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VANAGON archives – May 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Emergency Brake Trick" ?

  2. '82 diesel vanagon overheating

  3. '85 GL for Sale (MA) - Large Sunroof

  4. '87-on westy parts needs

  5. 1.9 Head Gaskets

  6. 1.9 oil sender

  7. 1980 Vanagon L

  8. 2.1l motor $300 Charleston, SC

  9. 85 DoKa for sale in NH

  10. 86 Van Clutch Prob? + Shop Kudos (semi-long)

  11. 89 driveability problem after new rebuild

  12. 89 driveability problem after new rebuild FIXED IT!

  13. <No subject>

  14. A/C charging and maintenance...

  15. A/C oil leak

  16. Addco anti-sway bars

  17. Addco anti-sway bars: Best Price is PST G-Max (renamed Addco...)

  18. Addco anti-sway bars: Best Price is PST G-Max (renamedAddco...)

  19. Annoying sirius DJ's-Does XM have them too? NVC

  20. Antifreeze Again

  21. Any Bug People ( OT )

  22. Audi 5 cylinder


  24. Battery Corrosion Treatment

  25. Bentley Vanagon CD

  26. Big black ground wire

  27. Bonnaroo

  28. Bonnaroo - Anyone else going?

  29. BusFusion News

  30. Camping at Wally Marts

  31. Camping at Wally Marts and stealth camping in general.

  32. CarFax Request

  33. Charge light and O2 sensor light malfunction 87 Westy

  34. Cleaning the fuzzy stuff

  35. Clock Analog Vanagon

  36. Complete DA-6 Eberspacher for sale Charleston, SC

  37. Cooling system

  38. Darn car tires ...

  39. Diesel Stuff and Parts for conversions

  40. Diesel Westy on ebay!!! --> San Diego CA

  41. E-Vanagon :-)

  42. Electrical Glitch (Imagine that!)

  43. Engine Wont Start! Vanagon 86, 2.1

  44. Eurospec muffler parts?

  45. Eurovan & Wolfsburg crest

  46. Eurovan; to buy or not to buy...

  47. F.S. 1.9 engine $9.99 E-bay Sacramento, CA

  48. FS '90 syncro Westie

  49. FS: 85 vangon $800

  50. FS: Set of early vanagon wheel covers

  51. FW: Gas Mileage Problem

  52. FW: Subaru Engines (NVC)

  53. Factory sticker estimaged mileage?

  54. First camping weekend of the season...

  55. Foam website

  56. Freeze plugs & parts failure / 88 Wolfsburg No Start / Golf clubs

  57. Front grill ad on trim

  58. Fuel line size question

  59. Fwd: Darn car tires ...

  60. GAS HEATER SWITCH.. . now gas heater

  61. GAS HEATER SWITCH.. was Re: I found a "Mystery Switch" ...

  62. Gas Mileage

  63. Gas Mileage Problem

  64. Gas Mileage Problem...again

  65. Gas heaters, was Re: I found a "Mystery Switch" .

  66. Gas mileage problem

  67. Greaseable Sway bar Bushing Brand and part number...

  68. Great fuel injection diagnosis document I found on the net (Digitool related)

  69. Great site for partnumbers

  70. Heater Valve Replacement

  71. Help! My Van won't start!

  72. Hints re tail pipe removal

  73. I found a "Mystery Switch" ...

  74. Ignition Coil and Hall sender

  75. Info on a Bonnaroo VW camp....

  76. Interesting '87 Westy charging problem

  77. Is the rear main seal in an 8v scirocco the same as a rear main seal in a vanagon?

  78. Is the website down for some reason?

  79. Ken Wilfords whereabouts??

  80. Listmember down in AZ - need a Syncro tranny

  81. Loadcarrying capacity of Vanagon ;-)

  82. NVC need a beetle group...

  83. NVC! Is this a Wolfsburg Bug?

  84. Need a Syncro!

  85. Need a air control knob.

  86. New Vanagon wheels

  87. New Vanagon wheels/ bling-bling

  88. Non vanagon content-Annoying sirius DJ's-Does XM have them too?

  89. Non-VC, TDI TriStar weekend report!

  90. OT - Sirius satellite radio now on DISH satellite TV

  91. OT RE - Non vanagon content-Annoying sirius DJ's-Does XM have

  92. Oil theory, Caravelle Bus 1982 2.0 engine

  93. Onstar in an 89 Westy

  94. Other vehicle

  95. Power Mirror Install--What to do, about the bottom screw?

  96. Preventing a fire in your vanagon

  97. Price of too many vehicles

  98. Propex heater and auxiliary battery install

  99. Reassembled 1.9L from head gasket replacement won't start/idle

