok, you gotta look at this one ...

  216. older cars get low balled in value, but VW's hold value

  217. older cars get low balled in value, but VW's hold value (18 lines) From: Jos

  218. part needed for 84 (may be universal vanagon)

  219. parts for sale

  220. parts needeed

  221. private property + vanagon

  222. radio installation

  223. rearview mirror follow up...

  224. rebuilt transmission leaking

  225. rubber vs cork valve cover gasket for 2.0 aircooled

  226. source for interior side panels (doh 87!)

  227. steering wheel covers was: CB mounting

  228. tap tap tap ,,, no more

  229. tap tap tap - ME TOO!

  230. tap tap tap!! ??

  231. tiico wbx...

  232. timing method - Is this correct ?

  233. valve clearance

  234. vanagon Digest - 14 Jul 2003 - Special issue (#2003-713)

  235. vented battery with venting hose

  236. way to go Guys!! Vanagon in NYTimes today!

  237. wheel chair lift
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