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VANAGON archives – July 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Westy Weekender owner needs help!!!!!! 2.1L wbx running rich???

  2. '87 Westy Weekender owner needs help!!!!!! 2.1L wbx running rich??? ideas??

  3. (Friday)Dream van on ebay: Toyota 4x4 Diesel "SurfVan"

  4. ** HELP ** van heavy gas smell

  5. 2.1 engine f/s

  6. 2wd to Syncro conversion

  7. 91 Hard shifting sometimes girding

  8. 91 Westy, low idle stall, low power!

  9. <No subject>

  10. AC --- recharging?

  11. AC Condenser underneath a Vanagon?

  12. AC Drip Drop

  13. AC Drip Drop..absolution NVC...

  14. AC converted to 134

  15. AC converted to 134 - now what?

  16. AC for my Doka - question at the end

  17. AC for my Doka continued

  18. AFM, throttle body needed

  19. Adjusting linkage problem

  20. Airstream Base Camp

  21. Alternator Part Number?

  22. Armrests -89 Westy

  23. Back from West River Westys

  24. Base camp

  25. Bend in Alternator Support Arm?

  26. Bentley for sale

  27. Bike Racks in Vancouver

  28. Blue Wire on alternator - replacement

  29. Bus Depot

  30. Buses By the Beach - DATE CHANGE!!!!

  31. Cigarette Lighter socket..."tighter" ones available?

  32. Cleaning mould (?) off of inside POPTOP

  33. Continuing Saga of Worn Alt. Belt...(kinda long)

  34. Correct Air Pressure

  35. Did I meet you at WagonWorks?

  36. Differential cost of replacing seals....

  37. Does anyone know what happened to the post about the diesel westy and 85 gl at a thrift shop?

  38. ETKA Data Request

  39. ETKA for Mac?

  40. ETKA for Mac? -- yes and no VPC

  41. ETKA on a Mac (NVC)

  42. Engine drain

  43. Engine drain--what about using a reamer?

  44. FS 2.1 Engine, will trade for AT trannie

  45. FS: OEM westy floor tracks and covers for optional middle seat, & middle seat FS

  46. Flue vent replacement

  47. Frig on 12v

  48. Fwd: AC converted to 134

  49. GPS

  50. General questions about fridges in the westy

  51. HI ALL From Gibsons B.C.

  52. Halifax to Vancouver: in Michigan

  53. Heater core valve in front

  54. Heli-Coil an Engine Oil Drain?

  55. Heli-Coil an Engine Oil Drain? / From the Real World

  56. Help needed aka for MD

  57. High Country Bus Festival

  58. Hot A/C wiring '89 Carat

  59. How to replace voltage regulator?

  60. ISO Knob for for tank

  61. Input shaft question

  62. Installing Aux Battery in 7 Passenger van?

  63. Is this my voltage regulator P/N?

  64. Kicking my own tires

  65. LVC/ Re: Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  66. List vendors needed (Plug wires)

  67. Listies in & around Boynton Beach Fl!

  68. Looking for Phil Zimmerman's email address

  69. Low Mileage Syncro Westy for $6,000?

  70. Maine event when/where? (BBTB)

  71. Metric Tee fittings

  72. More AC woes...

  73. My Trip-Madison, Wi ->Vancouver, BC and Back

  74. NEED HELP finding replacement carpet

  75. Need slide door window screen

  76. Neutral Safety Switch...replacement Instructions?

  77. New SS exhaust pipes for Vanagons

  78. New VW Van

  79. Noisy fuel pump

  80. Not another ETKA part request

  81. Off list for 3 weeks

  82. Oil Pressure Gauge install

  83. Packing a '90 Westy

  84. Paging a 1988 Syncro Owner

  85. Parking in Horseshoe Bay

  86. Perfect place for Sirius antenna in a Westy

  87. Power door lock saga

  88. Question about Fridge Fan + and - wire colours

  89. Questions about selector shaft seal replacemnet in a DU transmission

  90. Radiator fan question

  91. Rear Facing Seat for Eurovan MV

  92. Rear Facing Seat for sale

  93. Rear hatch VW emblem brake light

  94. Recommended body/paint shops

  95. Replacing propane knob near tank

  96. Running without a cat

  97. Shower using the westy stove

  98. Solar Panel

  99. Source for low pressure oil switch

  100. Speedo Accuracy was Correct Air Pressure

  101. Speedo died

  102. Studded Tires

  103. Studded Tires location

  104. Suburban Design Core at BOTC2005

  105. Syncro Air Intake

  106. THANK YOU! [vanagon] lister needs help on the road - headlight gremlin in 86 wes

  107. Thermostat and radiator questions...

  108. Time to go.....

  109. Traveling with a Laptop

  110. Truth in Advertising - Friday Funny

  111. Typical Operating Temp Range of Automatic Trans Fluid???

  112. Vanagon newsletter (printed version)

  113. WTB CDN Syncro Speedo Cable

  114. WTB: AC fan switch for '91

  115. West Coast Events?

  116. Westy roof bag

  117. What shade of White is your van? Which shade of white is most common?

  118. What's a Joker?

  119. Where can I find the AC charge\evacuation fittings for the BEHR AC

  120. Why Americans Are the Jerks of the World!

  121. Window Tinting - What Really Works?

  122. Window Tinting - What Really Works? - cooling, shades, curtains, solar gain

  123. Worst oil pressure ever?

  124. Worst oil pressure ever? what about highest OK?

  125. [Syncro] Metric Tee fittings

  126. [Syncro] Paging a 1988 Syncro Owner

  127. [vanagon] lister needs help on the road - headlight gremlin in 86 westy

  128. air- cooled engine

  129. bleeding coolant system?

  130. body shop recommendations?

  131. ebay westfalia...

  132. effort involved in tuning a non-stock engine?

  133. engine dieing while AC on high--solved

  134. fuel line size

  135. goin camping only on 2 cylinders help

  136. how to remove driver's side "engine tin" pushrod cover

  137. lister needs help on the road - headlight gremlin in 86 westy

  138. lug nut torque?

  139. noisy lifter: Marvel mystery oil??

  140. nvc: Beam me up Scotty

  141. painting propane tank and mudflap

  142. re. (Friday)Dream van on ebay: Toyota 4x4 Diesel "SurfVan"

  143. shops in L.A.

  144. speedo 85gl

  145. suby/westy for sale on ebay

  146. temp sensor and temp2

  147. unsubscribe

  148. update: goin camping only on 2 cylinders help

  149. valve clatter

  150. van gets hot and tries to kaput

  151. westy roof cargo bag

  152. westy roof cargo bag, might want to check out the one from GW's site.

  153. who's going to Waterfest

  154. will this engine work in my bus??
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