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VANAGON archives – September 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "wet" spot on head gasket - advice?

  2. 1 cooling system info request, 2 questions

  3. 10K update-2.3 H.O. WBX from Unique Imports

  4. 12v Aftermarket Coolers ? Any Good?

  5. 1991 Vanagon Double Door GL - For Sale

  6. 2 gears at once?

  7. 28.8 MPG

  8. 7 to 22 hp gain at wheels

  9. 800 voice mail service

  10. 85 manual Clutch and more shifting woes...

  11. 90 Carat auto tranny fit 84 WBX?

  12. <No subject>

  13. ? on Syncro fuel tank and sender

  14. ? on Syncro fuel tank and sender - May God Go with You

  15. A syncro fords a river: photo

  16. A syncro fords a river: photo NVC

  17. A syncro fords a river: photo NVC Wow!

  18. A/C Conversion

  19. ATF filter: urban legend?

  20. Accelerator Cable Broke...Again! Why do they break?

  21. Accelerator sticks

  22. Adding power steering to an 83.5 wbx

  23. Air conditioning hose

  24. Alt./water pump belt tension: hot v.s. cold ?

  25. Alternative for Por 15

  26. Any POR 15 users-field report?

  27. Attn Silver Westy Spotted on Chesapeake Bay Bridge 9/5

  28. Auto tranny: adjust or replace?

  29. Automatic Transmission for Sale

  30. Back home. Equus 9000-b worked great.

  31. Bad Pilot Bearing???

  32. Batteries

  33. Battery LEDs = Useful life

  34. Battery LEDs = Useful life Drivers seat swivel / table

  35. Battery LEDs = Useful life Drivers seat swivel.

  36. Battery LEDs = Useful life?

  37. Burning Man

  38. Burning Man article

  39. Buses over the Rainbow - NE Iowa Edition

  40. Call for Repair Shop Reviews

  41. Complete Fuel injection system for 1982 Vanagon

  42. Consensus wanted....OK to drive with power steering belt detached for awhile???

  43. Cubboard with sliding doors

  44. De-carbonize engine with carbonized water?

  45. Demented power door lock?

  46. Digest Delays

  47. Do I need a HEATED O2 sensor?

  48. Double cab for sale

  49. Double cab for sale/engine longevity

  50. Double cab for sale/engine longevity - Torque Kills

  51. Double sided tape for moisture barrier

  52. Dune Buggy

  53. Engine lift

  54. FS: 81 Westfalia

  55. FS: T3 Syncro with original 39,000 km !!!

  56. FW: New pop top Honda?

  57. FW: [LCML] Stupid Diesel Idea of the day NVC

  58. Favorite Road Music Survey

  59. Flooding

  60. Friday ~ Top speed (s)

  61. Fridge cleaning

  62. From a Westy, to a "Motorhome" ?? (LVC)

  63. From a Westy, to a "Motorhome" ?? Seeking advice (LVC)

  64. Front Mounted Rack-here's an easier solution!!

  65. Front-mount bicycle rack?

  66. Fuel Pressure Question...

  67. Gear mini-review: The Bus Depot Ezy-Awning

  68. GoWesty

  69. Gray adjustable armrests for an 89 Westy

  70. How does Digifant work?

  71. I need a Behr Front AC setup

  72. ISO camper

  73. Idle Smoothness? (was: Temp. sensor function, Bucking, etc)

  74. If it isn't one thing...

  75. In-line water purifiers?

  76. Leaking Gas tank donut gasket!

  77. Longer bolts for Alloys and Auxillary battery solutions?

  78. MICE and moth balls, other uses, LVC

  79. MICE and moth balls, other uses, except bears

  80. MICE: points of ingress in cab area?

  81. MICE: points of ingress in cab area? / Terry K.'s Way

  82. Mice

  83. More tire fun <- for fun!

  84. NVC-Mac OSX: how are you connecting via cellphone when you travel?

  85. Need help diagnosing a coolant issue

  86. New fridge installed! Yippee!

  87. New fridge installed!--performance report!

  88. New pop top Honda?

  89. New pop top Honda? - Ground ClearAnce