  100. Rebuilt fuel injectors

  101. Recommended Repair Shops Near Anchorage, AK

  102. Replacing Syncro/Vanagon Fuel Hoses-how tough?

  103. Resolved: Vanagon GL 83 1.9L engine wont start after head gasket replacement

  104. Resolved: Vanagon GL 90 2.1L engine unexpectedly stalls while driving

  105. Roadhaus - Clearing the air

  106. SV: Re: 1980 Vanagon L

  107. SV: Unprecise gearshift on Caravelle Bus 1982

  108. Satellite radio antenna mounting for 87 westy

  109. Seats?

  110. See ya on the road.

  111. Small microwave

  112. Spedo cables for sale

  113. Steal Your Face Sticker

  114. Steering racks

  115. Subaru Engines

  116. Subaru Engines (LVC)

  117. Subaru Engines (NVC)

  118. Subaru Engines (NVC) Sports Cars

  119. Sway Bars Pics are now on the Web...

  120. Syncro Speedometer

  121. T5 California edition

  122. TSII info

  123. Thank you from Buses By the Beach

  124. Toronto Propane Tank Service

  125. VW doesn't and never has made a sportscar.

  126. Van has a mind of it's own

  127. Vanagaon axle stand height?

  128. Vanagon axle stand height?

  129. Vanagon picture opinion please

  130. Vanagon sighting Nice red Carat on the 405

  131. Vanagon using Jeep steel wheels

  132. Vanagon vs Alternative Vehicles

  133. WANTED: 5.43:1 locking front differential for Syncro

  134. WOW...Header pipes glowing red?

  135. WTB: Westy upper mattress or cover

  136. WTB:Bra

  137. WTB:later model westy stuff

  138. Wanted: 15" wheels

  139. Wanted: 15" wheels and some info

  140. Warped Carat wheel?

  141. Westy upper mattress

  142. What is best program to make a website?

  143. Where to buy Sure Power Battery isolator?

  144. Where to get coolant system Pressure Checker?

  145. White-wall Tires for modern vans?

  146. Who has exhaust header pipes in stock(and studs too)

  147. Wiper turning on by themselves - Any ideas how to fix?

  148. [NVC] Signature tutorial: Making a clickable URL

  149. [vanagon] 87 vangon tune up

  150. [vanagon] Factory sticker estimaged mileage?

  151. antifreeze from diesel engine block

  152. anybody else in Tuscaloosa?? :)

  153. bad propane regulator?

  154. best case sealant?

  155. best case sealant? O-ring it...

  156. bumper bolts

  157. check for bad alternator

  158. clutch replacement

  159. factory sticker estimated mileage

  160. finding digitool sampling points in the wiring harness, without connection to ECU

  161. fixing low oil pressure

  162. fluorescent light --> replace

  163. fluorescent light repair or replace

  164. for sale: leather wrapped a1 vw GTI steering wheel made to fit vanagon

  165. fridge blowing out

  166. fyi ... 1980-1981 passenger door locks

  167. header replacement 025251172r for 87 vanagon

  168. headlight relay installation - problems with fuse block

  169. interesting project for someone near Denver, CO ... :)

  170. lower westy mattress cover

  171. no VW sports cars?

  172. no VW sports cars? No longer any Vanagon content

  173. no VW sports cars? [NVC]

  174. odometer problem

  175. problems with the archives?

  176. rusted on exhaust cylinder pipes?

  177. sirius

  178. spare bulb slot

  179. splitting the case

  180. swivel seat ques

  181. syncro gas cap beta

  182. syncro photos online

  183. syncro with Pontiac V6 /Re:subaru engines

  184. tire and wheel width matching

  185. unclas Bonnaroo

  186. unclassified Compression and other topics

  187. valve cover gasket replacement

  188. vanagon Digest - 25 May 2004 - Special issue (#2004-492)

  189. vanagon Digest - Mercedes makes all the Sprinters

  190. vanagon Las Vegas

  191. vanagon tech data request for CFD (pretty nerdy)

  192. wanted - pop top shell for 87 westy - damaged ok

  193. weird para-normal

  194. westies in the woods

  195. westy fridge stuff FS: ice cube trays, fridge shelves, fridge door racks
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