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VANAGON archives – October 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1990 Westy - do 3 transmissions have same problem?

  2. 31K for a vanagon? You must be mad -- or not.

  3. 84 Vanagon Transmission NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 90 Carat Auto TDI Conversion: MPG ect.

  5. <No subject given>

  6. <No subject>

  7. A/C Condensor--Serpentine vs Tube Type

  8. AW top pictures

  9. About Load Ratings On Wheels

  10. Actual Weight Distribution of loaded Vans

  11. After Market Cruise?

  12. After market Window Winders ??

  13. Any way to transfer LP from gas grill tanks into the vanagon LP

  14. Any way to transfer LP from gas grill tanks into the vanagon LP tank?

  15. Automatic vs. 4 Speed Transmission

  16. Bentley Vanagon repair manual scan HERE

  17. Bentley scan

  18. Big Brake Kits?

  19. Boston Bob

  20. Buying/Selling on the list & morons

  21. Bying/Selling on the list & morons

  22. Carfax

  23. Carfax anyone?

  24. Carfax?

  25. Check your fuel lines.

  26. Child safety seats in the back

  27. Cleaning

  28. Damping ring and washer for front shocks: Where Can I Get Them?

  29. Deep cycle battery

  30. Diags for 86 Westy idle stabilizer

  31. Diamler/chrysler/VW/peoplemover/townandcountry

  32. Discolored Dash Board (ashtray)

  33. Does my van want to do a start-up sequence?

  34. Electrical Riddle (my dash...)

  35. Equaling out Westy L/R weight

  36. FREE middle bench seat

  37. FS. good 2.1 Engine

  38. FS: '81 Westfalia $750 - Portland, OR

  39. FS: '89 Bluestar aka Wolfsburg on samba

  40. FS: 1985 Silver Sunroof 7-Passenger (pics)

  41. FS: 1985 Silver Sunroof 7-Passenger (pics) *Salem, OR*

  42. FS: vanagon westy INTERIOR and POPTOP section...etc.

  43. FW: 90 Carat Auto TDI Conversion: MPG ect.

  44. Failed Crankshaft Seal

  45. Failed Crankshaft seal - 2nd time!

  46. Friday-You must be mad -- or not.

  47. Friday/Diamler/chrysler/VW/peoplemover/townandcountry

  48. Fwd: Re: Question Number Two

  49. Gas Heater Question

  50. Good Mechanic in Atlanta?

  51. Great Danes (NVC)

  52. Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada !!! :o)

  53. Here's a Vanagon I've never seen!

  54. Hot start relay.

  55. How heavy do we load our Vans - Actual Data

  56. How our child seat is installed in our westy (photos)


  58. Impressions

  59. Installing Koni front shocks, which adaptors to use?

  60. Interior light dimmer

  61. It is indeed Friday ...

  62. LP fill in Berkeley?

  63. LVC Recommending diesel forums

  64. Last Leak Fixed

  65. Looking for Flue Vent assembly

  66. Mission Accomplished

  67. My 84 Waterboxer on samba

  68. Need VW mechanic in Niles Mi

  69. New VW bus unveiled in SA

  70. No Subject

  71. OT NVC 1990 Dodge Colt Vista

  72. OT NVC 1990 Dodge Colt Vista -THANK YOU ALL

  73. OXS and battery light on intermitant

  74. POTENTIAL SPAM: vanagon Digest - 12 Oct 2005 - Special issue (#2005-849)

  75. Poptop cleaning & new canvas

  76. Porsche up to 18.5 percent

  77. Printing on Aluminum Sheet - NVC

  78. Problems after front and rear main seal replacents

  79. Propane quick release parts for heater

  80. Question Number Two

  81. Question Number Two (and One revisited)

  82. Radiator Fan Problem

  83. Recommending diesel forums

  84. Reflectors on back of van

  85. Sad News (NVC) (Passed on especially for Westie cooks)

  86. Selling my beautiful Syncro Westfalia

  87. Selling my beautiful Syncro Westfalia and Re: Bying/Selling on the list & morons

  88. Steel 15" wheels

  89. Strange dash light failure?

  90. Syncros and stuff for sale

  91. TDI-conversion

  92. TDIs and Automatic -- Custom Gears?

  93. Temp LED doesn't work

  94. Test message please ignore

  95. Test message please ignore--NEVER

  96. Test message please ignore.

  97. The worst feature of shelling out $31,000 for a used Vanagon.

  98. There's a New Wheel in Town... Almost

  99. There's a New Wheel in Town... NEW PICTURE

  100. There's a New Wheel in Town... NVC

  101. Tiico Engine Conversion

  102. Tire Report - Summary Conclusion

  103. Too many vehicles?

  104. Touareg wins Grand Challenge (NVC)

  105. Two Automatic Transmission Questions

  106. Two problems with this list

  107. UPDATE: Re: Hacksaw to remove upper nut for front shock?

  108. Used Vanagon -second head gasket in 2 yrs.

  109. VW Police Car? Who Wudda Thunk!!!

  110. Vanacouver The Bug Shop - Need Shop Review Submitted

  111. Vanagon Syndrome Update

  112. Vanagon Syndrome cont...

  113. Vanagon use question

  114. WANTED: Black vanagon doorpanels

  115. WTB: Km-Speedo

  116. Warning to Non Vanagon Owners

  117. Water in the oil update

  118. We Are . . . PENN STATE!!!

  119. What is the "end all and be all" answer to rust?

  120. Which Mann is right for my van?

  121. Width of dashboard please?

  122. Will these LED's work in dash? (WAS: Re: Strange dash light failure?)

  123. Winterizing - City Water hook-up

  124. [SABMAG] Diesel bike sets land speed records

  125. [vanagon] Actual Weight Distribution of loaded Vans

  126. aircooled vanagon engine tin and seal needed

  127. another cheap Diesel Westy For sale on samba (in PA)

  128. auto stop valve rebuild

  129. child seat modification

  130. cv joint/boot and idle/ac questions

  131. diesel westy prices?

  132. dome light door pin switch-discovery

  133. door sticker

  134. gasket

  135. in search of instrument cluster circuit diagram

  136. moronic behavior and vanagons

  137. parts list

  138. police cars, impressions, other Fryeday topics

  139. propane bleed screw problem.

  140. radio tomfoolery

  141. re. Subject: German Syncro 16" driver is greeting...

  142. reason #4 for joining the Vanagon List

  143. reflectors and ice cream

  144. removing key switch (mechanical)

  145. replacing water tank pump

  146. shop recommendation on Cape Cod

  147. thermostat installed

  148. thermostat installed and engine seal

  149. vanagon Digest - 13 Oct 2005 (#2005-854)

  150. who runs:

  151. why won't it work on a h2o westy?

  152. wtb lcd clock for 85 westy
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