  90. New pop top Honda? NVC

  91. Nitrous on diesel?

  92. No Charge: HELP!

  93. No Charge: HELP!--cheap digital voltmeters

  94. O2 sensor problems

  95. OT FS:1988 Jetta GLi 16v ..long..

  96. Off to Burning Man Trip Report #4

  97. PCV hose reference

  98. Paging Rober Keezer withThermotron Remotron Propane heater question.

  99. Parts List for Complete Fuel injection system for 1982 Vanagon

  100. Parts for sale

  101. Pictures - Trip to Burning Man part 2

  102. Please remove from list

  103. Pop Top Honda

  104. Preventative Maintenance: WWYD? 84 Vanagon

  105. Propane injection on diesel?

  106. Rad cardboard deflectors

  107. Removing the sliding window from its track and disassembly of side window (long)

  108. Replacing expansion tank hoses

  109. SVX conversion

  110. Seat belt wanted

  111. Small rebuilder parts (vendor input)

  112. Stuck Solenoid????

  113. Subaru power in Pa.

  114. T3 Syncro with original 39,000 km !!!

  115. Thanks, identification of coolant distribution Tees

  116. Tires and Wheels Available

  117. Trickle Charger Hookup

  118. Trip to Buringing Man Part 4

  119. Troubleshooting Opinions Wanted (was: WTB or borrow ECU)

  120. Using FM stereo for film soundtrack

  121. VERY hot exhaust issues

  122. Van-O-Rama in San Francisco - Sept 11, 2004

  123. Vanagon Rims Toronto

  124. Vanagon driving technique

  125. Vanagon not as fast as you think

  126. WTB: Complete Fuel injection system for 1982 Vanagon

  127. Was: Front Mounted Rack - NOW PVC strut fix

  128. Westfalia Purchase

  129. Westfalia owners

  130. Westy fridge fan

  131. Westy fridge fan newbie question

  132. Westy fridge fan on, but fridge is off (I think)

  133. Westy fridge fan, How Important Is It?

  134. Westy fridge fan--look around

  135. What is Function of temp sensors? (Digifant)

  136. What voltage do injectors need to fire?

  137. Where's Frank Condelli?

  138. Who's got their Bentley handy?

  139. Whose red Vanagon on Scrubs?

  140. [LCML] Stupid Diesel Idea of the day NVC

  141. [Syncro] 10K update-2.3 H.O. WBX from Unique Imports

  142. [Syncro] auxilary fuel tanks.

  143. [Syncro] dual battery isolator

  144. [Syncro] dual battery isolator - belay that

  145. [WetWesties] MICE: points of ingress in cab area?

  146. a syncro fords a river

  147. alt output vs rpm

  148. any room for one of these?

  149. auto transmission problem

  150. auxilary fuel tanks.

  151. call for turbo diesel conversion feedback

  152. canoe cart

  153. coolant pressure testing

  154. curtain slide-hangers

  155. does anybody have the address of the speedo repair shop in texas ?

  156. found one home of vanagon.

  157. gas cap part/ where to get one-non-locking

  158. gauge mod help

  159. honda --looks like a rolling piece of tupperware

  160. install a grease fitting into the stub

  161. lisence plate foam

  162. looking for technical assistance in Wisconsin or Michigan/UP

  163. mice

  164. need oil tube vanagon diesel

  165. passing CA emissions?

  166. power steering rack replacement

  167. re. Front-mount bicycle rack?

  168. rear tent for hatch.... anyone use one?

  169. redline tranny fluid

  170. seating

  171. sunset

  172. trip report - addendum

  173. vanagon top speed

  174. vanagon top speed - more info

  175. vanagon top speed, extrapolation

  176. vanagon top speed, was Re: Double cab for sale/engine longevity

  177. westfalia - looks like a loaf of bread

  178. wiring diagram, Dometic 182B?


  180.       vanagon top speed - more info
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